That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 5

I'm Free

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, the gang is watching Laverne & Shirley; Kelso is speculating about Laverne & Shirley's relationship. Hyde tells him that Brooke being pregnant is probably more important than a tv show. Donna agrees; Kelso says that girls have it easy because they can have all the sex they want and not have to worry about getting a girl pregnant. [Scene change: Kelso dancing.] In the Forman kitchen, Kitty is cooking. Eric and Fez come in; Eric tells Kitty and Laurie that the INS is coming to check on Fez and Laurie's marriage to see if it's real. Hyde keeps insulting Laurie, making insinuations about her sex life; Kitty tells him that it's getting hard for her to ignore his comments, so he leaves. Fez tells Kitty that since the INS visit is supposed to be a surprise, there's no way to know when the agent will be coming, so he'll have to stay at the Forman's house until after the agent comes. Kitty says that that's a bad idea and Red won't like it. Fez says that Red likes him; Kitty points out that Fez gave Red a heart attack. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Fez dancing.] In the bathroom, Fez is singing in the shower. Red comes in and opens the shower curtain, getting a full view of Fez. He's shocked, and just stands there, staring. Fez tells him that the show isn't free. In the Forman kitchen, Red drags Fez in and asks Kitty what Fez is doing at their house. Kitty and Eric explain about the INS visit and that Fez has to stay until after the agent comes. Red says that the whole thing is Fez's problem because he tricked Laurie into the marriage. [Scene change: Hyde, Jackie, Donna and Eric against a flower background.] At The Hub, Kelso comes in, when he sees Brooke at a table, he tries to hide behind Donna and grabs Donna's behind to make himself feel better. Brooke comes over and tells Kelso that they need to talk; Kelso runs into the bathroom and Donna follows him. She catches him as he's trying to escape out the window and tells him that he's done a lot of stupid things in his life but if he backs out on Brooke then she'll never respect him again and neither will anyone else. Kelso agrees to talk to Brooke; just as he's about to come back in through the window, Donna sees some graffiti on the wall about herself with Kelso's phone number on it so she pushes him out the window. [Scene change: Fez on a swing.] In Eric's bedroom, Eric is in bed and Fez is on the floor, talking about the first time he tasted chocolate. Eric tells Fez that it's 2 a.m. and time to go to sleep, but Fez says that he forgot to bring his 'ocean sounds' tape and can't get to sleep, then asks Eric to make ocean sounds. Eric says no, so Fez starts to describe his first Blo-Pop. The scene cuts to Eric making ocean sounds while Fez tries to sleep. Fez tells Eric that he's not doing it right because there's no whale sounds in Eric's ocean sounds. Eric refuses to make the whale sounds, so Fez goes back to describing his first Blo-Pop. The scene cuts to Eric making ocean sounds, including whale song, and rocking Fez. Red bursts into Eric's room and asks Eric what he's doing. [Scene change: Jackie and Kelso.] At the library, Kelso apologizes to Brooke for being flaky. She tells him that he hasn't been flaky, because that would imply that his behaviour was inconsistent; she points out that he's been quite consistent - he runs away every time he sees her. Kelso tells her that he's not going to run away any more and that he wants to be a good father to their child. He offers to meet her parents, but she tells him that it's ok, he's off the hook. At first Kelso is stunned, but then he's happy about it. [Scene change: Eric and Hyde's faces in boxes as Kelso walks by.] In the Forman livingroom, Kitty tells Fez that he looks terrible; Fez explains that Red made him sleep downstairs and Hyde kept him awake all night. He sits down in Red's chair; Eric suggests that Fez might want to suck-up to Red a little bit, but Fez says that he's not going to do that. Red comes in and tells Fez to get out of his chair, but Fez says no. The doorbell rings; it's the INS agent, Hal Armstrong. Red says that he'll tell the agent everything that he wants to know; Fez asks if it's too late to give Red his chair back. [Scene change: Eric jumping towards the camera.] In the Forman livingroom, Kitty asks Red to come into the kitchen with her. Once there, she tells him that there's no reason to get Fez deported. Eric points out that he stayed home from college to help and so Red owes him; Red says that that's just like a woman to point that out. Kitty then says that Laurie could get into trouble too, if the marriage is declared fake, and that finally has an effect on Red. He says that he won't say anything, but he won't lie either; Kitty says that she'll do all the talking for both of them. In the Forman driveway, Kelso is playing basketball while Hyde, Donna and Jackie watch. They can't believe that Brooke let him off the hook about the pregnancy; Kelso says he's just lucky, then starts to think about the fact that there'll be a baby out there that's his, then decides that he just won't think about it. Donna tells him that thinking is the one thing that he should be doing. Kelso says that he tried to talk to Brooke, and that a baby could really screw up his life. Donna points out that kids grow up without dads all the time; Jackie says that Hyde grew up without a dad. Kelso says that he doesn't want his kid to be like Hyde; Hyde tells him to do the right thing. Kelso calls them all tools and leaves. In the Forman livingroom, the INS agent says that he's going to separate the group and talk to them individually. We get a montage scene of the various answers being given: Fez is mostly talking about candy and sex; Red is angry and Kitty is overly happy, but keeps trying to change the subject, she ends up drinking; Eric is paranoid about why he has to be under oath and whether he'll go to jail for perjury if he gives a slightly wrong answer. Afterwards, the INS agent tells them that he feels the marriage is legitimate; Red comments that this is why the country is going into the toilet. The agent asks what he said, but Kitty covers for him, saying that Red just has to go to the toilet. The INS agent tells them that in cases like this, they never go after the bride, so if Red has anything to say, now is the time. Red announces that he does have something to say; he tells the agent that the marriage is real, adding, "I've never seen a love like this." At the library, Brooke is eating a Fatso Burger with gusto while Donna watches in amazement. Kelso comes in and asks to talk to Brooke alone; he tells her that he was happy when she let him off the hook, but now he's thought about it and wants to be a part of the baby's life. Brooke tells him that she didn't let him off just to be nice, she did it because he doesn't really understand what it means to have a baby. Kelso insists that he does understand that it means feedings and going to the hospital when the baby's sick; he then shows her that he bought some clothes for the baby and some Pop Rocks. Brooke tells him that babies can't eat Pop Rocks, and that she'll have two babies to look after instead of one if Kelso's involved. She then tells him that she doesn't want him to be the father of her child and walks away. Kelso is stunned; he goes over to where Donna is and blames her for the whole thing. Donna apologizes for making him talk to Brooke and offers him 10 seconds to squeeze her behind. Kelso grabs her, but then lets go, saying that there are just some things that a girl's behind can't fix. [End credits: In the Forman basement, in the circle, Jackie congratulates Fez on getting his green card. Fez says he can now follow his dream of becoming a singing cowboy. Kelso says that now that he's had time to think about it, he's happy that he had a chance to squeeze Donna's behind, even though he's upset about Brooke. The INS agent wonders what kind of chance he has with the blonde.]