That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 1

It's a Wonderful Life

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

In Eric's bedroom, Eric lies in bed thinking about his break up with Donna, reliving the scene (from The Promise Ring), and then remembers their first kiss (from That 70s Pilot). He rolls over and out loud, wishes that they had never kissed. An angel appears and tells him that his wish is granted. The Angel tells Eric to follow him, as he's going to show Eric what his life would have been like without Donna in it. Eric is doubtful, saying that angels usually float, so the angel floats off the ground, and while bathed in bright light, tells Eric that all will be revealed. In the Forman driveway, Eric and the Angel come out of the house to see Eric and Donna are lying on the hood of the Vista Cruiser. Donna tells Eric that she's going to call it a night and leaves. The angels tells 'real' Eric that his wish is granted, the kiss never happened. Eric says that's great, and turns to go back inside, but the angel tells him that they're going to follow Donna and see what happens next. In the Pinciotti backyard, Hyde sits waiting for Donna. She walks in; Hyde asks her if she's with Eric now, but she says no, he didn't make a move, so she guesses that they're not together. Hyde leans towards her and they kiss. Eric is shocked. [Scene change: Eric and Donna strut across the screen.] In the Forman basement, 3 months later, the gang sits around. Hyde and Donna are kissing; Jackie and Kelso are kissing. Eric sits alone. Red comes downstairs and tells Eric to tar the driveway. Eric tries to tell Red that he's with his friends, but Red just tells them all to leave. They do, and Eric gives in Red. Eric tells the angel that he wouldn't have given in to Red that easily. The angel tells him that it was Donna who gave him the confidence to stand up to Red. At The Hub, Eric is playing chess and winning. Fez comes in, happy that he's now part of the marching band. Donna comes in and tells Hyde that she got him a birthday present - a tattoo that says 'Question Authority'. They kiss. Eric tries to get them to notice him by saying hi to them, and asking what's new. Hyde tells him that his mom split, so he's going to quit school. Eric offers to let Hyde stay at his house so that he won't have to drop out of school. Hyde and Donna both laugh at this idea. In the Forman driveway, Eric is dressed in a tuxedo, and is posing for prom pictures with Big Rhonda. Red gives Eric some money so that he can take Rhonda for dinner before the prom, because, as Red says, "girls like her like to eat." [Scene change: Eric jumps towards the camera.] At Hyde's place, everyone is dancing, and celebrating the prom. Donna shows Hyde her new tattoo - 'Property of Hyde.' Big Rhonda comes out of the bedroom and announces that she's just made a man of Eric. Kelso is with Pam Macy. Eric tells the angel that Kelso can't be with Pam Macy because he and Jackie got back together at the prom. The angel tells Eric that that didn't happen, because Hyde wasn't there to take Jackie to the prom - the domino effect. Eric seems to realize that his relationship with Donna has had an effect on everyone, but then makes it clear that he doesn't care by giving the angel a raspberry. The angel tells Eric that they're going to the future. The song Safety Dance (Men Without Hats, 1982) plays, and Eric asks what that was. The angel tells him, "You'll see.." [Scene change: Kelso and Jackie jumping towards the camera.] In the Forman backyard and driveway, it's 1983; Hyde and Donna are getting married and Donna is very pregnant. Kelso comes in and gives them a wedding present, telling them that he's an anchorman in Cedar Rapids now. Big Rhonda tells Eric that she's hungry, and he's clearly afraid to disagree with her. Hyde asks Eric when he and Rhonda are going to get married; Eric says that he doesn't know as he's pretty busy at Price Mart.... Jackie comes in; Kelso says hi to her, but she pretends not to know him. She says that she's a stewardess; he tells her that he's on tv, and she admits that she does remember him and has always loved him. They run off together into the house. A young boy comes up to Eric and kicks him; Kitty tells him not to kick his brother. She then suggests to Eric that getting married and moving out is a good idea. Kelso and Jackie come out of the house; Hyde suggests that they go down to the basement and try out the wedding present that Kelso gave him. In the Forman basement, in the circle, Fez is singing more songs from the 80s; Eric tells them all how much he loves to cook. The angel is in the circle as well, and tells them that there are some things that he really misses about Earth. In a hotel ballroom, at the 10-year Point Place High School Reunion. Eric is alone; Kelso is fat, and married to Pam Macy and works for Eric, who sells waterbeds. Jackie comes in; Kelso tells her that he's married to Pam and very happy. Jackie says she's glad, because he's fat now....then they kiss and run out of the room together. Eric sees Rhonda and is surprised at how thin she is. She tells him that she lost the weight after he broke up with her; Fez is on the stage singing more songs from the 80s. Eric then sees Donna, and nervously greets her. They talk about their lives; Donna says that she and Hyde have moved to Joliet and Hyde's in prison. She admits that she doesn't write any more and when Eric tells her that she should, she says that it's too late for that....too late for a lot of things. Eric is not impressed by what he's seen, telling the angel that the future Eric has things easier because he never had to go through the pain of losing Donna. The future Eric suddenly asks real Eric if he and Donna dated, then calls him a fool for losing her. Real Eric says that future Eric doesn't know what he's talking about because the pain of losing Donna is worse than anything. [Scene change: Eric jumps towards the camera.] In Eric's bedroom, the angel has returned Eric to his time and place. Eric tells him that he has to go to sleep now, as he has a big day of misery ahead of him tomorrow. The angel gives in, saying that Eric wins, and he's right, it ~is~ better never to have loved at all, then offers to make a deal with Eric. The angel tells him that he'll take it all away, all the pain will be gone, but so will all the memories, then tells Eric that he should remember all that he's giving up. He puts his hands on Eric's head, and Eric remembers multiple scenes of him and Donna together - kissing, laughing, joking around, playing games, and sharing their lives. He tells the angel that he wants to keep it all, then looks around the room to find that he's alone. [End credits: Fez is on the stage at the hotel ballroom. The reunion is over, and only Eric is there, listening to Fez play 80s music and sing. He sits in the empty room and looks bored.]
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