That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 1

It's a Wonderful Life

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2001 on FOX

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  • perfect


    I'm starting to like this show more and more, and this, to me, was wonderful. What i liked- Kelso being fat at the reunion, Kelso running off with Jackie, Eric losing his virginity to that 'big' woman, the ending where Eric says he does not want to take back all the moments he's had with Donna, Eric's guardian angel as a whole had some good lines, amongst other things.

    good episode and i liked the emotional aspect to it, primarily in the first scene with eric laying in bed, and the ending of the episode with all the clips from past episodes between eric and donna. A+ episode, i think

  • A guardian angel (Wayne Knight) shows Eric how life would've been if Eric and Donna have never kissed and fell in love when Eric was depressed about his break-up with Donna and wished that he never kissed her

    I thought that this was a good episode of "That 70s Show". It wasn't great, superb, or perfect... it was just good. It's one of "That's 70s Show"'s weakest episodes in my opinion though. This episode is funny but the storyline wasn't that enjoyable to me. Wayne Knight guest starring in this episode as the guardian angel was funny and Wayne Knight is mainly made this episode funny. As you saw in the Season 3 finale episode, Eric broke up with Donna at the end of that episode. In the Season 4 premiere "It's a Wonderful Life", Eric becomes depressed after he broke up with Donna and wishes that he have never kissed her in the first place until a guardian angel (Wayne Knight) comes to show Eric how life would have been if Eric and Donna never kissed and never fell in love. A guardian angel showing Eric how different life would have been was funny. Some of the differences that we saw in this episode was weak though. Fez being a guitar player and singer was funny. The guardian angel getting high and saying "Man, I don't get to do this stuff anymore" (or something close to that) was absolutely hilarious. The little son that Red and Kitty have was also funny especially when Red taught that little son to call Eric a "dumb@$$". The ending of this episode was great and probably one of the best parts in this episode because the guardian angel was gonna take away Eric's memories of him and Donna together but the memories were too valuable to Eric so he decides to keep it. The flashbacks of Eric and Donna was the part of this episode and made me smile looking at that scene with all of the memories of them. Fez singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy" By Bob Marley at the very end of the episode was also hilarious. Overall, good episode of "That's 70s Show" but it's not favorite and it's one of the weakest episodes in my opinion though. 7.5/10
  • Season 4 Premiere

    An amazing start to this show's best season. Even though this show did lose it's sense of realism here, which I never liked, this show made it work. In homage to "It's A Wonderful Life" An angel takes Eric on a journey to see what it would be like if Donna and him never kissed. It starts a hilarious and depressing chain of events.

    A look at these characters in the 80s is definitely one of the things that this show needed. This flash forward was one of the smartest of the writers, and it really puts things in perspective and surely it satisfies all fans with a perfect balance of humor and drama. Donna is married to Hyde? Kelso isn't good looking? Eric and Big Rhonda... together? That was the alternate universe, it's funny to know that one change in time could change everything, which was the moral of the story. The flashbacks of Eric & Donna were really great, and this was just the perfect premiere after that perfect finale.

    This premiere gave us a sense of nostalgia on the last three seasons with flashbacks, and gives us a look in the future with flash forwards. Perfect premiere.
  • Eric goes on a trip with a spirit to uncover his future less with Donna.

    Eric wakes up to see a spirit that takes him first into the past to show him what if he never kissed Donna that night. I turns up that if he didn't then Donna would have just kissed hyde. Then Eric is took to his future were he is on a date with Big Ronnda. Ronnda Is really displeasing to the eye. Then Eric goes to his reunion and sees that Donna never stayed with him and he never stayed with now Hot Ronnda. He has the choice to eliminate all those times he spent with Donna but after seeing them he desides to keep them in hope of getting her back.
  • How it would have been if Donna never kissed Eric

    Eric wishes he and Donna never got together in the first place so an "Angel" shows him what that would be like: Donna ends up with Hyde, Eric ends up all alone, Kelso's fat and still hooks up with Jackie, and Fez is a singer!lol. In the end, the angel shows Eric all he and Donna would never have had, making him realize that it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

    Overall, this was a pretty good (and kind of sad) episode. I liked when the angel was high in the basement with the others and when Fez sang "I ran" and "Don't worry, be happy" lol.
    And Fez was kinda hot in this episode!
  • Eric is so upset over breaking,up with donna that he wishes they'd never been together,but then an angel shows him how everyone's life would have been changed for the worst and kelso is a weatherman and then he lost his job and donna and hyde got married

    This episode was so depressing,sad,and funny all at the same time, its funny because an angel pops up out of know where and the angel is very funny also and one of my favorite parts of this episode is when Hyde and Donna go out and the way eric's reaction to the situation and Donna and Hyde get married and get tons of tatoos and my favorite tatoo is the one that says property of hyde and also it was so funny when kelso was a weatherman and then he got fired and then he got so very fat like crazy.
  • The aftermath of Donna and Eric’s break-up.

    This season opener isn’t one of my favourites such as Garage Sale and Reefer Madness but it is well written and is an important episode as it shows that, despite the fact that the “angel” was Eric’s imagination, Eric learns that he was better off to date Donna and feel much pain after the break-up than become a Price Mart loser in charge of waterbeds.

    The 1980s future had some good scenes but the whole episode isn’t very funny and I would have preferred a regular episode than a dream one in which nothing happens except Eric’s realisation that the “what if” is a little worse than his pain.

    Overall, this was a good instalment but could have been handled much better and with more jokes.
  • After the berake up. Eric sees a gohst and he tells him what his life would be with out donna

    This episode is hilarous and shows the future of what could happen to the gang every one grew to love. This episode also goes into the 80's. This also gives an insight to what would life be like if eric and donna never got together. i recomend seeing this episode......!
  • The butterfly effect, no, not Kutcher's movie.

    The aftermath of Eric's breakup with Donna has him wishing that he and Donna never engaged in their first kiss back in "The Pilot". An Angel (Wayne Knight, Newman from Seinfeld) comes down to show him exactly what would have happened had that kiss never occured.

    As a result, Donna gets together with Hyde, get married, have afew kids, but he's still a rebel felon and spends most of his time in jail, leaving her to take care of the troublesome offspring and sacrificing her dreams of being a writer.

    Jackie and Kelso break up for good, but consitantly sneak off to a broom closet to engage in makeout sessions over the years, more often than not cheating on their respective others, Kelso's life goes downward from there.

    Fez is much geekier, going from marching band to keyboard player as a career.

    Eric never learned to stand up for himself, thus becoming involved in chess clubs and losing his virginity to Big Ronda, eventually marrying her in a dismal relationship, only to later dump her, then find out she becomes a beautiful, sexy, successful aerobics instructor (DOH!).

    His relationship with his mom isn't anywhere near as close, in fact, she has another kid in order to "finally get it right".

    Interesting scene with Eric conversing with future Eric, and in the end he decides to keep the memories of Donna, even though he is miserable without her.

    Overall, fantastic opener, showing just how much a simple kiss can shape so many people's lives, makes you wonder what would happen if Jackie and Hyde were together in the first season, or if Fez never joined them. Wild stuff!