That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 15

It's All Over Now

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2005 on FOX

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  • Sizzlin' Sarah comes to town.

    A very developing episode counting on the fact that they bring up Hot Donna again, not since the longest time. Anyways Sizzlin' Sarah was such a B***! I love how she plays all nice & Donna plays nice & when she leaves Donna calls her a B***! The subplot in which Red has to get an autograph for her cause of Kitty's flu & ends up lying to her in the end, was absolutely amazing, two plots merged with Hyde & Angie, and Kitty & Red. I love how Donna gets Sarah fired, Eric's brain comes to work. I like how Fez's dream fits in. "Donna you whore, you got me fired!" That was hysterical! A great episode.
  • Battle of the DJs!

    Donna verses Sarah for hottest radio host is a hilarious storyline, as it has Donna's feminism compromised by a braless opponent, as they try to get each other fired.
    Fez trying to help Jackie is also very funny as his needs are clearly shown in hilarious ways, and Red forging Tom Jones' signature for Kitty also had some great lines, especially at the start with "I win an argument every six years or so".

    Overall, the episode isn't a classic but it's certainly one worth watching, with all the plots having terrific moments, and all the guys loving Sarah's attitude towards the 'proper' women.
  • Good episode, and it features Eliza Dushku, rrrooowwllll!!! plus, my favorite scene in a good three years.

    Solid 70's show sees Eliza Dushku guest starring as the sexy yet dense Sarah, who is stealing popularity away from Donna at the radio station, during an argument with the boss as to her refusal to wear a bikini for an advertizement, Sarah agrees, and the manager fires Donna.

    Also, Jackie tries to make sense of her situation with Hyde and goes to Fez for advise, she later tries to confront him at the record store, but that goes nowhere.

    Also, Kitty comes down with a cold and cannot go to the record store to recieve an autograph from Tom Jones, so she asks Red to go instead, and instead decides to autograph it himself because he doesn't want to wait around all day, and does everything he can to make it seem like it was a legit autograph, but Bob ends up wrecking everything.

    Meanwhile, Eric hatches a plan to get Donna's job back by relying on Sarah's stupidity to work against her and she ends up playing a George Carlin record that offends the customers and gets her fired and Donna rehired with some provisions.

    Overall, good episode, but the reason I gave such a high rating is because it contains my favorite scene since the famous "he was drugged" scene from season four:

    When Jackie has a daydream about Hyde proposing to her on the fly in the fast food place and Kelso marrying them on the spot, complete with ring, hat and veil, and all the customers throwing fries at the happy couple, along with Kelso spastically flinging chairs and performing silly ballet moves. Just a wildly insane, out of nowhere and just plain, gut bustingly funny scene.

    Eliza is good for eye candy in this ep. Her performance is "okayish". Out of the three 'Buffy' actors to guest star on this show, I'd place her at #2, certainly no Seth Green (Mitch) but easily better than the wooden-as-hell Alyson Hannigan (Suzy Simpson).
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