That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 8

Jackie Bags Hyde

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2000 on FOX

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  • The Formans and Pinciotti have their Veterans' Day barbeque competition

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". It was very funny and I was laughing the whole time. It was hilarious when Fez said "Does this smell like chocolate?". It was very funny when Red is angry that Bob is having his Veterans' Day barbeque because Red's ritual is that he has an annual Veterans' Day barbeque every Veterans' Day. The Forman family (Red, Kitty, Eric) vs. the Pinciotti family (Bob, Midge, Donna) Veterans' Day competition was very interesting and very funny to see. It was hilarious when Hyde punched the guy that Jackie dated to make Hyde jealous when the guy called Jackie "b**ch". It was funny when Kitty was sensing that Hyde likes Jackie. Hyde asking out Jackie on a date was very cool to see. It was very funny when Hyde was crying (he faked the crying though... haha). Hyde and Jackie on their first date was very cute to see in this episode. Donna told everyone that Bob had the barbeque because Bob was going bankrupt and the Forman family felt really bad but Eric got the idea that they bring the barbeque to the Pinciotti's house and Red apologized to Bob which gave Bob tears of joy (that part was funny). The very ending was also hilarious when Kelso and Fez were drunk and they see the pink horse. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • 308

    The writers have been hanging this over our head all season: Jackie and Hyde. This episode gave us a sense of conclusion to that story line. The group dynamic in this episode was flawless. Everything took place at the Forman Veterans Day barbecue. Everyone got to say something funny, even Laurie. Laurie is great as a supporting character, and even with one line, she can send you in to non stop laughter.

    Bob's business going down was essential to the plot, the way Midge broke it to Donna was hysterical! Fez & Kelso who were hardly in this episode, even had some lines to keep us laughing. The point is that even the smallest of characters are essential to the plot, that's why supporting characters are important.

    Donna and Bob going against Red & Eric in the competition of barbecues was hilarious, and an entertaining montage. This episode was also very eventful, Hyde takes Jackie out on a date when he thinks he may like her after punching out her date. They kiss, but they feel nothing. Definitely a sense of closure, and if anything, it made their bond stronger. All plots came together perfectly, and they were all funny. Amazing classic episode of That 70s Show.
  • a good episode

    in this episode red throws a Veteran's Day barbecue party it goes good but then they learn that Bob his throwing his own Veteran's Day barbecue party and they go to war with each other and to make Hyde green with envey Jackie brings other guy with her to the party and i like it when Hyde punches the guy and Hyde had it so he goes on a date and when they kiss Jackie didn't feel anything so Jackie stop messing with Hyde and then we learn that bob is losing his store so Red let Bob have the glory
  • A great episode

    This episode is really good. Jackie and Hyde share their first kiss, and everyone (even Kitty) can see that Hyde likes Jackie. Red has his annual holiday (Veteran's Day) barbeque, and Bob also has one. It turns into a fierce competition, and Donna is mad when Eric takes Red's side in the argument, because Bob is having the barbeque only so he can be a big success just one more time before Bargain Bob's (the store that he owns) closes down for good since it is going out of business.

    What a PERFECT episode. It pretty much leads to the Jackie/Hyde relationship.

  • A Veterans Day Miracle! (and barbaque)

    In this episode, jackie tries to get Hyde to accompany her to the Formans bbq. But when he says no, she gets a new guy to take with her to the bbq named Chip. When Chip insults Jackie infront of Hyde, Hyde punches him and Jackie realizes that Hyde likes her and he was jealous. Then they go out on a date.

    While that was happening, we find out that Bob is going bankrupt, so he wants to have a bbq before everybody realizes hes a failure. But Red gets mad because he doesnt think that Bobs a veteran and he does the Veterans day bbq every year. So they compete to make each bbq the best.

    i love this episode because it hints that they may be some hooking up in the future and i love when Hyde talks to Mrs. Forman and he says "Mrs. Forman, if i like her.. shoot me" and she says "POW!" lol love that part.
  • A Veteran's Day Miracle!

    It’s the war of the BBQs, Red the veteran Vs Bob the almost-veteran, since he was a National Guard and if there’s one thing you learn being a National Guard, it’s cooking.

    This episode had great lines from Midge (“we need chairs for people to sit on”), Bob (“They’ve gone nuclear”) and Red (“you’ve ruined Bob’s barbeque!”) The weapons that each side use to bring people to their side were hilarious aswell but this wasn’t the only plot.

    Hyde finally reluctantly asks Jackie out, and on their first date is where Jackie realises that they weren’t meant to be, closing that plotline, at least for a while.

    Overall, this episode is a classic, the BBQ plot being outrageously funny and enjoyable from any point of view.
  • One of my top fave episodes.

    I have yet to actually HATE a episode of the 70s show. Hyde is my fave character and I thought that this episode showed that he is not as hardcore as he tries to be. The jackie / hyde relationship was the best couple to come out of tv in year IMHO.
  • sweetest episode ever!!!

    Jackie and Hyde have their first kiss!! oh my god!! It's bad enough that Danny Masterson (who plays Hyde) is hot when he isnt pashing a chick , but seriously how hot can 1 guy get even when he is pashing a girl who unfortunately isn't me!!!

    This is a series classic because of that 1 date!! This will go down in history! What i would've given to be Mila Kunis (who plays Jackie) in those few scenes!!

    This is the beginning of a very hot and special relationship!!!