That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 22

Jackie Moves On

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2000 on FOX

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    All plots were rather good here on tonight's episode of That 70s Show. Fez's ninja fantasy just seemed way too over the top though, and it was as if the fantasy was an excuse so the audience can see him shirtless, just ask the audience frantically cheering the background. I think that was the only minor setback, we've got a lot of classic scenes here though. The fantasy in homage to Willy Wonka in which Jackie becomes fat, and then we've got the classic burns of That 70s Show which is always entertaining and hilarious.

    Laurie vs. Eric is always one of the best things of the earlier seasons and this episode was a great example of that. Laurie being born with a tail was absolutely hilarious. Red & Kitty's plot was a bit more on the emotional side of things, which was good too. Overall a good episode of That 70s Show, with some classic lines, that will be remembered.
  • Jackie's on the rebound from the break-up with Kelso, and Fez tries to take advantage while her self esteem is low by taking her out to dinner, but is upset when she focuses more on the food than Fez.

    Kelso's sort of gotten over the crying stage in his break up with Jackie, but he still doesn't want Fez getting close, or actually, he doesn't like that anybody is sticking up for Jackie. But Fez asks Jackie out anyway while her self esteem is low and takes her out on a fancy dinner. Turns out that with complete luck [of Jackie saying yes to a date for Fez,] there's a price. Jackie couldn't get her focus off the food. She stuffed her mouth with food all night long, and Fez says it best: "I was disgusted." Eventually Donna gets Jackie thinking when she tells her she's going to get the F-word: fat! It would of been interesting, though, if this whole eating problem would of been a factor for more than one episode for Jackie, if you ask me. But oh well. It ends up in Jackie brightening up and returning to her "super cute self" and apologizing to Fez for the other night on their date, then attempts to kiss Fez on the cheek when Fez steals one from her lips. Nice move, Fez! Meanwhile, in the subplot, Red and Kitty are also going to a fancy restaurant, and Red wants Kitty to wear his dead mother's necklace he gave her, but she stresses all night about it, and Red complains that the necklace she wears under her clothes doesn't look like his mother's necklace He complains so much that Kitty confesses that she pawned the necklace. Red is upset at first, but realizes he was wrong, because he's pawned a whole lot of other things just so he can have money to support his family.
  • Fez and Jackie's first date.

    Fez works up the courage (since Jackie is now available and broken up with Kelso) to ask Jackie out on a date. She accepts, but while the two (Jackie and Fez) are out on the date, all that Jackie can do is talk about Kelso, ask about Kelso, worry about Kelso, Jackie can only think about Michael Kelso. It is obvious to Fez that she is not over Kelso after breaking up with him. Eric and Laurie spread embarassing secrets about each other, and it is revealed that Laurie Forman was born with a tail and it was cut off, she told Kelso that it was a birth mark.

  • Funny.

    This was a funny episodes, all episodes of this show are funny. I can't beleive it, Laurie's been born with a TAIL! Wtf? Really, that's disturbing! ok i want a tail tails kick frass yeeeeaaahhh babbyyyy ow we tailsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
    Overall, this episode was special, like alot of episodes on the series. Laurie was born with a tail!Laurie was born with a tail!Laurie was born with a tail!Laurie was born with a tail! Laurie was born with a tail!Laurie was born with a tail!Laurie was born with a tail!Laurie was born with a tail!Laurie was born with a tail!HAHAHAHAHA so funny love'n it! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
  • Dr Pee Pee!

    Eric and Laurie's plot was hilarious with brilliant insults in the wa between the two revealing that Eric was, in fact, Dr Pee Pee (long story) and, the ultimate revelation "Nice hair", I mean, Laurie was born with a TAIL!
    This is great, especially Kelso's reaction where he realises he literally slept with the devil.

    Jackie replacing Kelso with food was also a brilliant plot, Fez totally isgusted by Jackie's behaviour after spending money on the "very expensive dinner".

    Kitty pawning Red's dead mother's necklace was pretty amusing aswell with great lines such as Red's speech about supporting the family.

    Overall, Jackie's and Eric and Laurie's storylines were laugh out loud plots and Red and Kitty's was very humerous too.
  • Another great installment of 'that 70's show'!!

    This episode is extremely funny!!! Jackie and Kelso are mourning over their 'loss', Eric and Laurie try to out insult each other, Donna tries to comfort Jackie, Fez takes Jackie on a date hoping that they will be more than friends and Hyde is watching from the sideline loving every moment he gets to laugh at the idiocy of his friends.

    What I found really awesome is when Hyde and Laurie actually have a few moments of bonding (this comes just after Laurie fails to come up with another insult, when Hyde and herself are having a little fun with each other). Also, when Eric tells Fez, Kelso and Hyde about his 'Dr Pee-pee' incident, they try to hide their laughter but it of course doesn't work!!

    I dont know why I like this episode. I just did. It was funny, like all episodes!!
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