That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 19

Jackie's Cheese Squeeze

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2002 on FOX
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Jackie's Cheese Squeeze
Eric catches Jackie kissing Todd, her boss, but instead of telling Kelso, he holds it over her head. Jackie decides to tell Kelso about it herself, as well as telling him that Eric knew all about it. Both of their plans backfire on them. Kitty feels neglected and worries about becoming a Corvette-widow when Red spends all his time with his new car.moreless

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  • When Jackie feels ignored by Kelso lately from his modeling career, she kisses Todd (the Cheese Guy a.k.a. her boss) and Eric catches her kissing him.

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". The plot was very interesting and also hilarious at the same time. Jackie has been feeling ignored by Kelso lately because of his modeling career so she kisses Todd (the Cheese Guy a.k.a. her boss) and Eric catches her kissing him so he finds the perfect opportunity to make it stuck all over Jackie's head instead of telling Kelso about it. It was very funny when Eric told Hyde, Fez, and Donna about how he saw Jackie kissing Todd and that they can't tell Kelso about it and not let Jackie know that he told them. Hyde, Fez, and Donna apparently don't know that Eric told each and one of them. I'm not a good explainer so let try to make it as clear as possible. For example, Fez thinks that Eric only told him and that the others don't know. Eric torturing Jackie was good and funny because Jackie really is a b**ch (sorry for the language but it's pretty true). The rest of the episode was pretty funny as well. Oh my gosh, Fez saying that he brought three briefs where Kelso modeled for was absolutely hilarious. Kelso getting beat up by Todd (the Cheese Guy) was hilarious. As for the Red/Kitty plot, it was funny when Red is at the car shop to look at all of the cars and Kitty doesn't like it. The only thing I didn't like was when Jackie told Kelso that Eric already knew about the kiss and that he didn't bother to tell Kelso... I just hated Jackie for doing that. Overall, this was a mostly excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 9.5/10moreless
  • 419

    Non stop laughter from tonight's episode of That 70s Show. What else can you expect from this show now in it's fourth season. Every installment is funnier than the last, if only there was an 11/10, I would have put that for this episode.

    This episode will always remain one of my favorite episodes of season four. I always love it when characters that usually don't interact, well, interact. This was the case for Jackie & Eric. Over the course of four years so far, Jackie & Eric have not had a plot together or hardly any interaction at all, but in this episode, we got to see a lot more of them.

    Thank god for season four, I think that's when the writers started to branch out and decided to put characters that usually don't interact in a plot to make things more interesting. Which was definitely the case here. Eric catches Jackie cheating on Kelso. He holds this over her head until Jackie threatens him on the same thing since Eric didn't tell Kelso right away.

    We've got an emotional scene, surprisingly between Jackie & Eric. Them deciding to be friends only to be betrayed by Jackie in the end was absolutely hilarious and unpredictable. I loved how this episode tied together with Donna, Hyde & Fez all finding out that Eric told all of them, and Eric getting chased in the end by everyone, really great ending to a perfect episode.

    Men & cars: The Red & Kitty dynamic is always flawless in the earlier seasons and that was the case here. From Kitty throwing funnel cake in Red's car to the heart to heart moment in the end, this was a great hilarious plot. Amazing episode overall, one of the best.moreless
  • I enjoy these kind of episodes. Kelso gets beat up by the Cheese Guy!!

    I just enjoy episodes like these. Laughs at least once every Minute of the show. I thought Eric & Jackie would have become friends in some way but then it turns out to be Eric VS Jackie. Eric always said: "And.....go!!" But then he sort of comforts her. Then the Gang finds out that their not Eric's Secret Squirrel. Also, Kelso gets beat by Todd...funny! Even the Car Scenes with Red & Kitty was funny too. Boy would I want some Funnel Cake right now. Well, this is one of my episodes but the next episode: "Class Picture" is even funnier.moreless
  • Jackie cheats on Kelso, interesting twist...

    All the events occuring from Jackie kissing the cheese guy are hilarious, Eric blackmailing Jackie, the secret squirrels sworn not to tell each other and Kelso being mad at Jackie.

    Red and Kitty at the Auto Shop wasn't quite as good as the other plots but still had its moments, while my favourite plot is probably Fez, Donna and Hyde being the only "one" Eric told and all three being confused as to why the others were laughing at Eric's in jokes.

    Overall, the episode dealt with Kelso and Jackie's relationship troubles quite well and the ending is definitely worth it, truly making it a superb episode.moreless
  • This episode is totally worth a watch. It's hilarious. Lots of laughs guranteed!

    In this episode, Jackie is caught frenching her boss, the cheese guy, who happens to be a black belt and kicks Kelso's ass when Kelso intends to punch him for fooling around with his girlfriend. Red's story isn't as fun, but I guess I am just more into stories of young people because I can actually relate to them, being a young woman myself. However, to add a note about Red's story with his craze for the car, I would like to warn all women of 21-century about this because men's relationships with their cars still have not yet changed after all these years since the 70's! My favourite line is when Fez accidentally revealed that he knew about the kiss and got busted by Donna, he said, "Kiss? I never said anything about the kiss. Don't make fun of my accent!" Man, that was the best. There ain't no other line better than this one. Whoever that wrote this line in the show, you rock!moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The music in this episode was:
      One Way Or Another (1978) by Blondie;
      Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (1973, by Elton John.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Hyde(to Fez): What are you laughing at?
      Fez: I don't know. What are you laughing at?
      Hyde: I don't know.
      Hyde and Fez(to Donna): What are you laughing at?
      Donna: I don't know.
      Hyde, Fez, and Donna(to Kelso): What are you laughing at?
      Kelso: I really don't know!

    • Kitty: Why don't you just put the car in the garage.
      Red: Because if it's in the garage I can't see it from the dinner table! Kitty, don't give advice on things you know nothing about!
      Kitty: Ok, I'm the crazy one.

    • Kelso: Alright, look.... Jackie, here's the deal, you cheated on me.
      Jackie: You used to cheat on me all the time.
      Kelso: Yeah? Well, yeah. But you cheated out of hate, and I cheated out of joy.

    • Jackie: You'll do that for me?
      Eric: As long as you promise not to rat me out.
      Jackie: Deal. So, friends?
      Eric: As long as you promise not to tell people we're friends.

    • (Eric catches Jackie and Todd kissing)
      Jackie: Eric! Did you get a haircut? 'Cause I love it. You look just like Parker Stevenson.
      Eric: Oh, really? 'Cause I told the guy he should.... No! No, no.... That's not gonna work, tramp-face. I saw tongue.

    • Jackie: I was waiting outside for Michael to pick me up, but the idiot never showed.
      Todd: That's the third time this week. Three strikes and he's out according to the rules of baseball... and love.
      Jackie: Actually, it's four strikes, if you count the time he showed up late 'cause he had to see how the Jetsons ended.
      Todd: Oh man. First he goes behind your back and takes that modeling job and now this whole Jetsons thing. No futuristic cartoon could ever keep me from you.

    • Fez: I was your secret squirrel, you son of a bitch!

    • Todd: I'm a black belt.
      Hyde: All right! Didn't see that coming!

    • Kelso: Your ass is mine, cheese puff.
      Todd: How did you know my nickname?

    • Red: Oh, Kitty, I wouldn't leave you for the car. Who'd make dinner?

    • Hyde: We hold information that could crush the very heart and soul of one of our best friends. I live for days like this!

    • Red: A bunch of birds threw a crap-on-my-Corvette party.

    • Eric: You can buy two guaranteed hours of silence by carving this wheel of cheddar into a handsome likeness of me. And... go!

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