That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 19

Jackie's Cheese Squeeze

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2002 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The music in this episode was:
      One Way Or Another (1978) by Blondie;
      Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (1973, by Elton John.

  • Quotes

    • Hyde(to Fez): What are you laughing at?
      Fez: I don't know. What are you laughing at?
      Hyde: I don't know.
      Hyde and Fez(to Donna): What are you laughing at?
      Donna: I don't know.
      Hyde, Fez, and Donna(to Kelso): What are you laughing at?
      Kelso: I really don't know!

    • Kitty: Why don't you just put the car in the garage.
      Red: Because if it's in the garage I can't see it from the dinner table! Kitty, don't give advice on things you know nothing about!
      Kitty: Ok, I'm the crazy one.

    • Kelso: Alright, look.... Jackie, here's the deal, you cheated on me.
      Jackie: You used to cheat on me all the time.
      Kelso: Yeah? Well, yeah. But you cheated out of hate, and I cheated out of joy.

    • Jackie: You'll do that for me?
      Eric: As long as you promise not to rat me out.
      Jackie: Deal. So, friends?
      Eric: As long as you promise not to tell people we're friends.

    • (Eric catches Jackie and Todd kissing)
      Jackie: Eric! Did you get a haircut? 'Cause I love it. You look just like Parker Stevenson.
      Eric: Oh, really? 'Cause I told the guy he should.... No! No, no.... That's not gonna work, tramp-face. I saw tongue.

    • Jackie: I was waiting outside for Michael to pick me up, but the idiot never showed.
      Todd: That's the third time this week. Three strikes and he's out according to the rules of baseball... and love.
      Jackie: Actually, it's four strikes, if you count the time he showed up late 'cause he had to see how the Jetsons ended.
      Todd: Oh man. First he goes behind your back and takes that modeling job and now this whole Jetsons thing. No futuristic cartoon could ever keep me from you.

    • Fez: I was your secret squirrel, you son of a bitch!

    • Todd: I'm a black belt.
      Hyde: All right! Didn't see that coming!

    • Kelso: Your ass is mine, cheese puff.
      Todd: How did you know my nickname?

    • Red: Oh, Kitty, I wouldn't leave you for the car. Who'd make dinner?

    • Hyde: We hold information that could crush the very heart and soul of one of our best friends. I live for days like this!

    • Red: A bunch of birds threw a crap-on-my-Corvette party.

    • Eric: You can buy two guaranteed hours of silence by carving this wheel of cheddar into a handsome likeness of me. And... go!

  • Notes

    • Christopher Masterson is the younger brother of Danny Masterson (Hyde) and the boyfriend of Laura Prepon (Donna).

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