That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 2

Join Together

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman driveway, Jackie and Donna in shorts and bathing suits, tanning, the guys watch from the kitchen doorway. Eric says he's going to miss Donna when she leaves for college; Hyde says Jackie looks hot in her bathing suit. They go out to the driveway; Hyde insults Jackie; Donna tells her that Hyde has moved on, which Jackie can't accept. Kelso decides to tan too, and asks Donna to rub some lotion on him, but tells her only to rub where she can roaming. She throws the lotion all over his chest then she and Jackie run off. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Eric lying on the floor, smiling up at the camera.] In the Forman kitchen, Eric comes in and tells Kitty and Red that he's decided not to move away, he's going to stay and make sure that Red is okay before he goes away to college. Red is upset, but Kitty's ecstatic. Eric gives Kitty his paycheck, she then tells Red to thank Eric. Kitty finds a piece of paper in the trash asks why Red has thrown out the list of foods that his doctor told him he could eat and not eat; she tells him that she'll do the diet with him to help. Eric looks at the list to see what they're going to be giving up -- potato chips, butter, cheese, and Kitty is fine with giving up all of those until Eric says "alcohol" then Kitty calls the doctor a quack. [Scene change: Donna and Eric dance across the screen.] In Donna's bedroom, she's packing, saying that she can't believe she's leaving, then says that the more she thinks about leaving the sadder she gets, and the more she wants to be with him ...right now, and then throws him down on the bed. [Scene change: Eric looking up towards the camera, Donna on swing.] In the Forman basement, Eric tells the guys that going away sex is hotter than make up sex. Eric leaves to 'attend to' Donna. Fez notices that Jackie has a toe-ring and likes it; she asks what Hyde thinks. Really, he can't resist it, but just tells her "whatever". She tells him that she has lots of things now that they've broken a tattoo. He says she doesn't; she says he'll never know and leaves. Hyde says that he doesn't know why he's even thinking about her; Kelso says Jackie's not over Hyde because she practically put on a show to get his attention. He imagines Jackie and Donna as burlesque dancers putting on a show; he comes out and rips off his pants. In the Forman kitchen, Eric and Kitty come in with boxes of the alcohol; Eric comments that there were bottles everywhere. Red says that it's going to be boring so Eric should go to college, then leaves. Eric comments that Red should be thankful for what he's doing and doesn't understand why he's not. [Scene change: Hyde jumps towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, in the circle, Eric comes in and says he's late because Donna wanted more sex because she was sad. Fez says this may be the secret to getting sex, and maybe he should try it with Laurie, his wife. Hyde says that Laurie will respond to anything, and Kelso points out that he did it with Fez's wife. Eric says he has Jedi-like mind powers over Donna now. At The Hub, Jackie comes in and shows Hyde her new sexy tattoo; he wipes it off with a napkin and water. She asks why he's being difficult - he says she should apologize; she thinks he should. She says he doesn't deserve to see any tattoo that she might get; and if she ever did get one, she'd show it to Fez before she'd show it to him. [Scene change: Kelso crawls across the screen.] In the Forman basement, Kelso tells Jackie that it bugs him that she and Hyde are apart, and he wants to help, feeling it's his duty as her ex-boyfriend. He leaves; Eric points out that this might be the last time Donna gets to see Kelso make an even bigger mess of a problem, which makes her sad. Jackie says they make her sick, then leaves, and Donna throws herself on Eric. In the Forman driveway, Eric comments this is the last time they'll stand by the Vista cruiser, and Donna throws herself on him. In Donn's bedroom, Eric says it's the last time that he brings her her toothbrush; Donna points out that it's not her toothbrush. Eric then says that it might be the last time that he brings her the wrong toothbrush, and Donna throws herself on him. [Scene change: Fez dances towards the camera.] In the Forman kitchen, Laurie is sorting laundry; Fez tries to work on her using Eric's sadness idea. He asks her if she feels sad; she says yes, then he asks her if she feels needy; she says it does, then goes to see if Carlos is home. [Scene change: Jackie and Donna dance across the screen.] On the Forman back porch, Kelso asks Hyde if there's anything that he's done that maybe he shouldn't have done? Hyde admits that maybe he was rash and impetuous in some of the things that he did in his relationship with Jackie. In Jackie's bedroom, Kelso tells Jackie that Hyde said he's infectious and has a rash. Jackie tells him that Hyde messed with the fabric of the relationship. In the Forman driveway, Kelso tells Hyde that Jackie says he's a mess because he's wearing the wrong fabric. Hyde doubts that this is what Jackie says, but Kelso insists that it's a word-for-word quote. In the Forman kitchen, Red sneaks in and opens a can of beer; Kitty catches him, and tells him to stop drinking, adding that it only takes will power, and he can't do the things that he used to without thinking. As she's talking, she's pouring herself a drink without noticing. Eric comes in; Red tells him that it means a lot to Kitty that he's staying home, and then hands Eric a note - the doctor said he should write down his feelings; Eric reads the note - it's a list of yard work. Eric says "you're welcome" and goes to hug him, but Red reminds him that they're men. [Scene change: Eric doing karate moves.] In the Forman basement, Eric tells Donna that it's the last time that they'll watch Gilligan's Island together. Donna tells him that being with him so much is great, but he's been depressed lately; he says she's depressed. He clears off the table; she realizes that he's been saying all the 'last time' things just to get sex. He tries the Jedi mind trick on her; but she just gets angry and leaves. Then she comes running back in, sad that this might be the last fight that they have, and throws herself on him. [Scene change: Jackie struts towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, Kelso realizes that Hyde and Jackie both want to be together and would get back together if they thought that the other had apologized. He then realizes that he can just lie to both of them, and things will work out. In the Forman driveway, Jackie and Hyde are there with Kelso. Jackie says she heard what Hyde said, and she wants to apologize too. Hyde says that "too" is wrong, because he never apologized, and they figure out that Kelso lied to both of them; Kelso tells them that it doesn't matter who apologized first, and they both want to be together so fighting is pointless. Jackie asks Hyde if he wants to be with her; Hyde shrugs, which she says doesn't cut it. Hyde tells Kelso to leave, then tells Jackie that he wants to be with her, and they kiss. [End credits: In the Forman basement, Red comes down and asks Hyde where his beer is. Hyde tries to act innocent, but Red says he knows Hyde has beer. Hyde pulls the cover off the "pop" he's drinking and offers it to Red; Red says he doesn't want used beer and demands a new one. Hyde tells him that he might have a few in the shower; Red pulls the shower curtain back to reveal five or six cases of beer; he grabs a six-pack and sits down to watch tv with Hyde.]