That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 2

Join Together

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2003 on FOX



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    • Eric: Look, Mom, I signed over my pay check to you. I want you to go buy yourself something pretty, or, I don't know... electricity.
      Kitty: Oh, Honey, thank you! (she hugs him) Red, it wouldn't kill you to thank him.
      Red: It might; I just had a heart attack.

    • Eric: Mom, would it be too much to ask for Dad to be grateful that I'm staying?
      Kitty: Honey, we're all going through hard times; you're giving up your future, I'm giving up my schnapps. Let's not compare our pain.

    • Kelso: You know, Fez, this whole thing with Hyde and Jackie's stupid. I mean, they both want to be together, and they would in a second if they just thought the other one had said "I'm sorry." (he jumps up) Eureka, Fez, Eureka!
      Fez: I'm one step ahead of you, my friend!
      Kelso: Yeah, I'll just lie to both of them and tell them the other one said "I'm sorry."
      Fez: Oh, I thought we were going to pan for gold.

    • Hyde: Well I'm not gonna stay here locked in the house just because Jackie looks ... ridiculously hot in that bathing suit...

    • Eric: So it turns out that going-away sex is even hotter than make-up sex. It's like these chips, they say "Now even crunchier" and you're thinking, "Oh, man, there is no way!" but then you bite, and it is crunchier!
      Kelso: Dude, if something's crunchy, you should really have that looked at.

    • Jackie: You know, I wish someone would rub lotion on my shoulders. I think they're getting a little red.
      Hyde: Yeah, you should be careful. Looks like you're starting to scab.
      Kelso: Ohhhh. That's a burn about a burn. That's a second degree burn.

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