That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 15

Keep Yourself Alive

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2006 on FOX

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    I guess you can call this "one of the better episodes" but it's only that because of some interesting interactions but nothing more. None of the jokes worked here, all the insults projected by Hyde & Jackie were incredibly lame and predictable. Wasn't this show known for intelligent comebacks at one time?

    I guess this episode is a perfect example of how the show deteriorated in the later seasons. The interactions between Hyde & Jackie did have potential but it ultimately failed by the end of it. We got no real substantial development, all we got is Fez lost and Donna peeing in a bush. Does that sound "good" to you?

    Most of the stuff from Kitty was good, sad to see Debra Jo Rupp's talent wasted on this very weak writing. Randy is still intolerable. Hey, at least the insufferable Sam was absent. Also... do they have to remind us that Eric is gone in each episode? That's just my two cents.
  • If only Eric were there to become Lord of the (engagement) ring. Either way, the episode still has some laughs.

    This episode is funny, as it all revolves around an engagement ring, with Fez losing it, Bob revealing it was cheap, a drunken Hyde, lost Fez, picky Jackie and horny Randy and Donna searching for the ring.

    The plot was well written, with great moments like Hyde fighting with Jackie in his drunken state, Fez talking to his fish, a 360 revolving around Donna peeing in the woods, as well as Red and Kitty's back and forth about whose fault losing the ring was, and what had happened in the fair.

    Overall, the episode is funny, and the plots are well connected so this is a relatively good instalment of that 70s show.
  • The worst episode ever.

    I have never given a bad review to this show because it is one on my faves. This episode was by far the worst episode ever. It was not written well and (I HATE saying this) the acting was also awful. It was like the whole gang is giving up already. I was one person that said who cares if the two top actors leave the others are great actors can do it alone, but now I am not sure if I was right or not! This was just unrealistic and just plain stupid! It was beyond silly! I just hope the rest of the season is a lot better then this!
  • This episode is a prime example of how this show has been going down hill fast throughout the course of Season 8. The only thing that can save this show is a return by Topher Grace (Eric Forman) and Ashton Kutcvher (Michael Kelso) for the season and serie

    To put it quite plainly, nothing happened this episode. I guess that might be charm of many episodes of that 70s Show - the great comedy despite the fact that the show is not very plot driven - but now the entertainment factor has declined severely to the point where the one liners and short exchanges are so weak they can no longer carry the show as they once did.

    The refreshingly random humor of Michael Kelso - especially in his relationship and exchanges with Hyde - was a huge factor in the show's overall entertainment value, and now that he is gone the show has lost that slightly stupid but unique comical dimension.

    Randy, essentially the replcement character for Eric Foreman, is not funny and very one dimensional. The moments when his dialogue is designed to be funny fall flat, and they are all very similar - he tells a little silly story that really isn't funny every single time. Though Eric Foreman's character also relied on essentially a single tactic for his humor - his quick, witty jabs - his diaglogue was truly witty, unlike Randy's, and he was a real "smart mouth," in the words of the great Red Foreman.

    What the show desperately needs at this point is a guest performance by Michael Kelso (played by Ashton Kutcher) and Eric Foreman (played by Topher Grace) to restore the initial unique character dynamic that made the show so successful and enjoyable in the past.

    Let's just hope the finale is as good as it should be.
  • Kitty's ring...

    On there way back from the local fair, Fez looses Kitty’s ring, and so Red kicks everyone out of the car in the middle of the forest so that they can look for the ring. Donna and Randy look at this as a time for some romantic bonding. Sadly they can’t seem to get alone as Hyde (who is very drunk) refuses to pair up with Jackie. Fez gets lost in the forest and finds shelter in a cave alone with his new fish. At home Bob finds about the ring and accidentally tells Kitty that is not $1000 (as Red had said), but was rather a $65 ring. So Red sends Bob back to get the kids, and promises Kitty that he would buy her a new nice, real diamond ring. The next morning Kitty finds the ring in the back of the Vista Cruiser, but when she finds out that Red has ordered a new ring, she pretends the ring is gone forever...
  • What happened to this show?

    This show sucks now. Its just not funny anymore. The first seven seasons were great, but this last season is just plain awful. It was a big mistake to have Eric Forman ( Topher Grace ), who is actually the main character of the show, and Michael Kelso ( Ashton Kutcher ) who is the stupid guy that makes a lot of people laugh, GONE!!!!! The other casts are just not funny like they use to be AND they cannot carry the huge expectations alone. The audience doesn't go crazy anymore. I admit, there were a FEW funny aspects from the show in season 8, but it seems like the audience barely laugh. I really miss the old Season 1-4 days. The worst part of all is the plot. They bring in some other guy, Randy Pearson ( Josh Meyers ), to date Donna Penciotti ( Laura Prepon ), the girl that Eric has been dating in the show for 7 seasons! Randy Pearson ( Josh Meyers ) is not funny. Also, Hyde ( Danny Masterson ) and Jackie ( Mila Kunis ) are over because Hyde marries a stripper...And Jackie is trying to move on, and later on, she's going to try to get Fez ( Wilmer Valderrama ). So that's three of the four guys...

    Sorry, but with this last season in session, I don't see this show as a big time hit anymore. I still loved the first 7 seasons however ( especially seasons 1-4 ), but with this last season in session, the series is declining really fast. They should of stopped at Season 7. Now they have a season 8 and it is just lame and boring. I will continue to watch That 70's show to see how things go, but unless they make BIG changes in the plot and the comedy, my opinion of the show will still be the same.
  • Great one liners, and Jackie and Hyde interaction alas!

    This was one of the better episodes of the season. I found myself laughing a lot at this episode. From Randy seeing Donna peeing, or Hyde and Jackie's burns on each other, it was almost nostalgic...

    It was also funny between Red and Kitty, and not to mention the part at the end when she finds the ring at last in her car, but hieds it so she can get a new ring.