That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 17

Kelso's Career

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2002 on FOX
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Kelso's Career
Eric doesn't know what to do when Red says 'I love you', so he decides to say it back, but learns that Red was drugged when he said it. Fez buys Rhonda a box of candies for Valentine's day, then can't help but eat them all. Jackie tells Kelso to get a job so he can buy her something nice for Valentine's day, and he finds a career that suits his interests and hobbies at the same time.moreless

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    This episode not only contained one of the most memorable scenes in this series' eight year run, but it was one of the funniest of the entire season. From Donna finding out Kelso stole her address rock to everyone's reaction times to the whole "I Love You" fiasco. Red tells Eric he loves him, and he is trying to find a way to say it back. This plot stole the show for me here. The ending with everything slowing down as Eric said I love you and Kitty dropping the jello was just an amazing scene. I guarantee you will laugh at that scene. Red's reaction was absolutely priceless and I commend Kurtwood Smith here.

    Casey is not my favorite character but the resemblance between Luke Wilson and Ashton Kutcher is uncanny in this episode, Luke Wilson is really perfect for this part with his care free attitude and his resemblance to his on screen brother. Kelso selling his "special men" was absolutely hysterical.

    We got some great one liners her from the whole cast from Jackie calling specimen, "special men" to everyone making fun of Kelso and the references back to his "job." Just a hysterical episode all around and will remain one of the funniest of the season. Great episode.moreless
  • Kelso sells his "special men" to buy Jackie a valentines gift

    This episode is one of the funniest in the series, three out of four plots being perfect, and the other being a great one all the same.

    Fez eating his gift for Big Rhonda, proving his love of candy is just a bit bigger than his love of Rhonda, Red being hopped up on dentist drugs and telling Eric that he loves him, sending Eric into a spiral of confusion, and the funniest, Kelso selling his love nectar, are all brilliant plots with hilarious moments, especially regarding the entendres and puns the guys use and the slow motion embarrassing moment between Eric, Kitty and Red.

    Donna and Casey's plot was much smaller than the two main ones and the subplot but it was still pretty entertaining with Donna forgiving Casey for no real reason and Casey not showing up for another no good reason, proving the guys right but it didn't really have much of an impact other than seeing a different side of Donna, giddy and such.

    Overall, Fez, Eric and Kelso's plots make this episode a must see, with Donna's C story being a little bonus.moreless
  • Best episode EVER!!! Containing my all time favorite 70's show scene!

    Although the scenes with Kelso donating his 'little soldiers' were more heavily laden with a series of hilarious and classic one liners("roll up my sleeves, get a little sweaty and earn some extra cash" and "oh, to be a working stiff" are some of my favorites), this was not the storyline with my favorite scene.

    That honor goes to the infamous slow motion 'He Was Drugged' scene:

    Red tells Eric he loves him, and we eventually find out that the dentist doped him with knockout juice to repair a cavity, but before Kitty can warn Eric, he says it back to a 'sober' Red, and everything from Kitty's "NOOO!!!" to the final part where Red says "Go to your room" is non stop hilarity. The jello falling to the floor, the priceless facial expressions, the realization, everything was just perfect, I don't think I ever laughed so loud and hard in my life.

    If you're a long time 70's Show fan, watch this episode, because the more you know of the 4 years of history that precede it, the more the scene will just click.

    Also, this episode highlights, IMO, Fez's peak moment of candy addiction as he continuously eats the valentine chocolates that he's supposed to give to big Rhonda, it's not quite up there with his porn addiction episode in season 7, but it's still solid laughs.

    So there you have it, an A plot with numerous one line home runs and a B plot with an infamous slow motion scene make this my favorite episode in 70's show history. Although I'm sure episodes such as the Grage Sale and Water Tower will be the sympathetic favorites (Although both great episodes mind you) this will always be a sentimental fave of mine.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Kelso: Easiest money I ever made. They paid me fifty bucks for my underpants navy.
      Hyde: You mean your cordoroy commandos?
      Fez: Yeah, your team from the inseam.
      Eric: Your Battlepants Gallactica.

      Eric refers to Kelso's "donation" as "Battlepants Galactica." This episode is set on or around Valentine's Day, 1978; Battlestar Galactica did not premiere until September 17, 1978.

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Love Is in the Air (1978) by John Paul Young;
      Hot Child In The City (1978) by Nick Gilder;
      Bang A Gong (Get It On) (1971) by T. Rex;
      War Pigs (1971) by Black Sabbath;
      Ramblin' Man (1973) by The Allman Brothers Band.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Eric: I'm sorry Kelso... Because I hear there's this clinic in Madison that will pay you for your manly donations.
      Kelso: Manly donations? Ooh I can do that, I'm pretty good at that.

    • Red: Thanks son... I love you.
      Eric: W-What did you say?
      Red: I said, I love you.

    • Kelso: Good news! my boys are back in friendly hands.
      Donna: Ironically, that's just where they started their journey.

    • Nurse Ruth: I'm sorry miss, but I can't give it to you. The donor himself is the only one who has legal rights over this specimen.
      Jackie: Fine! Michael, you get them. You're the only one who has rights over your special men.

    • (Kitty and Eric are eating breakfast)
      Eric: Mom, was dad abducted by aliens and replaced by an identical creature programmed to love?
      Kitty: Honey, this is breakfast. Don't ask me things.
      Eric: He told me he loved me.
      Kitty: Your father? No!

    • Jackie: Oh, that's okay. Kelsos never call. They're like dogs. They're cute, but they can't work a phone.

    • Casey: I just got this thing, where a lot of times I just don't show up. I don't know what to do about it.
      Donna: How about showing up?
      Casey: I guess I can give that a shot .
      Donna: So, this will never happen again?
      Casey: No, I'm pretty sure it wil happen again...

    • Fez: It's so good to have a girlfriend on Valentine's Day.
      Kelso: Yeah, it definitely increases your chances of getting your 'fun stuff' touched.
      Eric: Well, ...(looking at his crotch) sorry 'fun stuff!' Looks like it's just you and me this year. ...Unless... (looks at Donna)
      Donna (glancing at Eric's crotch): Sorry, 'fun stuff.'

    • (talking about saying 'I love you')
      Red: Alright, stop right there. There are only a few times in life when it's acceptable for a man to use that phrase. When he's drunk, when he's dying, or when he's in big trouble and that's the only way out. Which usually means he's drunk.

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