That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 17

Kelso's Career

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, Fez comes in with a Valentine's gift for Rhonda, saying that it's nice to have a girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Eric says he's going to be alone this year. Fez comments that he has to not eat the candy before Valentine's day, but 3 pieces are already gone. Jackie comes in complaining about work - a bus load of old people came in and ate all the free samples; but the good news is that she got paid. Kelso tells her he needs to borrow money from her so he can buy her a Valentine's Day gift. She tells him that she's not giving him money again, because she did that last year, and he gave her a bag of dinosaurs. Hyde asks Fez how it's going with not eating the candy; Fez says fine, but he has chocolate all over his mouth.

[Opening credits.]

[Scene change: Donna runs towards the camera.]

At The Hub, Jackie tells Donna that Casey has just come in, then adds that if Donna marries Casey and she marries Kelso, they'll be like sisters, and sends Donna over to talk to Casey. Donna acts like she didn't know he was there, and then makes a fool of herself trying to talk to him, saying that her jeans are blue. He tells her that he's working for the railroad; and he'll give her a call sometime, but right now he's going to see a guy about a leather steering wheel for his Trans Am. He leaves, Donna tells Jackie that he's going to call her, but then realizes that she forgot to give him her number; Jackie tells her that it doesn't matter because Kelsos never call. Kelso comes in and give Jackie a gift that he crafted with his own hands - an address rock; Jackie says it's not romantic, and it's not even her address. Donna realizes her dad's address rock.

In the Forman livingroom, Eric comes in and says hi to Red; Red tells Eric that he loves him. Eric laughs nervously, then runs upstairs.

At the Kelsos' house, Donna walks up to the front door, Kelso opens it and shouts for Casey that his lover is here. Casey pushes Kelso out of the way. Donna gives Casey her number; he asks her out for tomorrow night, telling her that he'll pick her up tomorrow at The Hub after school.

[Scene change: Donna twirls around, looking up at the camera.]

In the Forman kitchen, Eric asks Kitty if Red has been abducted by aliens and replaced; Kitty just says it's too early for questions. Eric tells her that Red said "I love you"; Kitty is incredulous, then suggests that her early Valentine's card touched him so much that something woke up inside him. Eric says it's weird, and Red's never said that, even when Eric saved his life. Eric doesn't know how to handle it, wondering if he should say it back, then adding that Red will hit him; Kitty says maybe he won't.

[Scene change: Fez struts across the screen, Hyde and Kelso are on swings.]

In the Forman basement, in the circle, Kelso can't believe that Jackie wants him to get a job; Eric practises saying "I love you, dad"; Fez is eating Rhonda's chocolates with chocolate syrup; Hyde tells Kelso that he should sell his blood for some quick cash, then tries to take the chocolate syrup from Fez. Kelso says he's not selling his blood or anything from inside of him; Eric comments that a clinic in Madison will pay for "manly donations" and Kelso says he's good with that.

[Scene change: Kelso dances towards the camera.]

At the Clinic, Kelso is filling out the form at the front desk; he gives a fake name. The receptionist offers him a magazine, but Kelso tells her that since Farrah was on Carson last night, he'll be fine.

In the Forman basement, Eric comes downstairs and tells the guys that he tried to say 'I love you' to Red but Red just insulted him; Hyde tells Fez that a piece of candy would make Eric feel better. Kelso comes in and says that he got 50 bucks for his underwear navy. He says that the job combines all his interests, skills and hobbies into one place.

[Scene change: Kelso boogies towards the camera.]

In the Forman driveway, the guys are playing basketball; Donna comes over and asks Kelso where Casey is - he blew her off and didn't show up for the date. Kelso tells her that she should yell at Casey, not him, because he's tired from working all day.

[Scene change: Fez dances towards camera.]

In the Forman kitchen, Kitty asks Red if anything special happened today; Red tells her that the dentist drugged him and he can't remember anything at all. Kitty asks if he can remember what he said to Eric; Red just repeats that he doesn't remember anything, not even how he got home. Eric comes in to tell Red that he loves him; kitty tries to stop him, but doesn't get the words out in time. Eric says the fateful words; Red sends him to his room.

In the Forman basement, Fez looks sad and says that Rhonda will be disappointed because there' s only one candy left, then opens the box and it's full. He says it's a miracle and starts eating the candy. Kelso comes in and gives Jackie earrings as an early Valentine's Day gift; Hyde asks if it was a big day at the office, and Kelso says he worked a double shift. Jackie is proud of him for getting a job, and says she wants to visit him at work. Kelso admits that he's been selling his "love nectar"; Jackie tells him that he can't do that because he's hot and women will want to take his "little Kelsos" home. Hyde realizes that she's right and that it could spell the end of the world.

At the Kelsos house, Donna asks Casey what happened to him - she was waiting for him. He tells her that he decided to rebuild the carburetor for the car instead. She tells him that if he says he's going to be someplace, then he should be there. He agrees to give showing up a shot, although he doesn't promise anything. Donna can't believe that she's already forgiven him, and they kiss.

At the Clinic, Jackie tries to get Kelso's donations back, but the receptionist won't give them to her. She tells Kelso that he has to be the one to get them back. She tells him that if there are going to be any Kelso babies she wants to be the one to have them. They tell each other that they love each other and kiss, then go to Room 2 when the receptionist tells them that they can't do that here.

In the Forman den, Eric finds Red and tries to explain about what he said earlier, but Red stops him, saying that there are only a few times when it's okay to use that phrase; when he's drunk, dying; or in big trouble. Other than that, it's a given. Eric says that Red just kind of said it; Red denies it, so Eric asks him to be his valentine. Red sends him to his room.

[End credits: In the Forman basement, Kelso comes in and tells the gang that his boys are back in friendly hands, Eric tells him to get that nasty bag out of the basement, and so Kelso throws it onto the sofa. Everyone scatters, and Kelso yells "Burn!", adding that it's just a bag of candy. Fez asks what kind of candy, and dives on the bag.]