That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 21

Kelso's Serenade

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2000 on FOX

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  • Donna thinks Eric is taking her for granted, Kelso writes a song for Jackie, who goes out on a date with Hyde.

    Jackie starts taking her first interest in Hyde now. She's already tired of being single and confides in Hyde to take her out for a nice dinner and everything. They have a pretty good time, and Hyde even admits he had a great time, since she bought him some new boots. Donna thinks Eric is taking her for granted, which he would never do! Here's another one of those episodes where the script is just making the characters act unrealisticly to others, like Eric is thinking Donna is some sort of slave. It all starts with Eric inviting Donna to come hang with him and the other gang "if she wants to" and ends with Donna telling Eric off after he tells her to go get him another soda. They eventually end the dispute, but it was an unrealisticly aggravating performance by Eric with how he treated her. Meanwhile, Kelso is busy trying to write a song to serenade to Jackie. It doesn't work, as planned. Eric destroys the guitar, which he later finds out is his, and then Kelso remembers all the great times he spent with Jackie always insulting him, as he fears this is the end of him and Jacqueline Burkhart forever.
  • After the break up of Michael Kelso and Jackelyn Burkhart.

    Kelso tries to do everything he can to win Jackie back, but, unfortunately, Jackie thinks that she is in love with Hyde, so she goes after him. Donna thinks that Eric is taking her for granted, now that they have had sex.

    This episode was really good : D . In fact, it was actually perfect . . . .

    A perfect episode of That '70s Show! Woo-hoo! Jackie and Kelso are finally broken up, and some time away from Jackie makes Kelso realize that he really loves her and wants to be with her forever. He tries to win her back.

  • Another aftermath episode.

    Jackie kisses Hyde, and you can see that Hyde enjoyed it, he just backed away because he knew it wouldn't be right. And to think they're almost going to get married soon. Anyways I like this episode because Jackie pursues Hyde & at the end when she kisses him on the cheek, Kelso gets all jealous. Now after Eric & Donna done it, Donna thinks that she has been taken for granted, & that wasn't Eric's intention, but of course it works out in the end. The C plot was really good, Kelso sings, hilarious! The whole gag was funny & when he sings to Jackie hilarious.
  • The Seedling of Love (Jackie/Hyde)

    Oh're so transparent! As soon as he melted when Jackie started crying, I knew that something, sometime in the course of the show, something would happen. Sure he pushed her away when she kissed him, but did anyone else see the "whoo" expression on his face right before the scene transition? He LIKED it! And as for Jackie, I can already see that she's becoming less shallow. In very small increments, but this new affection for Hyde is a major step into the BEST relationship in the show, besides Eric and Donna. And Fez can SING pretty! Go you sexy Fez! Guys it's like a, TEN!
  • Kelso + singing = total hilarity

    Kelso and the guitar was a hilarious plot in this episode with hilariouslines such as "I didn't mean to cheat but she forced me...downrigh co-erced me!" amd Hyde's idea "you don't love me anymore, caught me cheatin' with a whore..." until finally Eric snapped and smashed the guitar only to find out it was his.

    Th other plot of Donna thinking Eric was taking her for granted was kind of similar to the wrestling episode in season one where Kelso was using Jackie as a slave after they'd slept together however thisepisode had brand new humour though points down for lack of originality.

    Overall, Kelso's plot is by far one of the funniest storylines on that 70s show and really shows Kelso's personality.