That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 12

Killer Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on FOX
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Killer Queen
Jackie is stuck in the lurch when a guest suddenly cancels their appearance on "What's Up, Wisconsin?" She needs to find a replacement, or else lose her job; so she and Fez take the place of the missing guest, pretending to be a couple in love. Christine is so impressed that she takes Jackie out for drinks after work, and spills some personal secrets, then fires Jackie for knowing too much. Donna has her eye on a special someone to ask out for Valentine's Day, but gets turned down. Red introduces Hyde to his secret stash.moreless

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    Woo, Fez and Jackie made out, big freaking woop. What was the point in this episode? Seriously? What was the point? Most of the things here were incredibly predictable and most of the episode was wore down by the banter between Randy & Donna.

    Everything Randy did was incredibly predictable, and Fez didn't say anything remotely funny. All of his jokes were solely focused on where he was from, and at this point, it's just incredibly overplayed.

    The Red/Kitty/Hyde/Sam plot was also predictable, and I really do not like that both of these couples have been paired up as of late to fill in the absence of Bob & Midge as their go to couple. And Sam & Hyde aren't even the "power couple" any way. Just too much things wrong with this episode. Bad VD episode overall.moreless
  • Oh, Randy. It's hard to love you.... Donn, you don't count!

    This was rather a funny episode, as Jackie works as a replacement couple with Fez Thefirstfiveksaresilent. It's pretty cool how, Jackie is a commoner to the modle's eyes. Poor Jackie. Oh, I wish I had an ice pack. Sorry!

    Eaisely the funniest storyline was when Red has this stash that has Kitty presents. Then, Sam and Hyde killes them! My favorite part over all this was when Kitty made her own foot in butt joke. THIS is what i'm serching for!

    Oh, Randy. It's Donna, huh? Hmm.. Don't get me wrong, I like the storyline. But, I don't like Dandy. It's not good. I mean, Donna forgets all about Eric. And, the biggest insult; Donna and Randy kiss. I'm glad Leo saved it, with his steak eating, and his monster truck tickets! (Oh, wait. Randy's.)

    Overall, witht he exception of the Dandy kiss, this episode was wacky ad funny, zany and hard, need I say more?moreless
  • Predictable, but still funny all the same.

    This episode is okay, the best plot being Red and Kitty's with some great lines about bulk gifting, and Hyde's dilemma with his stripper wife, and Red getting his revenge at the end.

    Donna and Randy's plot was predictable, as I could see Randy's plan from halfway through the episode, but it had its moments, the funniest being Leo eating their dinners, but the storyline itself has been done before.

    The Jackie and Fez plot was pretty funny, though Fez dropped out of the episode after five minutes. Regardless, it was still quite funny, with Jackie getting fired for connecting with her evil boss, and overall, the episode was good.moreless
  • Jackie and Fez pretend to be a couple on Mary Tyler Moore's Show and they make out!!! Yay! The bad, nasty,disgusting part of this episode was Randy and Donna going to dinner at the record store where they kiss and begin a relationship. Things fall apart..moreless

    The Jackie and Fez part was funny and nice, but the Randy and Donna part was absolutely disgusting. Randy and Donna is just gross,but Jackie and Fez is not.Fez was acting nice towards Jackie and she kissed him on the show they were on. that was the best part I think.
  • ...Randy isn't hot...

    Seeing Donna trying to hit on Randy was kind of pathetic, considering I really used to like Laura Prepon's character. Think it had something to do with her dying her hair?

    I so wanted Randy and Donna NOT kiss. That would just confirm that this whole Donna and Eric breaking up thing isn't a figment of my imagination. Too bad they did...

    And this may just be me, but I need SOME kind of closure for Jackie and Hyde... they haven't addressed each other about their former relationship, and they act as if it never happened. ...Seriously, what the hell!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Christine: How do you pronounce your last name?
      Fez: The first five Ks are silent.

      In the season 4 episode Class Picture Fez's name (not heard because of a ringing bell) was, in fact, the combination of the names of the show's cast members, and there are exactly five Ks in the names of the cast members that were on the show before or during season 4: Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Kurtwood Smith, Don Stark and Lisa Robin Kelly.

    • Red: Ever since I've forgot Kitty's birthday that one year, I keep a stash of gifts down here.

      Red talks about the events of the season 3 episode Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?), where both Red and Eric forgot about Kitty's birthday and had to make up for it.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Kitty: There's my Valentine. See, now... the card is a heart, actually it's your heart, saying: "Hi Red, remember when I attacked you?"

    • Christine: What's Up, Wisconsin? It's time for our annual "Fools For Love" segment and with me today is my assistant, Jackie Burkhart and her boyfriend, Fez... How do you pronounce your last name?
      Fez: Oh, the first five Ks are silent.

    • Christine: Well, I hope you two love birds are ready to tell us all about your relationship.
      Fez: We sure are. We've been dating so long, we finish each other's...
      Jackie: ...Sentences.
      Fez: Well, I was going to say sandwiches but whatever.

    • Randy: Hey, Leo. What's your idea of a romantic date?
      Leo: November 13th. But this year is ruined, man. I gotta go to the dentist.

    • Jackie: No, Fez. If Christine finds out we're faking it, I'm fired.
      Fez: I can see that, baby. Besides, interracial couples are sexy. Because it's illegal.
      Jackie: Fez, it's not illegal for people of two different races to date.
      Fez: It's not?
      Jackie: Uh uh.
      Fez: Freaking Hyde!

    • Donna: Hey, record guy... Mr. Record... Mr. Record Breaker... Captain Record of the U.S.S. Phonograph.
      Randy: Donna, Hyde's already given me a nickname. It's Mrs. Lady-Lovely-Locks.

    • Kitty: Well, what do you get a stripper anyway? Oh, how about a robe and a father who gave a damn?
      Hyde: Mrs. Forman, life's a trade off. If her father gave a damn, I wouldn't have this smile on my face.

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