That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 12

Killer Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on FOX

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  • When fans could write better plots, things are bad.

    I am seriously beginning to think that my potsmoking friends could pen better storylines over a bag of cheetos. And by far the biggest disgust moment of this season was Donna and Randy kissing. When Eric and Donna kissed it made sense because those characters had a real chemistry- It took many fine episodes of build up and character development and interaction before they got to that. Believing that Donna would get with with Casey the older guy after being dumped by Eric was believable enough, that kind of stuff happens.... this.... this is just sad. if fans don't even like the new character, why would 'Donna', who as Wayne and Garth would say 'is a babe', be head over heals for him?! and Donna tongue-tied and goofily attempting to hit on 'Randy' was just painfully demeaning considering what a terrific character Laura Prepon used to play. Going from redhead to blonde was a total turnoff for me, but now, Laura, this kind of thing further shames the great state of New Jersey. There will be no monument.
  • Sadness, lose of hope, end of an era!

    When they brought in Randy at the start of this season, I think we all knew that he would end up as Donna's new love.

    I not sure about other fans of the series, but the KISS last night for me was a sad moment. In the back of my mind, I still had hope, and still hope that Eric will have a triumphant return from Africa, sweep Donna off her feet, reconcile and marry as the final episode.

    I understand that this arc plays better (Donna moving on), but wow, we have seen her with Eric from the beginning and it is just hard to accept.

  • I still want to have hope...

    I may not the time invested in this series that many others do. I only started watching That 70's Show on FX a couple of weeks ago. I imediately fell in love with Laura and went out to rent the first three seasons. I watched them in a day and realized it wasn't Laura I loved but her character Donna and I really came to like all the others too. Now when I couldn't watch the series in that order anymore I dusted off my old VHS recorders and started taping all the eps I could while at work. I loved the relationship between Donny and Eric and all the ups and downs that it had. But now Topher is gone and that royaly ticked me off. Now I don't hate this Randy character, I think he's funny sometimes and he's not the worst last minute idea I've ever seen on tv. But his relationship with Donna kills her character and some of the show for me. She was always so strong armed about how she would talk to men but now she's tripping over her own tounge and Randy is not that hot. When I about to watch the show last night I knew Randy was supposed to initially turn her down and I kept hoping that he would admit he was gay or had another long time lover that the gang hadn't met yet. But when he turned it around and they ended up hitting it off I was very sore. I've heard rumor that Eric is supposed to come back and it was very stupid of him to break up with Donna the way he did but that's what Eric does. They've loved eachother from episode one and I can't believe that the director has decided to go this route.
  • ...Randy isn't hot...

    Seeing Donna trying to hit on Randy was kind of pathetic, considering I really used to like Laura Prepon's character. Think it had something to do with her dying her hair?

    I so wanted Randy and Donna NOT kiss. That would just confirm that this whole Donna and Eric breaking up thing isn't a figment of my imagination. Too bad they did...

    And this may just be me, but I need SOME kind of closure for Jackie and Hyde... they haven't addressed each other about their former relationship, and they act as if it never happened. ...Seriously, what the hell!
  • Jackie and Fez pretend to be a couple on Mary Tyler Moore's Show and they make out!!! Yay! The bad, nasty,disgusting part of this episode was Randy and Donna going to dinner at the record store where they kiss and begin a relationship. Things fall apart..

    The Jackie and Fez part was funny and nice, but the Randy and Donna part was absolutely disgusting. Randy and Donna is just gross,but Jackie and Fez is not.Fez was acting nice towards Jackie and she kissed him on the show they were on. that was the best part I think.
  • Predictable, but still funny all the same.

    This episode is okay, the best plot being Red and Kitty's with some great lines about bulk gifting, and Hyde's dilemma with his stripper wife, and Red getting his revenge at the end.

    Donna and Randy's plot was predictable, as I could see Randy's plan from halfway through the episode, but it had its moments, the funniest being Leo eating their dinners, but the storyline itself has been done before.

    The Jackie and Fez plot was pretty funny, though Fez dropped out of the episode after five minutes. Regardless, it was still quite funny, with Jackie getting fired for connecting with her evil boss, and overall, the episode was good.
  • Oh, Randy. It's hard to love you.... Donn, you don't count!

    This was rather a funny episode, as Jackie works as a replacement couple with Fez Thefirstfiveksaresilent. It's pretty cool how, Jackie is a commoner to the modle's eyes. Poor Jackie. Oh, I wish I had an ice pack. Sorry!

    Eaisely the funniest storyline was when Red has this stash that has Kitty presents. Then, Sam and Hyde killes them! My favorite part over all this was when Kitty made her own foot in butt joke. THIS is what i'm serching for!

    Oh, Randy. It's Donna, huh? Hmm.. Don't get me wrong, I like the storyline. But, I don't like Dandy. It's not good. I mean, Donna forgets all about Eric. And, the biggest insult; Donna and Randy kiss. I'm glad Leo saved it, with his steak eating, and his monster truck tickets! (Oh, wait. Randy's.)

    Overall, witht he exception of the Dandy kiss, this episode was wacky ad funny, zany and hard, need I say more?
  • 812

    Woo, Fez and Jackie made out, big freaking woop. What was the point in this episode? Seriously? What was the point? Most of the things here were incredibly predictable and most of the episode was wore down by the banter between Randy & Donna.

    Everything Randy did was incredibly predictable, and Fez didn't say anything remotely funny. All of his jokes were solely focused on where he was from, and at this point, it's just incredibly overplayed.

    The Red/Kitty/Hyde/Sam plot was also predictable, and I really do not like that both of these couples have been paired up as of late to fill in the absence of Bob & Midge as their go to couple. And Sam & Hyde aren't even the "power couple" any way. Just too much things wrong with this episode. Bad VD episode overall.