That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 12

Killer Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on FOX

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  • I still want to have hope...

    I may not the time invested in this series that many others do. I only started watching That 70's Show on FX a couple of weeks ago. I imediately fell in love with Laura and went out to rent the first three seasons. I watched them in a day and realized it wasn't Laura I loved but her character Donna and I really came to like all the others too. Now when I couldn't watch the series in that order anymore I dusted off my old VHS recorders and started taping all the eps I could while at work. I loved the relationship between Donny and Eric and all the ups and downs that it had. But now Topher is gone and that royaly ticked me off. Now I don't hate this Randy character, I think he's funny sometimes and he's not the worst last minute idea I've ever seen on tv. But his relationship with Donna kills her character and some of the show for me. She was always so strong armed about how she would talk to men but now she's tripping over her own tounge and Randy is not that hot. When I about to watch the show last night I knew Randy was supposed to initially turn her down and I kept hoping that he would admit he was gay or had another long time lover that the gang hadn't met yet. But when he turned it around and they ended up hitting it off I was very sore. I've heard rumor that Eric is supposed to come back and it was very stupid of him to break up with Donna the way he did but that's what Eric does. They've loved eachother from episode one and I can't believe that the director has decided to go this route.