That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 20

Kiss of Death

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2000 on FOX

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    A memorable and eventful episode of That 70s Show, not to mention it was quite hilarious which helps the episode too. All season long, the writers have been holding Kelso cheating on Jackie over our heads, and we finally get some plot development that sets the rest of the season in motion. Kelso decides to break it off with Laurie, then Jackie sees them kiss, and she breaks up with Michael. The rest of the episode was Jackie & Kelso talking about each other.

    Fez definitely stole the show here, from him talking about how much he loves cheese puffs to him being loopy because of the medication he had to take after getting his appendix taken out. The most memorable scene was definitely The Charlies Angels scene, and it was the most memorable.

    Red had some funny moments too, and this was the perfect example of Red Forman at his best. Donna overreacting about something that Eric did... hmm, sounds familiar. Regardless, if it was like any other Eric & Donna plot, it still became a running gag in the series, about how Eric killed Mr. Bonkers, Donna's beloved cat. So we got great interactions from each and every character, and by the end of the episode, I was so ready for the next one, excited to see the aftermath of Michael & Jackie's breakup. Great hilarious eventful episode.
  • Eric runs over Donna's cat, and Jackie catches Laurie making out with Kelso just when he's planning to break up with her.

    It's a horrible day, or days, for Forman and Kelso. First of all, Eric runs over Mr. Bonkers, the cat that the Pinciottis have had since Donna was little. Then, Kelso has kinda gotten tired of Laurie. So he tells her that he wants to break up with her. Laurie pretends to be upset when she sees Jackie outside through the kitchen door, and asks for one goodbye kiss, so she and Kelso makeout long enough for Jackie to notice, come inside the kitchen, and break up with Kelso. So now Kelso had neither Jackie or Laurie, because remember, he broke with her prior to getting dumped by Jackie! So each guy has a pretty horrible experience. Eric has to deal with confessing to Donna he ran over Mr. Bonkers, and gets yelled at for not telling her when she first asked. She talks it over with Jackie and realized that at least Eric lied to keep her happy. Jackie thinks she will hate Kelso forever. Eventually, Eric and Donna settle things. But Bob was already mad at the Formans for Eric sleeping with Donna, but what does he think now that Eric has ran over their cat?
  • Kelso and Jackie break up (for now, at least) when Jackie catches Kelso cheating.

    Eric runs over Donna and the Pinciotti family's beloved cat, Mr. Bonkers, and kills him, and doesn't tell Donna. He tries to hide it from Donna, so she comes to the conclusion that Mr. Bonkers has ran away. Fez learns that he has apendicitis when he over stuffs him self with cheese puffs. Jackie catches Kelso and Laurie making out in the Forman's kitchen, and she breaks up with him. Kelso is completely ruined, he hates that he and Jackie are over, and he wishes he had never cheated. He is left with only Laurie after Jackie breaks up with him.

  • I didn\'t watch the whole episode, but the parts that I saw were really hilarious, especially when Eric was writing his own story.

    I didn\'t watch the whole episode, but the parts that I saw were really hilarious, especially when Eric was writing his own story. I loved the part where \"Wanda\" was boiling the \"water\" to burn the cat killer, and then all of a sudden she stripped out of her witch outfit and started walking like a cat towards her boyfriend. Then he said, \"All is forgiven!\" I thought that was really funny, haha! The ending was great, though. Donna forgave Eric and wrote that she\'d always love him at the end of her second part of story. I don\'t know what the wenches meant in the show, but the way Eric and Donna talked about them was funny. \"Wow, that\'s a movie.\" Haha, very creative line!
  • Kelso and Jackie break up...for at least the rest of the season

    This episode is quite funny and also shows classic Laurie, making Jackie find out after Kelso breaks it off with Laurie.
    The end of this plot was great too with Kelso crying over the memories of he and Jackie's relationship (Jackie yelling things at him).

    Eric running over Mr Bonkers had some good moments but wasn't really that entertaining.

    I, like Fez, have had appendicitis though I can't say I hallucinated my friends as Charlie's (or Fez's) angels while I was passed out.

    Overall, each plot had some comedic moments but it definitely isn't the best episode in this season, some parts actually being dull.