That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 18

Kitty and Eric's Night Out

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2000 on FOX
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Kitty and Eric's Night Out
Eric goes out with his mom to the movies and is embarrassed at first but ends up having a good time. Fez gets a girlfriend and Hyde can't believe that she went from him to Fez and Jackie is jealous because she likes Fez.

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  • Eric has a night out with his mom Kitty

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" and it really made me laugh hard. Who can also forget Leo's (Tommy Chong) hilarious appearance in this episode. Leo always knows how to make me laugh every time he appears in an episode... it's too bad that he isn't in every episode. Kitty wants to spend time with Eric and Eric gets embarrassed to spend time with his mom Kitty at first but then he ended up having a good time. Kitty and Eric eating at a restaurant was very funny especially when one of Eric's classmates make fun of him for having dinner with his mom. Eric and Kitty watching an R-rated movie and both Kitty and Eric talking in their minds about the movie was very funny. It was very nice when Eric and Kitty had a very good time. It was hilarious when Kitty was crying and then Red says "Oh no, what did Eric do because I'll kick his @$$" but Kitty cried because she had fun with Eric. As for the subplot, it was hilarious when Fez got a girlfriend and Jackie thinks she may like Fez and freaks out which was hilarious. As for the other subplot, it was hilarious when Hyde and Leo are playing "LIFE" board game. Leo saying that he likes the board game "LIFE" instead of real life was absolutely hilarious. It was also hilarious when Leo said that Hyde could be his father. Overall, a hilarious episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10moreless
  • Eric is punished to spending a night out with his mother while Fez shows up with the girl that blew Hyde off in a previous blind, double date.

    This was another episode where the characters were kind of unrealistic. This episode was Eric, and it was unrealistic that he was ignoring his mother so much. We all know that Eric loves his mother, Kitty, very much. It's a safe bet that he loves her more than he loves his father, Red. But after ignoring his mother after she asks him a few questions, Red decides, enough with it! "You're going to spend some quality time with your mother!" "What'd I do!?" "Oh Red, don't make it sound like a punishment!" "Well it is!" Even Red admits that a guy Eric's age doesn't like being seen spending time with his mother. That's normal. But the fact that Eric was ignored Kitty wasn't based on how he has treated and loved her the past season and a half. They go have dinner and watch a movie. Things at the restaurant are kind of awkward, especially when a guy from high school spots Eric on a date with his mom. He makes an announcement to the whole restaurant, as if some of the high school kids are there, which there isn't. Then they watch a movie, and things start to get better, even though they don't really talk much, of course. On the ride home, they have a great talk about scenes in the movie and how there was so much sex in them and everything. Eric "scolds" Kitty never to say the word 'nipples' ever again. At home, he kisses her good night, and even makes her cry tears of joy. The ending was good, but how the situation was caused was unrealistic, and that's what I'm sticking to. Meanwhile, Fez is now dating the girl that blew Hyde off when he and Fez were on a blind, double date. Fez's girlfriend upsets Jackie and makes her and Donna realize how much Jackie actually secretly likes Fez, until the girl never shows up in an episode again, and we never see Jackie actually displaying interest in Fez again for a while. Hyde takes the fact pretty hard that the girl chose Fez instead of him, and vents about it with Leo during a game of Life at the Fotohut. Leo and Hyde had a great talk during the game, and I think it was once of the best scenes of Season 2. Leo also rants about his family abandoned him, and how Hyde's parents abandoned him, and then, Hyde becomes Leo's unofficial father.moreless
  • One of my favorite Season 2 episodes!

    Alright, this is one of my favorite Season 2 episodes. I love ALL the plots! Lol. A: Alright, I really liked this plot. Kinda interesting, since this is my situation currently. Lol. Anyways, totally hilarious. I especially liked how we could here there mind speak. Lol, that was funny. And I especially LMAOed when they talked about nipples! LMAO! So hilarious!

    B: This was alright. But it was totally funny at the end. Oh yeah, Jackie was so funny this episode! Donna is so hilarious too! C: Cute and funny! I love how funny they are about Life! Lol! And so many double-on-tondras (did I spell that right?)

    Great episode! Totally loved it!moreless
  • Shows that teenagers still CAN have fun with their parents.

    Eric is seventeen years of age, and no normal American expects a guy in his late teen years to want to go shopping and or watch a movie with his mom. I admit, I wouldn't either. But this episode proves that moms, though their mostly embarassing lol, can have their "cool" times, whatever that means.

    Meanwhile, as Eric discovers he can have fun with his mother in public, Fez gets a girlfriend, it's a girl named Patty, who according to Kelso, "dogged Hyde on his blind date". Hyde tells Kelso it doesn't mean anything, but while he's at work, playing LIFE with Leo, he talks about it with him, and discovers he does feel sort of jealous. But Leo talks him to dwell it up and feel happy for Fez, which is the right thing to do.

    Plus Jackie. She has always been used to Fez treasuring every word she has spoken to him, etc. but when she learns that Fez has gotten a great-looking girlfriend, yeah, the foreign kid. Well Jackie starts to get jealous when Fez begins to spend all of his time with Patty rather than loving Jackie. Unlike Hyde, she doesn't really fix this problem in the episode. Instead, she is tricked to believe she actually likes Fez when she is talking on the Formans' front porch with Donna.moreless
  • Kitty and Eric.

    Kitty wants to bond with Eric, so she takes him out so they can spend a night together. Eric isn't embarrassed at first, in fact, he isn't embarrassed for most of the night. Then, when they're out at a restaurant, someone comes to the table and says - "ERIC AND HIS MOM! ON A DATE!" (or something of the sort) and Eric is somewhat embarrassed. But, he gets over it and they go out to see a dirty movie together. Fez gets a new girlfriend, and Jackie is jealous, which makes Jackie and Donna come to the conclusion that Jackie loves Fez.


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    • Eric: Ah man, I'm gonna miss The Eagles because I gotta, I gotta .....I'm busy.
      Donna: Do we have a date tonight?
      Eric: No, I wish. I'm going to a movie. With my mom.
      Hyde: He's got a special night out with mommy.
      Kelso: (not paying attention to the conversation) Hey, maybe he'll get lucky. (long awkward pause before he realizes what they were talking about) And your mom will pay for the movie. God, you people are sick!

    • Leo: But this LIFE is so much better than my life, man. In the game, I've got kids. In real life, my kids bailed on me.
      Hyde: Really? My parents bailed on me, man.
      Leo: Now we've found each other. Hey, will you be my dad?

    • Hyde: Maybe I should get back to work.
      Leo: If you get back to work, you're fired, man!

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