That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 17

Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2001 on FOX

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  • Squaredancing and birthdays.

    It is Kitty's birthday, but no one but Hyde remembers, and he gets her a gift. But, Kitty is really upset when neither Eric or Red remembers. She is really mad, and won't forgive Eric or Red. And neither Eric or Red know why Kitty is in such a bad mood. Then, they discover what day that it is, and they freak out. Donna makes Eric and Red take Kitty squaredancing for her birthday, and she goes too. When Hyde has to drive Caroline home in his new car (the El Camino) he discovers that she is nuts.

    Great episode. 10.0
  • Everyone forgets Kitty's birthday but Hyde.

    I love this episode because Kitty explodes & when she is reading "Chopping Down The Family Tree" So funny. I also like Donna's reactions for them for forgetting Kitty's birthday. Kelso's plan was so stupid! Of course he's going to become Jackie's girlfriend, but that's the funny part. I also love it when Kitty has her psychotic breakdowns when she's like "I don't give a good gosh darn what you eat!" Amazingly funny. Debra Jo Rupp does an amazing job playing as Kitty. She steals the show once again. Oh & when they're square dancing, Red's face was priceless, also Eric's!
  • Kitty has a birthday, though nobody realises it.

    One of the funniest birthdays ever is this one, where Red and Eric forget Kitty’s birthday and have to make up for it by doing the worst thing imaginable: square dancing!

    Kelso’s plot was hilarious, another master plan to get him and Jackie back together biting the dust when his scheme to become her boyfriend by spending more time with her backfires and he instead becomes her girlfriend with the hysterical line “what good is being a girlfriend if you don’t even have your own boobs to play with!”

    This episode goes into more depth, the pure mental state of Caroline, Fez’s girlfriend with the revelation that she chokes herself.

    From Hyde not telling Forman that it was his mum’s birthday because “how would that be funny?” to Kelso settling for pillow fights, this episode is darn-tootin’ fun.
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