That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 17

Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2001 on FOX



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    • Red: Where'd your mother go?
      Eric: To bed. Man, what's wrong with her anyway?
      Red: She's been moody all day. Let me see the TV Guide. (Eric hands him the TV Guide) Let's see, what day is it? Ah, the 13th. You know, it seems to me that I was supposed to do something on the 13th. (he jumps up) Oh, good lord! You forgot your mother's birthday!

    • Kelso: Girlfriends sometimes make out together, right?
      Hyde: Usually right after long, sweaty pillow fights.
      Eric: Yeah, Man, it happens all the time.

    • Kelso: See, I did some reflecting, and I realized that Jackie is the only girl I want to be with.
      Eric: Today?

    • Kitty: You know I love my family. It's just sometimes I just want to get in the car and run them all over.

    • Fez: I was just showing Caroline the back of my new car and my tongue.
      Kelso: Fez, this isn't your car.
      Jackie: Yeah, foreigners can't drive here unless it's a cab.

    • Kelso: Man, what fun is is it being a girlfriend if you dont even have your own boobs to play with?

    • (seeing a square dance)
      Red: It looks like 'Hee Haw' puked in here.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kitty: A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal.

      This was the advertising slogan for Hunt's Manwich sauce, used to make sloppy-joe type sandwiches, and popular in the 70s.

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