That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 4

Laurie and the Professor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 1999 on FOX

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  • Series classic

    I miss the tags that we used to be able to put for episode descriptions as nothing is more fitting for this episode than the term "series classic."

    Without question one of the most memorable episodes of That 70's Show. You won't be quoting this episode, it does not have memorable lines, but that is not what makes an episode great; it is looking at the overall picture. The one storyline for the night was brilliantly done and led to the hilarious results that only 70's could deliver.

    If you are not a fan of this show after watching this, nothing will make you a fan.
  • Eric "owns" Laurie after he catches her making out with a professor who wants to get her back in college.

    This was a heartbreaking episode. I'm just going to blurt it out quickly: Laurie is still the favorite! Eric seriously owned her because he caught her making out with the professor who wanted to get her back at the University of Wisconsin after she flunked out. Eric and Hyde both owned her, and were on their way to telling Red at dinner one night when all six were at dinner. (Red, Kitty, The Professor, Laurie, Eric, Hyde) But the professor ruined it when he blurted out, "I'm in love with your daughter!" to Red. How does Laurie get out of it? She acts like she was taken advantage of by the professor, like she didn't want to make out with him, when she obviously did. Then she busts Eric by saying that he knew but didn't tell Red or Kitty. In the words of Hyde to Eric, "You suck!" And I feel Eric's pain. He had her right within his fingertips, but lost the battle. Laurie was still Red's favorite. Even worse: Laurie would still be stuck at home since she wasn't able to get back into Wisconsin. Meanwhile with Donna, her parents are arguing again, and this time, they are trying to win Donna's side by buying her stuff. Donna likes the things Midge buys her better, but Midge is buying the stuff with Bob's money, so that also upsets Bob. In the end, it isn't settled. Donna just says that they can't fight through her, but they can continue to buy her stuff. Of course, she loves that. *rolls eyes*
  • Disturbing, but yet funny.

    So, this episode was really good.

    It was about -

    A professor from Laurie's old college (Wisconsin University) comes to see the Forman family. He says that he can get Laurie back in to the school after she flunked out. But, Eric discovers that there's more than that going on when he catches the two frenching with each other in the driveway from his mirrors in the car. He and Hyde decide not to tell his parents just yet, and to save it, so he'll have something against Laurie. So, Eric and Hyde have a lot of fun with Laurie and the professor during dinner. In the end, Laurie doesn't get back in to college.

  • The title explains it all...

    This episode was so sick, Laurie banging her professor so she can get back in to college is just low. Eric chickened out after he figured out of course to tell his parents, when the professor blurts it out, Eric ends up the one in trouble. I like how Hyde & Eric reminisce at all the bad things Laurie has done to them, I like the B plot, Donna being in the center of Bob & Midge's fighting, I like Donna's reaction to all of this. While Hyde is having trouble trying to find a place to sleep & sleeping in the basement legend is born.
  • Very disturbing image

    This episode is very revealing, showing that Laurie slept with her professor and still flunked out. Eric waiting a few too many seconds more than he should have to release the information to Red was very funny and also a little disappointing since Eric had the chance to be the "good" one.

    Red's reaction and Kitty's "Next time pull the trigger" approach were both hilarious additions to this episode.

    Hyde moving into the basement room was a pivotal moment in the show since that is where he lives to this day.

    Overall, this episode isn't the best from season 2 but does have some classic scenes.
  • Laurie is a slut, Eric has dirt on her, and Hyde can't find a place to sleep.....

    Hyde decides he can't sleep in the same room with Eric anymore, so he tries various places to sleep throughout this episode. One scene takes place in Red's Den, a rarity in this series.
    Laurie's ex professor shows up. Turns out Laurie was sleeping with him, dirt that Eric waits for the perfect opportunity to use. But he waits too long and Laurie comes out looking like a victim instead of the skank that she is.
    This is the episode when Hyde finds the room in the basement and claims it for his new bedroom.

    There is no 360 in this episode, so only a 9.9.