That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 11

Laurie Moves Out

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1999 on FOX
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Laurie Moves Out
Laurie moves out and Red is pissed off when he finds out she moved in with a guy instead of with a girlfriend like she told him. She then moves back in when the guy goes back to his wife. Jackie suspects Kelso of being unfaithful.

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  • Laurie moves out of the house

    I usually don't like episodes that focus on Laurie because of the fact that Laurie drives me insane but I am surprised to say that this episode turned out than I expected when I first saw this episode a long time ago. Red doesn't like the idea of Laurie moving in an apartment because of the fact that Red considers Laurie a little girl. Red and Eric visiting Laurie's apartment and finding out that Laurie was sleeping with a man was hilarious especially because Eric was cracking up after seeing Laurie sleep with a man. Fez quote "I love cheese" was very funny. It was very funny when Kelso was trying to lie to Jackie and him and Laurie after Laurie left Kelso and Jackie was suspicious about the whole situation. Also, it was nice to see Eric and Laurie nice to each other at least a little and how Eric was kind of sticking up for Laurie... that's probably the only time we actually get to see that. Red's talk to Laurie and Laurie moving back in at the end of the episode was very funny. The ending was very funny when Hyde didn't want to leave his room and then Red comes. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10moreless
  • Red deals with the pain of his little girl moving into an apartment with her 'girlfriend', but gets pissed when her 'friend' is a guy.

    Laurie gets busted and isn't considered the favorite by Red anymore, to my pleasure. But then, Eric feels guilty and starts sticking up for Laurie. Darn. Anyhow, it all starts when Red is upset about his daughter moving out to an apartment with a friend, who she specifically says is a girl - Red arrives soon after she has moved in to deliver a smoke detector. He arrives at the door, only to notice the answerer is a guy. He determines he has the wrong address, but Eric asks for Laurie, and the guy calls Laurie, and Red is fired up. He runs from the situation and neglects Laurie as she is forced back home. Geez. First she has an opportunity to get back in college, and then now she at least moved into an apartment, but messed that up too. She needs to learn how to take responsibility and stop being a wh0re. Anyways, from some sweet talk from Kitty, Red finally gets a little better to Laurie, and she gets to stay home. But they have to try hard to get her room back to Hyde, who moved into it once Laurie left. I think he deserves the room. He's never had a nice room before in his life!moreless

    Haha, I really liked this episode. It was really good, funny, like all of the episodes. Laurie is finally ready to move out of the Forman home. She says she'll be splitting the rent with a 'girl' friend of hers'. But it really turns out to be a BOY friend! Red gets fired up when he discovers this dirty little secret, he's extremely mad at Laurie for lying to him. He gives Laurie the cold shoulder, and it makes Eric actually feel bad for Laurie. He tries to get Red to loosen up.

    This episode was really good. Laurie ends up moving back in. 8.3moreless
  • Laurie gets busted!

    Finally Laurie gets busted by Red & finally she is the one that gets in trouble! Just when you think Laurie is out of Eric's life, she moves back in! I like how Hyde got accustomed to his new room & didn't want to let it go, Laurie''s expression was priceless when Red was at the door, Eric pointed out her expression also! The B plot was really awesome, Jackie suspects Kelso is cheating in which he is! He thought up of the stupidest lie & also when Kelso was trying ti explain himself, it's so obvious he cheated! A great episode.moreless
  • Laurie moves in with a "friend"

    From start to finish, this episode is thoroughly enjoyable and really shows the true humour of Kelso's character with hilarious quotes such as his excuse for Laurie finding his shirtin her room being that it was Eric's and his mother sewed Kelso's name in it.

    Eric's reaction to finding out his sister is living with a boy is priceless ("Hi Daddy") and the end of Laurie's story where she asked to move back in and Kitty knows that her boyfriend kicked her out andLaurie objects to this, saying "he moved back in with his wife".

    Overall, both main plots were hilarous and had brilliant conclusions.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Red and Eric go to visit Laurie at her new apartment, and they bring her a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. While Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937, it was primarily located in the southeast until the '90s when major national expansion began, and there would not have been franchises in Wisconsin during the '70s.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Red: Maybe I have been, uh, kind of a...
      Kitty: A dumb-ass.
      Red: I was going to say 'unreasonable'.
      Kitty: Fine, fine. You're an unreasonable dumb-ass.

    • (after Kelso has denied that anything is going on between him and Laurie)
      Jackie: Fine. I believe you, Michael. But know this: if you're not telling the truth, I will find out. 'Cause I'm smart, and you... aren't.

    • Eric: You know, Dad, it's not like [Laurie]'s hooking... or some other less bad example. I mean, she's just living with a guy, and it is the '70s now, right?
      Red: What are you babbling about?
      Eric: Well, maybe... maybe I just think you're being a little hard on her.
      Red: Well, that's nice Eric. But right now I am too angry to pretend to give a crap about what you think!

    • Kitty: Red, it doesn't matter if people talk. Laurie is still a part of this family, which is why I invited her to dinner tonight.
      Red: Oh, no, no, no, Kitty. I'm not ready for that.
      Kitty: Oh, that's sweet. The way you say that like you have a choice.

    • (Red comes into the kitchen shouting about how the youth of today is a bunch of degenerates then storms out)
      Kitty: Laurie's living with a boy.
      Eric: Yes.
      Kitty: Just... just one boy, right?
      Eric: Yeah, I think so.
      Kitty: Well, now, see? It could've been worse.

    • Kelso: Well, you know, half the time, you act like you want me to get caught.
      Hyde: Kelso, you're my friend. I don't want you to get caught, 'cause if you get caught, then my fun is over. Okay? So I'm just trying to prolong your suffering.
      Kelso: Well, okay, that's a little better.
      Hyde: All right. Friends for life, baby!
      Kelso: Yeah.

    • Donna: So Laurie's definitely moving out? And it's definitely over with her and Kelso?
      Eric: Well, she is moving all the way across town. I mean, she is slutty, but... I mean, she hates to commute, so...

    • Red: I know Kitty, you think that she is all grown up, but there is still a lot that she doesn't know. I mean what if her place doesn't have a deadbolt? Or smoke-detector?
      Kitty: Red, you don't have to baby her, she's twenty!
      Red: You're never too old to burn to death in a fire!

    • Red: What's wrong? Everything's wrong. Damn kids today, they wouldn't know responsibility if it walked up and bit 'em in the ass!

    • Laurie: Oh, hey, Kelso, I almost forgot... found a t-shirt of yours when I was cleaning out my room. (she leaves)
      Hyde: Say, how'd that get there?
      Kelso: That's funny. No... This isn't even mine! Yeah, this must be Eric's shirt.
      Jackie: Your mom sewed your name in it, Michael.
      Kelso: Man, Eric's going to be pissed, huh? Yeah, 'cause, see, I borrowed Eric's shirt 'cause mine wasn't working right. And then my mom must've sewed my name in it.
      Jackie: Hmm, I don't know, Michael...
      Kelso: What, do you think I'm lying? Jackie, if I were lying I'd come up with a lot better lie than that.
      Hyde: Yeah, you'd think so.

  • NOTES (0)


    • (in the circle, Hyde is teaching Kelso how to act innocent)
      Hyde: Let's practice. So, did you fool around with Laurie?
      Kelso: You know I did!
      Hyde: Dumb-ass! No, man! Complete denial. Watergate. Learn.

      Hyde refers to 'Watergate'; this is the name of a Washington hotel that was home to the Democratic National Committee that President Richard M. Nixon had people break in to in order to place and maintain wiretaps. When the news of the scandal broke, President Nixon and many others denied involvement in the break in as well as any knowledge of the wiretaps. Tapes were eventually discovered that revealed the lies of the people involved, and lead to President Nixon's August 9, 1974 resignation. However, for two full years, Nixon had denied everything.

    • Laurie: Well, Mom, if you already knew, then why didn't you tell Dad? Then we wouldn't be in this mess!
      Kitty: Oh, good God! Rosemary had a better baby than me!

      The "Rosemary" that Kitty is referring to is the title character of the book Rosemary's Baby, written by Ira Levinson in 1967 and made into a movie the following year, starring Mia Farrow as Rosemary. In the book and movie, Rosemary is impregnated by a demon; the pregnancy causes her great mental and physical anguish.

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