That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 20

Leaving Home Ain't Easy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 2006 on FOX

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  • One more in the books. This one sets up the finale.

    Bob in a speedo, I'll have nightmares for a month! I believe that this episode did what it was intended to do, it set up the show for the finale.

    Bob convinces Kitty and Red to go to Florida with him. I think a real funny bit for the end bump of the finale would have been Eric returning home, walks in the kitchen through the patio doors and shouts "I'm Home". Looks up and realizes that this is not his family seated around the table. Quick cut to Red and Kitty on the beach in Florida, Kitty looks at Red and says, "I keep thinking we forgot to do something before we left Point Place", fade to black!

    I was glad to see the writers finally had Donna and Randy break up, and Jackie with green hair was wonderful!

    I can honestly say that I will be sad to see the show end. I will miss the cast, the silly jokes, and the basement!
  • I\\\'m gonna miss the show!

    So, definitely not one of the classics. This episode was basically just setting up everything for the season finale next week. Donna\\\'s dad and Mr. & Mrs. Forman are moving to Florida. Donna dumped Randy and wants to go to college. And we don\\\'t really know what\\\'s going to happen with Fez, Jackie, or Hyde. The part with Fez getting back at Jackie was great. She definitely had it coming to her. But unfortunately, it looks like Fez and Jackie will end up together. And I liked Jackie and Hyde so much better!!! Well, as much as I\\\'m going to miss the show, it\\\'s best this was the last season. I don\\\'t think they could have gone another. I\\\'m already getting upset for next week, though :(
  • Fez versus Jackie in war of the pranks!

    This episode is very pivotal, with Red and Kitty deciding to move to Florida with Bob, so they could help with Bob's "stupid bait shop idea" and this plot also affecting Donna and Randy's relationship, which comes to an end. The former is a hilarious plot with Bob finally standing up for himself, if only briefly, and the great back and forth between him and Red when he presents the idea, but the latter was sort of boring, and from the start with Donna's hesitation, it was evident the move in wouldn't work.

    Of course the funniest plot was Fez and Jackie as she pulls pranks on him to get revenge, and Fez dying her hair, and all of it out in the open when he starts listing the million reasons why Jackie is a horrible human being, much to the delight of Hyde, and Fez suddenly going back to the needy self and trying to get her back as the role reversal happens again between the two.

    Overall, this episode has a lot of decisions made, with Red, Kitty, and to a lesser extent Bob leaving Point Place, Donna leaving Randy and going to college, and Fez and Jackie having a blow out that their friendship may never recover from, and on top of that it's also a rollercoaster of laughs.
  • Fez vs Jackie

    in this episode too think that Fez dumps jackie even dought that Fez is in love with Jackie and she plans a big regven on fez and then funnys part of this episode is that jackie wrote on Fez's car saying that Fez has a tiny ______ it's normal size LMAO and Bob is even thinking of leaving point place too and Donna is thinking about her future and Fez gets regven by turning jackie's hair green but she looks kind of sexy hot with green hair and later she breaks Fez's heart and too think red and kitty plan to go to floria with Bob
  • The episode after Fez dumps Jackie.

    It's battle of pranks in the 70's. After Fez rejects Jackie, it is time for some sweet revenge, this episode starts funny but gets quite emotional at the end, anyways the pranks are hilarious, Jackie tags Fez's car, & Fez dyes Jackie's hair green, the sad part was when Fez totally dissed Jackie so Jackie ended up rejecting Fez after he begged for an apology. The B plot was so sad, Kitty & Red moving to Florida! That was upsetting. And the most proudest moment in 70's history, Donnna dumps Randy! Which is amazingly awesome! Great cliffhanger, to a very great episode.
  • perfect

    Bob decides he wants to move to Florida, and Donna does not want to, so she is at a crossroads in her life. She decides to move in with Randy, but in the end, she decides to break up with him, and start the next chapter of her life- college.

    Fez keeps getting pranked by Jackie, and he has had enough, so he puts green dye in her shampoo. He then goes on to say that he thinks she is ugly on the inside, and outside. Will they end up together?!

    Good episode. It was pretty funny, especially Fez being all upset over what Jackie wrote on his car (which wasn't subtle, mind you, but still funny). And the ending was also kind of surprising, in a good way, which made me want to see what was going to happen. Grade for this episode- A+