That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 18

Leo Loves Kitty

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2002 on FOX

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  • Leo falls in love with Kitty when she was nursing Leo back to health at the hospital

    I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "That 70s Show". It would've gotten a 10 but one thing ruined it. The one thing I didn't was Jackie forcing Kelso to quit modeling just because it has always been her dream to model but it was so great to see Kelso stand up to Jackie and not let her control him... way to go Kelso. Kelso being a model was very funny. That's all for that plot, there is really is nothing else to say about to that plot. I loved the plot when Leo falls in love with Kitty after she nurses Leo back to health at the hospital. I laughed absolutely hard in the beginning of the episode when Hyde was teaching Fez how to drive his car and Fez damages Hyde's car and injures Leo (who was taking a nap behind the car and Leo's line after he got injured was hilarious when he said "Man, this world isn't a safe place to take a nap in" (something closer to that). Leo falling in love with Kitty was hilarious. It was also very funny when Red stood up to Leo because Kitty was angry at Red and Red yelled at Leo to make her forgive him. Overall, Kelso/Jackie plot was good but the Leo/Kitty/Red plot just made me laugh so hard. 9/10
  • Leo Loves Kitty

    A solid episode of That 70's Show here. This is when the show was hitting its peak in viewership and a few people would say that this is when the show was in its prime in quality, but nothing tops the first season in my opinion.

    The Leo, Kitty and Red love triangle was interesting and it was good to give those characters a meaningful storyline for a change. And the scenes with Kelso modeling were funny. The cheese guy was a good recurring character as well. Very little to complain about. It was not THAT funny, but this was a good episode.
  • Leo gets a main plot woohoo!

    I liked this episode because Leo finally gets a main plot! He was just a hippie but now he's the main star. I love how Red "put on a show" just to make Kitty happy & in the end he actually meant it because of those damn doctor perverts! Well there was a dark side of this episode, Jackie & Kelso are in trouble so she turns to Todd, Kelso is so immature, he could of just let Jackie talk so she can accept his dream. I bet if he just let her talk, they would be together the whole series. Anyways this episode was amazing.
  • Leo does love Kitty

    Leo - they should have far more about Leo in this show because he is amazing. So so so funny. And the guy who plays him and that whole relationship with Hyde is amazing. I loved it when he gave Hyde the car. But Leo AND Kitty - I was so looking forward to this when I saw it advertised - because Kitty is also amazing. I think they should have had more scenes the two of them together and I'd loved to have seen Leo explain to Kitty why he loved her. Because that would have been great. Red - as always - total legend.
  • Kelso goes back on his plomise to not model undelwear

    There are some very funny moments in this episode, especially from Fez owing Hyde money and Leo being in love with Kitty (even writing a half love poem, half shopping list).

    Kelso's idiocy is once again brought into the episode, getting the modelling contract, causing jealous Jackie some very funny moments, Eric pointing out that in her dream Jackie has a modeling contract and Kelso isn't there and in real life, Kelso has a modelling contract and she sells cheezse (delightful!)

    Overall, this has some very entertaining moments, as do most episodes with Leo in them, and ends with the familiar image of Fez being forced to be naked for one reason or another.
  • A filler episode, just revealing some unknown notions between characters.

    Being that this was the first episode I ever saw, I liked it enough to continue to watch the series. I like the way it brings you back to those times, especially if you're too young to actually have lived backed then. Now, about this episode, it's interesting to see someone open up and show their feelings to someone who obviously doesn't have the same feelings, because you know there's no way it's going to work. I also suspected Fez would run into those cleverly placed boxes behind the car, but I really didn't expect someone to be sleeping in them.
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