That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 2

Let's Spend The Night Together

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2004 on FOX

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  • A good episode

    in this episode Hyde has decide to meet his real father and we learn that his father is black that means that hyde is half back just like Peter Griffin from family guy. And kelso is wait for the birth of his bady and Fez does really funny things in this episode and Hyde thinks that his father thought that Hyde wanted cash from him because he is rich and hyde gets mad but he forgives him and Kelso learns that he is having a baby and it is on it's way and Fez might open a place call mr sexy's pizza
  • Definitely makes up for the first episode of the season.

    This episode definitely made up for the first episode of season 7. Hyde gets to meet his black father which was the best part, Eric freaking out pretending he doesn't have problems with a different race is a great comical scene. I have never seen a black person in That 70's Show until now, a perfect way to introduce a character. Also the whole drama going down in this episode is classic 70's episode. Eric at a rally! Supporting feminism! Then he gets his clothes taken away which was hilarious. Another great highlight of the episode, Kelso's baby is delivered! Amazing!
  • All the knowts are undone from Hyde, as he unvails his father...

    ... who's black? That's right, people! Mr. Hyde (or, Mr. Barnette) is black! That's kinda awsome! Hyde really dosen't have a problem, but Kitty? She's loven to find Hyde's father, but now, she HATES him? Wow. Facinating!

    But, that's not what's up tonight! Eric and blond-haired Donna goes to a feminest carmeal. When Eric and Donna make out, the feminest got him and... he got REALLY naked running!

    And, finally, Kelso's baby. Kelso and Fez wait hystericly for Brooke's child to be born. My favorite is Fez's sexy pizza remark. And the best part was when Fez and Kelso keep talking too each other in the phone. Haha! For me, overall

    Funniest storyline; Kelso's baby
    Dramatic storyline; Hyde's father
    Don't care storyline; the Feminest rally.
  • New parents everywhere!

    Hyde's black father is introduced to the show with hilarious repercussions, with the portrayal of a house in the 70s not being used to black, er, rich people. The plot was very funny and has some terrific moments throughout.

    The feminist rally wasn't as good, but had its moments, as only Eric could blend in with feminists and be shunned by them in the same night.

    Kelso and Fez having their unique friendship while waiting for Brooke to go into labour is very funny, especially when they avoid the cliché of the phone calls turning into Brooke rather than Fez, and the end is hilarious as Kelso's first glimpse into fatherhood is "gross" when hearing of water breaking.

    A great episode, with many pivotal moments for the seventh season.
  • First of all, how the heck on earth is Hyde's fathe black?? That is too hilarious. Second, is Kelso seriously having a baby? Whoa! How's he gonna handle that?

    Jackie and Hyde are sooo cute! They are such a perfect couple. They look wonderful together. They two should have a baby, instead of Kelos and Brooke, pshh! The baby of Hyde and Jackie would be very cute, I am sure. However, I wonder if their baby will be black? Haha! The whole meeting the biological father thing at Forman's living room is pretty cool. I can tell the Formans care about Hyde very much even though he isn't biologically their son. I admire Red and Kitty extra more now! My favourite line from this episode, "I can't believe I'm saying this to someone that's wearing cashmere, but I don't think we can be friends" says Jackie. Gee, she never ceases to amaze me, that little girl!
  • Hyde's dad ain't exactly what they expected.

    When people discovered that Hyde's biological Dad was rich, people were shocked, so finding out he's african american was the icing on the cake, especially in this episode, as the family continues to comment on the fact that he's black with increasingly awkward conversation, but it's Barnett's accusation that Steven wants some cash that offends "them", but they make up in the end.

    Meanwhile, Eric and Donna go to a girls protest rally and decide to hold their own protest behind the bench, but when he ends up leaning on her hair, her uncomfortable replies cause the girls to chase him down and spray paint his naked hide.

    Also, another great Fez and Kelso moment as Fez consistantly teases him by making fake phone calls saying that his baby is born and "really ugly", resulting in a hilarious "are you mad" segment. But finally, Kelso gets the call that Brooke's going into labor; he's a DAD!!!

    Overall, a great and shocking episode.