That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 6

Long Away

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on FOX

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  • THAT' 80S SHOW..eric broke up with donna from africa..WOW..

    ok so this episode wasnt so bad, i liked the jakie and fez pair up and the whole jakie and hyde having a battle of wits with verbel attacks was refreshing(having seen anything like it since season 4[ahh memories]befor they started dating each other),i dont like the idea of donna dating randy but im sure its what is eventually gonna happen,i thought the whole eric breaking up with her was stupid and made no sense and i hope him and kelso do come back at least in the last set of episodes, other then that i thought it was a pretty funny episode, the whole thing with leo being a veteran was great and suprising, but the fact that it was black jazz singers who turned him into a burnout was kinda of racist, but funny, i also love the ending of the show where fez is hiding in the closet(like we've seen so many times)and donna has no problem with it which is hilarious, hopefully the next couple of episodes keep up in making me laugh intill then im,

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    Serg aka tomuchtv

    P.s anyone eles notice that theses set of episodes take place in the 80s, or at least i think so b/c the license plate at the end of each episode is supposed to have the yr the episode took place in just like all of the last seasons but this season it dosent show the yr, and last season they had a thanksgiving episode which means there was a month left till new years(which would be the start of yr 80 b/c last season took place in 79[just as seaon 6 did]), im sure that all the following episodes after that thanksgiving episode including all the episodes for the 8th seaon could not take place in a month, hence this season should be called That' 80s Show(no relation to the That' 80s Show which only lasted 1 season) but that would be lame so i dont care that its called That' 70s Show and takes place in the 80s......
  • This was crazy!

    When I saw this episode, I thought of how weird this was. I have a good feeling that Eric(Grace), will be back next season and they will have to write them back together and how will they explain it? And I bet this season, Fez and Jackie will be together, or something sicker and wronger than Jackie and Hyde being together. "Me and Eric broke up." That is a load of bullplop! You can't write out the most pivital character in the show, still have the series set in his basement, and break him and his girl up! I bet everything I have Grace will be back next season.
  • Poor Donna

    this was a much better episode than the previous ones this season. earlier, fez was totally different and annoying to me. here he actually worked well with jackie as his partner in crime trying to find out if donna and randy were an item. fez was back to his old creepy ways. too bad for donna with eric breaking up with her. i saw it coming though with how he wasn't calling her and (spoiler) the rumor that he may be coming back this season with kelso as well. the back and forth bitchiness between hyde and jackie is an nice step to the good old days. i always liked them better when the didn't like each other. i still can't rap my head around no eric and kelso and the show lacks for it, but this was a nice step in the right direction.
  • Again 70s show does it again. Proves itself that it isn't completely down the drain even though 2 big characters are gone

    This was an interesting episode. It's terrible for Donna that Eric's gone, but she can't be kept thinking about him all season - that would be a disaster as well. Now that Eric's out of the picture, I absolutely do think something will happen between Donna and Randy, which is good because I'm starting to like that new character. The bit with Leo being a veteran was very funny, Leo is surely one of the highlights of this season and is making this season much easier to watch than last. The bit where Fez shows up in Donna's closet was SO predictable but what can you do.. that's Fez, predictably horny.
    I think after this episode, we're into the real meat of the season; a couple episodes ago Kelso was "phased" out, yesterday Eric was also phased out, and I think Hyde's wife may never return (it wouldn't affect anything if she stayed out). So I think we're on to newer ideas in the season at this point - I wonder how it'll turn out. Hopefully more funny than last season, and for pete's sake I hope they'll leave out the boring soap-ish "storyline" business (i.e. Donna & Randy?) until later.
  • 806

    This episode was completely devoid of laughter, so much things went wrong with this episode, I don't even know where to start. Well I guess I can start with, this episode was not at all funny, and it made me ashamed that I'm even a fan of this show. Don't get me wrong. That 70s Show is and always will be my favorite show of all time, but I don't even see this as That 70s Show, I see this as a random "wacky" spin off that's definitely not set in the 70s. 80s, 90s maybe.

    You couldn't tell the difference if you watched this episode. Eric & Donna breaking up over the phone off screen this late in the game was absolutely dreadful. I felt like they just did that so they can make Donna hook up with Randy, the worst thing that has ever happened to this show. Why didn't Donna talk to Hyde? He obviously has helped her before. When her parents split up, when Eric left her at the altar. He wouldn't of just shrugged, he helped her out in the end of this episode.

    Going for advice to someone she barely knew didn't make any sense. Even in the end, when Randy tickled Fez, he was so out of place and awkward, I felt like crying. Remember when Eric taught Charlie to do this? Charlie would have been way better than Randy in every sense. Leo was better as a question mark, it feels strange knowing that Leo was a veteran and once normal. Just a mistake in every sense. An awful episode that wasn't funny and just didn't make sense.
  • It was sad.

    I found that it was getting kind of sad because they were saying that Eric wasn't coming back and it was over between him and Donna. That could mean so many things that some television sitcoms (except for News Radio due to circumstances)has not done. It could mean death of a character or marriage or even somekind of redemption and rekindling of true love.
  • Leo is a war hero

    in this episode the gang thinks that Donna is dating that lose Randy and Fez and Jackie try to get to the down of things and Red gets Leo to be his photographer at a Veterans' Reunion, as Red is now the best veterans or something and wants to show off but Leo steals the spotlight when we that Leo even dought that he is a crazy Hippie he is a War Hero and a Veteran and I think that he got the medlo of honner ir something else and he learn that Eric broke up with Donna whoa this is getting dymaic
  • Eric dumps Donna, yet the laughs keep coming!

    Donna and Eric breaking up six episodes into the eighth season is a little sudden, but I suppose there are plans for Donna to develop a relationship with Randy so as long as the show is still as funny as ever, it's fine with me. While Jackie and Fez poking into Donna and Randy's friendship is a fairly good storyline, Leo as a veteran is ten times as funny, and most of great moments of the episode come out of that plot, with Red actually having respect for what the burnt out hippie used to be, and Leo having a purple heart, and only remembering the war flashback until he got the coffee.

    Overall, this was a pretty good episode, but can't compare to the classic seasons.
  • Both gone?

    It ain't the same when both Eric and Kelso gone, Kelso is the funiest & Eric is the key of the group. I can only hope the new crew could catch up and continue this series that last these long. Hope they could add in more funny character like Kelso.
  • Best one of the New 8th season. Everyone seems to be more at home with the new people now. Even thought we knew that eric would be breaking up with donna so she can have some new stories. Great show that is still going strong .

    Good show I really felt like the old gang was back at it. Jackie and fez were great as allways. An I truely felt bad for donna. I still don't know where I stand on Randy but I think he did good on this.

    Hyde is still probaly the best thing they have going right now and allways has me thinking what is he going to do or say.
  • The show was Extremely sad and left me with a bad feeling about later episodes.

    I am in a state of wonderance about the rest of the season just because of this one episode. It can go so many different ways from here and i hope that eric comes back and makes everything right. I was weary when they called off the wedding but I have never been so weary as I am now this season could Make or Break the show. I sure hope they redeem themselves of this. Hopefully this episode was made to produce this kind of feedback and suspence and they will end the suspence in a good way. Keep watching.