That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 6

Long Away

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on FOX

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  • Again 70s show does it again. Proves itself that it isn't completely down the drain even though 2 big characters are gone

    This was an interesting episode. It's terrible for Donna that Eric's gone, but she can't be kept thinking about him all season - that would be a disaster as well. Now that Eric's out of the picture, I absolutely do think something will happen between Donna and Randy, which is good because I'm starting to like that new character. The bit with Leo being a veteran was very funny, Leo is surely one of the highlights of this season and is making this season much easier to watch than last. The bit where Fez shows up in Donna's closet was SO predictable but what can you do.. that's Fez, predictably horny.
    I think after this episode, we're into the real meat of the season; a couple episodes ago Kelso was "phased" out, yesterday Eric was also phased out, and I think Hyde's wife may never return (it wouldn't affect anything if she stayed out). So I think we're on to newer ideas in the season at this point - I wonder how it'll turn out. Hopefully more funny than last season, and for pete's sake I hope they'll leave out the boring soap-ish "storyline" business (i.e. Donna & Randy?) until later.
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