That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 6

Long Away

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on FOX

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  • THAT' 80S SHOW..eric broke up with donna from africa..WOW..

    ok so this episode wasnt so bad, i liked the jakie and fez pair up and the whole jakie and hyde having a battle of wits with verbel attacks was refreshing(having seen anything like it since season 4[ahh memories]befor they started dating each other),i dont like the idea of donna dating randy but im sure its what is eventually gonna happen,i thought the whole eric breaking up with her was stupid and made no sense and i hope him and kelso do come back at least in the last set of episodes, other then that i thought it was a pretty funny episode, the whole thing with leo being a veteran was great and suprising, but the fact that it was black jazz singers who turned him into a burnout was kinda of racist, but funny, i also love the ending of the show where fez is hiding in the closet(like we've seen so many times)and donna has no problem with it which is hilarious, hopefully the next couple of episodes keep up in making me laugh intill then im,

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    Serg aka tomuchtv

    P.s anyone eles notice that theses set of episodes take place in the 80s, or at least i think so b/c the license plate at the end of each episode is supposed to have the yr the episode took place in just like all of the last seasons but this season it dosent show the yr, and last season they had a thanksgiving episode which means there was a month left till new years(which would be the start of yr 80 b/c last season took place in 79[just as seaon 6 did]), im sure that all the following episodes after that thanksgiving episode including all the episodes for the 8th seaon could not take place in a month, hence this season should be called That' 80s Show(no relation to the That' 80s Show which only lasted 1 season) but that would be lame so i dont care that its called That' 70s Show and takes place in the 80s......