That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 21

Love Of My Life

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, Kitty comes down and tells Donna, Jackie and Hyde that she's prettying up the house so that it'll look good for prospective buyers; she puts down a vase of flowers on the table and Red puts a lamp beside the couch; he comments that if they want the house to look good, they'll have to get rid of all the clutter, and orders the kids to leave. Donna comments that she's waiting for Fez to come back from the airport with his best friend from home. Jackie sarcastically says that they really need another brown-skinned weirdo around. Donna informs her that Fez has been really down since Jackie turned him down; Jackie's still upset about Fez's comments to her about being ugly. She leaves, and Hyde reads Donna a letter that he got from WB: it's a form letter, telling him that he's out of a job as of Friday, as Grooves has been sold. Fez comes in with his friend, Andrew Davis; Donna and Hyde are both surprised to see a white boy with a British accent. He tells Donna that he knows who she is: she's the frigid woman who stomped on Fez's heart. Donna informs him that she's not Jackie, she's Donna; Andrew tells her that she's beautiful. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Fez dances towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, Andrew tells Donna and Hyde that he's had enough talking and he's brought them a gift from back home... In the Forman basement, in the circle, Andrew tells them to be careful, as a little goes a long way. Hyde laughs and says that a lot goes a long way too; Donna comments that the spider on the ceiling goes a long way as well, and Fez warns Andrew that spiders here don't have much meat on them. Andrew comments that it's exciting to be in the US, and it's really true what they say: the streets really are paved! Hyde tells them that his pulse is racing and his palms are sweaty... he may have over-done it. He looks around the circle and sees Andrew (Hyde in Andrew's clothes), who tells him to breathe and relax; Fez (Hyde in Fez's clothes) who agrees with Andrew and says things will be fine in a minute; and Donna (Hyde in Donna's clothes) who suggests that he switch to beer, then asks if she should change her hair? Hyde tells them that he's okay, they're the ones who aren't okay, but then realizes that they're him, so if they're not okay, then he's not okay. In the Forman kitchen, Kitty tells Red that the house is ready, and the prospective buyers will be there soon; she is heading off to work, and wants to know if Red is okay to show the house on his own. Red comments that he once showed a Japanese soldier the inside of his own stomach, so he should be fine to show the house. In the Forman living room, Red points out the rooms of the house while standing at the front door; the couple asks to see the rooms, and Red asks if his word isn't good enough for them? The husband asks if there's a bathroom upstairs, and Red tells him no, they just whiz off the roof. In the Forman kitchen, Red brings a second couple in and points out the fridge and stove, which are still under warranty; the wife asks if this is the kitchen, and Red tells her no, it's a petting zoo; he points out an imaginary goat, and an imaginary pony ride, then points at her and says that she's the dumb ass. In the Forman garage, Red shows a third couple the work bench that he built, telling them that there's lots of room for tools. The husband comments that he was thinking of turning it into a yoga studio; Red tells him that he was thinking of turning his ass into a foot studio. [Scene change: Donna jumps in the air, Jackie dances.] In the Pinciotti kitchen, Donna and Bob are packing; there's a knock at the door, and when Donna answers, Randy is standing there. He tells her that Bob invited him over; Bob tells Donna that talking things over might help her relationship with Randy, even though it didn't do anything for his relationship with Midge, although the sleeping with strangers probably didn't help any. He leaves, and Randy tells Donna that he just wanted a chance to tell her, in his own words, how he feels about her... so he's made her a mixed tape. Donna takes the tape and reads the front of it: "Grandma's last words." She looks at Randy, and he explains that he taped over that, since you really couldn't hear anything over the respirator anyway. [Scene change: Red walks across the screen, Kitty sits in the background and dances.] In the Forman kitchen, Kitty comes home and asks Red how the house-viewing went; he tells her that she should ask all the dumb asses who viewed the house. She suggests that maybe she should show the house from now on, and that Red shouldn't be there for it; he agrees. At Grooves, Hyde tells Leo that his trip last night in the basement was really bad; Leo asks if Hyde bought him a souvenir? Hyde says that it was so bad, he's going to quit the circle, and this calls for a celebration. Hyde stands there, looking blank for a moment, and then admits that he doesn't know what to do to celebrate. Elsewhere in the store, Fez tells Andrew that he never should have turned Jackie down; Andrew suggests that Fez come home, and Fez agrees that it's a good idea. [Scene change: Kitty waves up at the camera.] In the Forman living room, Kitty prepares the house for a viewing; the doorbell rings, and Kitty answers it. It's the prospective buyer, and we get the house tour from the point of view of the buyer. Kitty says that she's excited, and shows the living room, where she's had such wonderful times... before the kids moved so far away. She then goes to... The Forman kitchen, where Kitty points out the table where Eric used to do his homework and Laurie used to do her nails, then comments that they'll never sit there again as a family. She realizes she's getting depressing, so she moves to the... The Forman dining room, where she comments that they'd have all their special dinners there, and she always thought that she'd be serving dinners to her grand kids there. Kitty is starting to tear up, and so moves on to... The Forman den, where Kitty points out the marks on the doorway, where they'd mark the kids' heights. She tearfully comments that "you'll just paint over it" then calls the prospective buyer an unfeeling bastard, and says that she has one more thing to show... the front door, which she slams on the buyer. [Scene change: Jackie jumps in the air, Fez lounges behind her.] In the Forman basement, Jackie comes down; Hyde's there, painting a model car. He tells her that he's got a lot of spare time now that he's quit the circle; Jackie asks if he's high, and he tells her that he doesn't need that any more. He stands up and says he's going out for a jog, and that if she sees Mrs. Forman, to tell her that he'll make salad for dinner. He leaves; Andrew comes downstairs and says that he's there to get some things for Fez before he leaves for home. Jackie is shocked to hear that he's leaving; Andrew informs her that Fez is leaving because she broke his heart, and if he could take back five words, it would be when he told her that she's ugly on the inside and on the outside, because he doesn't want to live his life knowing that he hurt the woman that he loves. Andrew then tells Jackie that she broke Fez's heart and she disgusts him, then asks her if she wants to make out. [Scene change: Jackie shakes her finger at the camera, Donna jumps in the air.] In the Pinciotti kitchen, Randy and Donna finish listening to the mixed tape, which is just ending with You Don't Bring Me Flowers (by Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond, 1978); Donna tells Randy that they both need to move on with their lives. Randy tells her that she's making a mistake, and that he's the best thing she'll ever have. Donna stares at him; Randy asks if they can be friends, and she says yes. He leaves. At Grooves, Donna, Leo and Fez are waiting for Hyde; he comes in and they all confront him, telling him that they're his friends and they're worried about him. Leo says that they need to talk; Donna says that he's changed since quitting the circle, and she's heard something about him eating a vegetable; Fez points out that Hyde's eyes are clear and his shirt is clean... Fez barely recognizes him. Leo informs Hyde that he has a problem with drugs; Hyde claims that he doesn't, and he can start any time he wants. Donna suggests that he start now, but Hyde tells them that the last time he did it, he freaked out. Leo says that it's not the drugs, it's Hyde's life that's changing... his friends are leaving, and the store is closing. Fez agrees, and says that Hyde's life is crap. Hyde realizes that he's just been using sobriety as a crutch, and asks for help. Leo gives him a baggie and a lighter; Hyde tells them that he loves them, and they have a group hug. [Scene change: Red's face in a close up shot, Kitty dances in the background.] In the Forman kitchen, Kitty tells Red that the people who viewed the house didn't want to buy it, but she doesn't know why. Red says it's okay, because the yoga-guy made an offer on the house, and Red accepted it, so in a month's time, they'll be in Florida. Kitty is sad, and says that they'll never see their friends or family again; Red tells her that when she puts it that way... they should leave today! At Grooves, WB comes in and tells Hyde that he bought a Corvette; Hyde says that WB could have just sent a form letter to tell him that. WB says that he wanted to come and talk to Hyde personally to tell him that he's giving him the store; Hyde is now the owner of the last Grooves Record Store. Hyde is shocked; WB suggests that Hyde might want to change the name to fit in better in the community... and comes up with the names "Rhythmless" and "Snap At The Wrong Time" as possibilities. Hyde comments that it just goes to show, if you sit on your ass long enough, good stuff will happen to you. At Grooves, in the back room, in the circle, Hyde comments that this is good stuff. Leo tells Hyde that he's missed him; WB says that if this is how Hyde runs the store, he's going to be dropping by a lot more often. [Scene change: Leo and Hyde both peer into the camera.] In the Forman basement, Jackie comes in and finds Fez there; she tells him she's glad that she found him and that he hasn't left yet; she lets him know that Andrew told her what Fez said about his feelings for Jackie; Fez tells her that it's too late, and nothing that she can say will change his mind. Jackie tells him, "I want to be your girlfriend," and Fez immediately says that he'll stay, but warns her that he doesn't want to be just her rebound, and that he needs to know that she won't dump him if someone better comes along. Jackie promises this, and apologizes for taking so long to realize how she really felt about him. They hug. [Scene change: Donna and Jackie do The Bump.] On the Forman back porch, Donna tells Fez and Jackie that she's sorry that she won't be around to see them together, because she predicts that their relationship will be a disaster. Fez jokingly tells her that she always says that she's leaving, but she never does, and Donna assures them that she's really going to go to college this time. Just then, Kitty comes out of the kitchen and excitedly tells them that Eric just called and he's coming home; Hyde looks at Donna and says, "You're not going anywhere." [End credits: In the Forman basement, Hyde and Donna sit with Fez and Andrew; Hyde asks Andrew to tell them something that they've all wondered for years... where is Fez from? Andrew says it depends if you ask the British or the Dutch. Hyde asks what the British would say, and Andrew informs him that the British wouldn't answer at all; Donna asks what the Dutch would say, and Fez tells them that no one can understand what the Dutch are saying.]
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