That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 21

Love Of My Life

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • the best show. 6 kids in the later life of the 70\'s. started in 98, and endeding 06. funny and impact the show was. eric, donna, jackie, fez, kelso, hyde, where the kids, but including the parents, kitty, red, bob, and leo. a 70s version of the wonder ye

    first off, the best damn show just ended!!! like the series, funny, and more funny. this was the first show to make me tear since the wonder years, and that is the second best damn show. the start was good, with them getting ready for the new year or decade. having randy stoping in was nice finishing touch. red and kitty staying in point place was cool. funny when hyde tried to be straight, glad he went back to the circle. fez friend was nice twist, all most thinking we would know were he lived. having fez and jackie be together is a good finish for them, and i know alot were pulling for jackie and hyde again. kelso showing up, it wouldnt be the show with out him. the shock for a second was eric coming in, when all outlets didnt say anything about him on it. the best screen was in the circle, with hyde talking about the car the runns on water, never forget that on. then of coure the count down, to the 80\\\'s. i taped it, and watched. after it ended i was so close to tear, and the impact of it was like saying goodbye to friends from school. i like thank the all people who work on the show. i didnt give the best review, but the best dawn show didnt need it.!
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