That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 21

Love Of My Life

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2006 on FOX

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  • wierd,funny, and where the hell is fez from

    ok episode 8:21 love of my life-
    i thought fezs friend(from his country) coming to vist was funny(i like the actor who played him justin long from dodgball, waiting),with his help jackie and fez finally got together(although his attempt to makeout with jackie was funny),still dont know where fez is from but that dosent upset me(thaaat much),
    hydes bad trip(where he takes the role of everyone eles in the circle)was super funny and kinda wierd to see him as fez and donna especially, and the whole intervention to get him back in the circle(b/c he quit the circle)was also funny, hyde was way too productive while he quit but he finally joined the circle again and had one with leo and his dad,
    the whole kitty/red moving to florida was good too,when kitty showed the house it was awsome to see what we had been looking through all these years(the audiance and tv viewers), also very emotional
    about randy and donna, well im like most fans, i dont really like randy but he was ok, i think i like him more as just a friend of the gang, not donnas bf and it was good that she didnt take him back,the show ending with the gang not believing donna was gonna finally move(b/c shes said this befor)and her saying that she was and nothing was gonna stop her and kitty running out to say that eric called and hes coming home was a great ending and a great way to lead us in to the series finale