That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 27

Love, Wisconsin Style

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2002 on FOX

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  • Season 4 Finale

    One of the best and most memorable finales of all time. First time watching this, I nearly broke down in tears and I'm sure many of the other viewers felt the same way. The writers have been holding Eric & Donna's relationship over our heads all season, and now things are coming to a close as the season ends.

    Donna has been dating Casey Kelso for months now, but now he is starting to cause some problems for Donna resulting in her drinking in the middle of the day, skipping school, and disrespecting her parents. Her friends and family try to get her in control only to end Casey & Donna's relationship.

    You can't help but feel bad for Donna really, she was up on her high horse, not letting her family break up her relationship with Casey. Then he just ends up breaking up with her. Don't get me wrong though, this episode wasn't all drama. It also managed to be absolutely hilarious.

    To everyone listening in on the door and being so involved in each other's personal lives to Kelso's reaction to even the though of marrying Jackie, this was a very funny episode. Eric rejecting Donna would have to be one of the most saddest scenes on this show. As Donna's life continues to fall apart, she decides to run off to California with none other than Kelso?

    Getting these two together for a road trip was very smart considering these two both have something to run away from. We've got quite a few cliffhangers that could hold us over in the season break. Just a very satisfying perfect finale. One of That 70s Show's best.
  • Kelso and Donna run away together (though not the way that sounds)

    This episode isn't as good as the second or third season finale but it's well plotted in both storyline and humour, with memorable moments such as Casey breaking up with Donna because it was causing too much hassle, Kitty's belief that bad people should be ugly or scarred and Bob's lenient parenting aswell as little things like stinky fish and Kelso deciding which chick to kiss.

    Kelso's decision to run at the first mention of marriage is a bit exaggerated of what he would usually do, but is a great reaction all the same, though it does end the Jackie-Kelso relationship which is the funniest of the lot.

    Overall, this episode is a great end to the fourth season, which had its ups and downs but all in all is pretty entertaining.
  • Run away! Run away! Run Away and save your life Kelso!

    Casey breaks up with Donna after dragging her down with bad habits and disobediance. When she goes running back to Eric, he turns her down because he does not want to be second best. As a result, she runs away to California to be with her mom.

    Kelso gets back together with Jackie, but she wants the ultimate commitment, and ends up tricking him into proposing to her. As a result, he gets freaked out and decides to run away with Donna to California to escape the impending nuptuals and the horrid last name of Burkhart-Kelso.

    Also, Fex and Hyde steal dead fish and plant it in Kelso's van.

    Overall, a great episode that left TWO big cliffhangers with Eric trying to get together with Donna at the end and Jackie trying to marry Kelso only for them both to take off on them, leaving the shows two big relationships in quandry.
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