That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 3

Magic Bus

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2003 on FOX

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    It's Eric's 18th birthday, I guess the past 5 seasons have been one year? Since the first season was his 17th birthday? The continuity is laughable but I still love this episode. A setting stone in Donna & Eric's relationship. Donna gets ready to leave for college since in the last episode, he decided to stay to help his family. Eric manages to ruin his last day with Donna by throwing a toaster. Out of all of Eric & Donna's fights this would have to be the stupidest, but if you look in to the reason they were fighting. You see a double meeting, Eric only created that mess, because he was sad that she was leaving. Which is an awesome plot. Eric doesn't know whether to tell Donna to stay and there are many references to "Casablanca." I also enjoyed the premise of Eric's 18 birthday. Donna with the cupcake. One of the best Eric & Donna scenes ever. Donna is about to leave, and Eric doesn't stop her. She is about to get on the bus, and she doesn't. Another amazing Eric/Donna scene. Jackie & Hyde enjoy being together again, and Hyde's nickname surfaces around the group: "Pudding Pop." Kitty & Red getting ready to have sex since his heart attack while Eric thought they were planning a surprise party was a nice touch to this great episode. A classic episode that is one of my favorites of season 6.
  • Happy Birthday Dumbass!

    While this episode is funny, it goes against the episode Eric’s Birthday where he can’t stand surprise parties and being babied, and for his 18th, I don’t think that he’d change his mind.

    That said, the episode is still entertaining, with scenes like Eric in a dress, the gang’s gifts, Red and Kitty’s night and Eric’s Casablanca fantasy. Overall, this episode is pretty good with turning points like Eric becoming an adult and Donna staying behind, but it seems out of character for Eric who doesn’t like parties and wants to be cool, though it is funny, which is the main thing to look for in a comedy.
  • A pivotal episode. Donna is meant to be heading off the College, but she doesnt end up going. And everyone forgets Eric's 18th birthday (except for Donna).

    Its the day of Eric's 18th bday, he is expecting a surprise party, but no one has planned one (there is a flashback to his 19th bday which shows that its probably a good thing his mum didnt plan one!!) The reason that Kitty hasnt planned anything is that enough time has passed since Red's heart attack so she has planned a 'dirty night in' with red... she tells eric "for the first time since he's heart attack your father and i are having intercourse" - so funny!! red is unsure - "you know i love what we do, but am i willing to die for it"... but they end up doing it and apparently it went well.
    The episode has a casablanca theme (fez sings :)) as donna is meant to be leaving and eric tries to be good about it (like humphrey bogart) but he stuffs it up like normal. As donna is about to leave she gives eric a cupcake for his bday (and he wishes for her to stay). He drops her off at the bus, but makes an effort and doesnt tell her that he wants her to stay, but she stays anyway!! yay!!
  • This is a great show, i watch it when i can, and love it. i wish they wouldn't cancel the show, but all good things must come to an end.

    from the beginning, the show was good. They tried to start that's 80's show.. which ruined this show for me. i eventually came back to it, and watch it often. I love the episode "Join Together" in season 6, which shows Mila Kunis (Jackie) stripping. Probably one of the best episodes ever.
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