That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on FOX

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  • What could have been a great plot felt rushed.

    The writers must not have put any effort into this episode, seeing as they only had ten minutes to write it. While it is a great concept, they way it was presented couldn't have been any worse. I waiting for something interesting to happen, yet nothing did. Everything that was said, particularly by Kelso and Fez, was a horrible attempt at humor. All of these events seemed to happen one after another with absolutely no segue. Almost every other episode in Season 8 was quite mediocre, but at least there was some thought put into them and they weren't thrown together at the last minute.
  • 804

    Like someone else said on here, this episode felt way too rushed, I would have to say, this was one of the "better" episodes of season eight though, considering I found myself laughing more than I usually do while watching a season eight episode. Ashton Kutcher managed to hold up this episode with his presence, but the whole episode just felt like the writers trying write out Ashton Kutcher's character as soon as possible. The concept was good, but I felt like there should have been a follow up episode or something of that manner, with Kelso getting ready to leave, saying his goodbye's to everyone. His send off just seemed way too rushed.

    Donna continues to be extremely annoying, it's as though she has nothing better to do than sit around waiting around for Eric to call her, how old is she, 21, 22? Why is she still living at home with her father? I thought after Eric left, she would embark on new things. Not hang around with Jackie all day doing absolutely nothing.

    As for the proposal, it was a good cold opening and it was a nice fit in with the Forman's 25th anniversary, but then Jackie said no, and Kelso got a job with Bruce Willis' ridiculous character, which by the way didn't help this episode at all. Funny in some places, but just a rushed mess as a whole.
  • kelso leaves point place

    in this episode it starts off with Kelso asking jackie we she marry him but it begans a few days ago and we learn that Red and Kitty had been married for 25 years and then Donna gets upset that Eric had not call her yet and Kelso is thinking off marrying jackie and he meets the boss of a playboy club and the boss is played by none other than Bruce Willis and then later on at the foremens party and too think that even dought they love each other Kelso and Jackie decide not to get married and Kelso leaves point places greats thats 2 characters that left the show
  • Kelso bids farwell to the gang.

    This episode is a hilarious farewell to Kelso, but with he and Eric gone, I don't know how the show is going to remain as entertaining as ever. With Kelso finally not screwing something up, but Fez doing it for him by telling Jackie is a hilarious plot, and the twists and turns of the proposal are great, and Kelso getting a security guard job in Chicago to be closer to his daughter is obviously the best way to write his character off the show.

    Red and Kitty's anniversary is also fantastic as it ties all the plots together, and Red's romantic idea to rent a cheap motel before the party was great. As for the long distance relationship between Eric and Donna, problems in communication arising this quickly can't be good, but the start of this wasn't that interesting in this episode in comparison to Kelso leaving and Red and Kitty's 25th year of marriage.

    Overall, the episode is a fantastic way to end Kelso's character on the show, by referring to his relationship with Jackie, that was always my favourite of the show, all the stupid things he's done over the years, the final circle with him, and of course one last burn.
  • Kelso's final episode

    The final episode of Kelso's awesomeness, as he proposes to Jackie out on a whim and gets every guys dream job of working security at the Playboy Mansion. Usually this would be an emotional episode, but Kelso makes it uplifting for everyone with his final Burn to Fez.

    And it looks like the producers were starting to head in a direction to split up Jackie and Hyde, shame, cause they were a cute couple.

    Bruce Willis appears as the hilarious playboy rep who offers Kelso the job, totally not something you'd expect from Sin City's Hartigan.

    So long you beautiful moron, you will be missed.
  • A good episode!

    As the twenty fifth anniversary party of the Forman is coming, Kelso remembers that he was not as happy as them since he was going out with Jackie, later on he decides that he should propose her to marry him, and Fez accidentally tells Jackie and Donna about this, which makes Donna tried to convince Jackie as Kelso is a total idiot, later Kelso comes saying that he got a job into a hot dance club in Chicago and is glad that he did not tell Jackie anything, Fez tells him he did, and now Kelso must marry her now or may have not another chance so he still decides to do it, when he does it, Jackie realizes what it will be and says no, and both of them are happy. At the end they believe that Kelso is finally gone, but later returns saying that he was not leaving until tomorrow, this was a cool episode! One of the few that actually make me laugh!
  • Misfire

    I choose to put this as a Series classic because it's Ashton Kutcher's (Kelso) last episode. Plus, it was a very funny episode. Kelso will be missed. Hopefully he will be in the series finally along with Topher Grace (Eric). If both of them arnt in the finale it will be a bad way to end a great show.
  • Well, it's Ashton Kutcher's last episode on the show. A character well appreciated. I just wonder what it's going to be like without Ashton, because I've already dealt with Topher being gone for the past four episodes. But, oh well. Hopefully it will get

    Kelso has left the building. And Randy has entered the building and has failed to make me laugh. He's not a very good addition to the show. They should have just left no one new coming to the show. But enough with negativity. This is a very good last episode for Ashton Kutcher. It makes me sad that we won't be seeing the faces of Eric and Kelso. Hopefully it will get better. But, in the words of Freddie Mercury, "Sometimes it seems like lately - I just don't know. Better sit back and go with the flow."
  • Kelso is now gone...but the show lives on.

    How funny this show was. Even though Kelso is no longer on the show, and this was his last apperance, that is ok, because the show will live on...atleast for this season.

    Now that Eric is just a prop on the phone, and Michael has left the show must now reliy on the others to make the show what it was and still is...a silly comedy.

    My personal feelings is that this show was a really good show and a good tribute to the Kelso. With Kelso being Kelso, asking Jackie to marry him and she saying no and then being happy about it, was just so great.

    This show hopefully will continue its line of great shows.

    "Quote Nevermore"

    this was a big one, it was kelsolast eisode, yea i know it sucks,although i didnt think the bruce willis character was that funny(vic)i think this was a pretty good episode, at the end of the show the guys have there last circle with kelso befor he moves to chicago(to be security at a strip club)he says his goodbyes and tells the gang he loves them, and leaves whil the rest are sitting there very upset that he was gone(fez even starts to cry),kelso comes back and says im not leaving till tomorrow, BUUURRN!!!, this was the funniest parts to me, well i hope next weeks episode will be good(seeing as how the show will be lacking both eric and kelso(grace and kutcher)for th first time), its gonna suck w/o them both but im gonna still tune in good faith that it will be funny.....

    until then ur best That' 70s Show fan,
    serg aka tomuchtv
  • Not Bad.

    This is Kelso's last show. It was sort of bitter sweet. He was gonna ask Jackie to marry him and Fez told her while Kelso changed his mind. Towards the end Kelso finally popped the question and was happy that Jackie turned him down. Kitty and Red celebrated their 25th anniversary. Donna feels like Eric is ignoring her. All in all it was an average episode.