That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 12

Misty Mountain Hop (a.k.a. Jackie's Cabin)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2003 on FOX

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  • awesomeness

    In this episode after Jackie's parents aren't home she needs help clean out her cabin and she lies to Hyde about going to a doll expo and then Hyde plans to get drunk with Kelso and Fez but they run into then and Eric and Donna trie to get to the cabin and they get lost they wish they had a gps and Red bustes then for having a supply of weed and it was funny Kelso geting his hand in the vase. and it was kelso that gets bust and i love it when Fez said that will teach you to sell me out you Son of a Bi#ch
  • Ah! It's Donna's butt!

    I love this episode because I loved how everything fit together. And it reminded me of Season 2 in which Hyde says the pot is his to help Jackie, now Jackie did the same for Hyde. Which was really nice. I also like how Donna & Eric never get there & they argue on the way while Donna is reading Jackie's stupid directions. Kelso & Fez were amazing in this episode too, cause the whole "Kelso selling Fez out" gag was hilarious. My favorite part is when they walk in on Donna & Eric having sex on the kitchen table. Then they were scrubbing it with bleach & lighter fluid. Amazing!
  • What would we do without Kelso?

    This episode is hilarious with such memorable scenes such as Kelso’s hand stuck in the vase, Kelso unnecessarily blaming Fez for knowing about “Hyde’s” stash and Hyde’s apology involving the doll expo line. And who could forget the ending with Eric and Donna on the kitchen table and everyone walking in.

    All the plots were terrific and blended together perfectly in one of the highlight episodes of season five. Red was, as usual, a terrific character in complaining about Jackie and insulting Kelso and Fez. The recurring window joke was hilarious, especially at the end, and Jackie calling Kitty a drunk dealing with her menopause is yet another classic 70’s moment. Overall, this episode is one of the best this season and undoubtedly entertaining.
  • A "classic case" all around.

    When Jackie and the Forman's head up to her Dad's cabin to move out all the stuff, she lies to Hyde and tells him that she's going to a doll expo, but she assumes that he "knows what she really means".

    Fez, Hyde and Kelso decide to head up to the cabin and have a party. When Kelso discovers the "place that can eat his hand" for his hidden stash, the Forman's pull up and Kelso desperately attempts to hide the stash in a vase, only to discover that he can't remove his hand.

    The other story sees Eric and Donna driving in a seperate car towards the cabin (and experimenting with a few carnal pleasures along the way) but end up getting lost and have to rely on Jackie's "expert" directions to get them there, and they argue along the way.

    Kelso finally gets his hand out of the vase, but not without alerting the Forman's to his stash. After trying to pin the blame on everyone, Jackie takes the rap, but Kelso is Kelso so he gets pointed out anyway due to his own, well, Kelsoness.

    The end with Eric and Donna doing it on the Forman's table and the expression on everyone's face is classic and really helps make the show.