That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 26

Moon Over Point Place (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 22, 2000 on FOX

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  • a dynamic episode

    in this episode it contain dynamic parts and events first eric see donna in the year book mooning and Fez gets mad that he is not in the yearbook that is messed up and for some reason Jackie is in love with hyde and jackie begans to annoy hyde. then everything turn out fine and i forgot why but eric took off his pants and everyone saw his naked butt but they blocked. then Jackie got some weed for Hyde and the cop came and reseted Hyde and Jackie though it was noveled and fall more in love with Hyde and the ending had everyone shaking their groove thing it was funny
  • Jackie officially falls for Hyde and tries to prove she isn't the goodie-goodie cheerleader Hyde thinks she is, and the 1977 P.P.H.S. yearbook comes out.

    The new Point Place High School yearbook has come out and Jackie is excited that she looks cuter than ever! But then she gets mad when she finds out that someone was mooning the camera in a picture of her cheerleading. Turns out, it was Donna's butt! Hyde, Kelso, and Fez think it's cool, but Eric doesn't want his girlfriend's butt in the yearbook. It's not that hard for other people to recognize, and soon, the whole school knows and will like to stare at Donna's ass! But Donna's point is that Eric should be happy that he has a great girlfriend, so great, that she's willing to show her ass off in public! I kind of agree with Eric, kind of agree with Donna here. Great that she's not a boring girlfriend, but I wouldn't want my girlfriend showing her ass to other guys. Just me! Meanwhile, Jackie has fallen big for Hyde, who refuses to like Jackie back. Jackie's desperate now, and she doesn't care if anybody makes fun of her for loving Hyde. She purchases a bag of marijuana and gets caught with it on the bad streets of Point Place with Hyde and a police officer starts to take her away when Hyde does one of the most romantic things in the series. He says the bag was his, even if he does go to jail. That's where the season ends, with Hyde making his first of how many trips to jail he would make in his lifetime. (Although he did go to jail in the Stolen Car episode with the other guys)
  • I like to show it, AND I LIKE TO SHAKE IT!!

    When Jackie brings the school's yearbook to the basement, it is revealed that Donna mooned the entire school during a pep rally. Fez is upset that there are no pictures of him at all in the school yearbook. So, Fez is convinced that the white man is out to get him, and he is upset about all of it. Kelso helps him get over it. Jackie is in love with Hyde, and she tries to convince him that she is cool, so she buys marijuana, but when she is caught holding them, Hyde takes the blame and is arrested for possession of drugs.

    What a great episode! It was so good! Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake your BOOTY! YEEEEAHHHH. That was funny. This was a really good season finale.
  • Donna moons the school!

    I like this episode because finally Donna actually did something really cool. She mooned in the yearbook and how Eric gets all jealous and stuff. If I was sad, if i was Hyde I'd slap Jackie for being so obnoxious and annoying. She bought the drugs from her maid or something like that. And then Hyde got the guts to cover for Jackie and I really want friends like that and why is Hyde acting so nice to Jackie just to give clues for her that he likes her I mean its pretty crazy. Also on the episode "Jackie Bags Hyde" he leaves a big clue.
  • A brilliant end to season 2

    All the plots in this episode were hilarious with Fez not being in the yearbook and assuming that the white man is keeping him down, Donna mooning for a class picture with a classic response from Eric and then a hilariously different response at the end of the episode.

    Hyde complaining about Jackie in the Circle, later revealing that Jackie is in the circle yet seems unphased about it was a great plot and the cliffhanger at the end was brilliant with a sub-catchphrase done by Red, his main one obviously being Dumbass.

    Overall, each of these plots are brilliant and comedic in their own way and was a great way to finish the season.
  • Great episode, stronger finale than the last season.

    We first see the roots of the Hyde/Jackie relationship planted when Hyde takes the rap for Jackie's stash and gets put in the slammer, which ends with Red finding out over the telephone.

    Fez is upset about not being in the yearbook, and starts playing the race card, until he sees half his face in a picture, and ends up costing Kelso 20 bucks.

    And Eric is all bent out of shape over Donna mooning the camera in one of the photos, which pushes Donna into calling him a prude, but he proves her wrong by mooning her outside in the driveway... as both of their parents are watching!!!

    Great episode overall, with a solid cliffhanger when Hyde gets busted, but as I said, the first true cliffhanger comes hext season.
  • Totally loved it!

    The reason I loved this episode is once again because of Hyde! I just can't get enough of his love/hate relationship with Jackie! You can really see in these early episodes that he likes Jackie. If he didn't why would he take the blame for her bag of pot? Especially if it meant going to jail!

    It is so sweet! I really love it! It is a really special episode because it is the beginning of many more hot moments between the 2 of them!