That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 7

Mother's Little Helper

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2004 on FOX
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Mother's Little Helper
When a hot girl tells Fez she wants to date him, he is delighted. He later finds out the girl was supposed to date Kelso, but blew him off. After Kelso begs, Fez agrees to help him regain his lost mojo. Donna and Jackie learn that play-fighting is an art. And Kitty tries to get Red to be more adventurous in their sex life.moreless

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  • Lindsay Lohan guest stars.

    Kelso has seemed to lost his mojo when Danielle, a new girl rejects Kelso for Fez, which by the way Lindsay Lohan did a great job, how she liked Fez more for once, yeah great acting, which I think she meant it since they were dating at the time. And Kelso just tries to get advice & back stabs Fez but at the end Danielle picked him! The funny part is in which Kitty & Red try to make their sex life adventurous, hilarious how Eric can't eat anything. Favorite plot in which Jackie & Donna always end up fighting, hilarious!moreless
  • Girl fights and fights over girls, can't go wrong.

    Fez and Kelso's plot is certainly the funniest in the episode, with so many great twists, with Fez stealing a girl from Kelso, Kelso asking him for girl advice, and Danielle switching between the two.

    Kitty making Red read the Joy of Sex was pretty funny, though the spicing up their sex life has been done before, but the end is great with the sexy Marco Polo.

    Donna and Jackie not being able to play fight is hilarious, as it continues throughout the episode, neither wanting to drop the fight.

    Overall, the episode is hilarious and a great example of what a 70s show episode contains.moreless
  • Fez meets a girl who he begins dating, while she is dating Kelso.

    This episode was hilarious. Lindsay Lohan even gave a great performance in this episode. It is one of my favorites of the seventh season. Unfortunately, the love between Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama did not last. They were a good couple though. This episode was a series classic. I loved Kelso's stupidity in this episode. This episode was so fun to follow and entertaining to watch. This is another perfect installment to this amazing comical series. I love this show so much. I am addicted to it. This episode is a fine example and it is the reason I watch this show.moreless

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    • Donna: [Danielle] chose Fez because he listens when a woman talks instead of staring at her chest.
      (Kelso stares at Donna's chest)
      Donna: Stop staring at my chest!

    • Kelso: I was supposed to meet this girl Danielle after her haircut, and she never showed.
      Eric: Danielle!
      Fez: Danielle?
      Hyde: Okay, wait a second. First a girl fight and now this? I vote "Best Day Ever."

    • Eric: So, Mom, in the interest of returning regular meal service to my now shattered life, I'm here to help. So, uh, just tell me the problem beneath the dirty, gross problem.
      Kitty: Honey, there is none. I just want your father and me to have more adventurous sexual intercourse.
      Eric: Well, this is one of those times I'm kinda happy my stomach's empty. Um, look, instead of calling it uh, sexual inter-ah...ahem. Instead of calling it that, why don't we call it, like, a walk in the park?
      Kitty: Fine. I want your father and I to have more adventurous walks in the park. I want to walk in the park in the kitchen. Walk in the park on a Tuesday! Ahaha! I even want to walk in the park in the park!

    • Bob: Hey ya, Red. Eric told me you and Kitty are having a little trouble in the old hee-hoo department.
      Red (to Eric): You told Bob? Are you out of your puny mind?
      Eric: Look, you have to work this stuff out with Mom. She hasn't fed us in three days. Dad, I can't afford not to eat. Yesterday I ate a raisin of the floor. I'm not even sure if it was really a raisin.

    • Kelso: All right, Fez, stand up so I can kick your ass! How dare you steal a girl out from under me!
      Fez: First of all, I can do whatever I want. Second of all, when I stole her, she was not under you, she was under moi.

    • Fez: I was just shampooing this foxy girl Danielle, and the next thing I know, we're making out in the shampoo closet.
      Hyde: Wait a second, you're trying to tell me that you were shampooing a girl and she got so horny, she had to make out with you in the shampoo closet? That doesn't sound real, man. That sounds like a mad lib.
      Eric: Yeah, are you sure you weren't just kissing a mop? Cause, man, I've seen you do that.

    • Red: The Joy of Sex. What a load of crap!
      Hyde: That book is for perverts, Red. You should give it to me so I could sell it to Fez.
      Kitty: Red, the book is mine. I put it in the garage so you would find it.
      Red: Uh oh! I'm late for work!
      Kitty: No, no, no. I am serious. It's high-time you and I put some zip back in the bedroom.
      Eric: Ewwwww!

    • Kelso (to Fez): Alright, so I spent the whole day thinking about what happened with Danielle. And I realized that I shouldn't be mad at you. I should be asking you for help.
      Hyde: Holy crap, man. Now you're asking Fez for girl advice? Next thing you know Donna's gonna be asking Forman how to throw a ball!

    • Kelso: How can I lose a girl to you? You don't even speak English!
      Fez: Well, look on the bright side. Danielle likes someone other than you.
      Kelso: Why is that the bright side?
      Fez: It's because buuuuuuurn!

    • Donna: Boys wanna playfight because they want to secretly touch each other.

    • Kelso: She's clearly a lunatic, which means she gonna be super hot in bed, so congratulations on that.

    • Kitty: Oh here's a fun idea. OK, instead of throwing away our old dish towels, we can use them as blindfolds and play a sexy bedroom version of Marco Polo! Hahaha!

    • Danielle: I choose Fez.
      Fez: What are you, stupid?... I mean good choice.

    • Fez: Hey, get off! That's my lady!
      Danielle: Fez...
      Fez: You shut your hot little mouth!

    • Eric: Wow, this is, like, the slowest burn ever.
      Hyde: This is how burns were in the 18th century, before electricity.

    • (while fighting on the couch)
      Jackie: Get off of me, bigfoot!
      Donna: Let go of my hair or I'll pound your tiny ass!
      (Hyde pulls Donna off Jackie)
      Eric: Spoil sport.
      Hyde: Hey, yours was gonna kill mine.

    • Kelso: Say I had to catch my own food, right? But, I only ate really fast animals... My feet would eventually evolve into rockets.
      Hyde: Man, it's amazing your brain doesn't evolve into pudding.

    • Kelso: You guys, I might have lost my mojo!
      Fez: And I got it. I got your mojo... which reminds me, I also got your yo-yo's so...

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    • For the first half of the episode, Kelso is wearing a green t-shirt that says, "JIMMY WON!" and has a "76" surrounded by stars on it. This is a reference to Jimmy Carter (1924 - ), who was the 39th President of the United States, winning the election against incumbent Gerald Ford in 1976.