That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 16

My Fairy King

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on FOX

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    Were the That 70s Show writers stoned when they wrote this episode? Honestly, what are these people on? So they expect us to believe the ridiculous notion of the possibility of Jackie & Fez ending up together? I mean, I'm going to be honest, in the past, the writers did hint at the relationship. But now, this late in the game, it's just out of the blue and there really was no good development for this story arc. Maybe then, I'd be happy with it.

    The things I did like about the episode was the sendoff of the mistake of a character: Sam. The fact that these 2 split up made the Jackie & Hyde split up seem just as pointless and contrived. We got a really nice moment between Red & Hyde though that really salvaged the entire episode.

    I think this is the episode that set the rest of the season in it's place, what with Red retiring, Sam leaving, Randy & Donna, and Jackie liking Fez. This was still pretty weak though, since when does Fez get girls? Have the writers completely forgotten this quality of his?
  • Divorce, retirement and love is in the air.

    This was the first episode of the eighth season that I saw on television, so I was very confused, given that there were three characters I'd never seen before, Donna's boyfriend, Hyde's wife and Fez's girlfriend, but the episode was still entertaining, though I did notice a dip in the quality that comes with dropping the funniest character and the main character.

    Jackie going on to the next guy in their gang definitely shows a pattern, and with Fez constantly hitting on her, she'll probably eventually say yes. The beauty and the beast fantasy is pretty funny, as is Jackie's slow reaction to figuring out who her list pointed to. As for Red retiring and Hyde divorcing the wife I didn't know he had, the plots are both funny and also have pivotal moments, as Red stops working, Hyde becomes single, Fez has a girlfriend and Jackie gets a crush on Fez. The show may not be as good as always but the ideas haven't run out yet.
  • Hyde and Samantha's marriage hits a major complication. Red's muffler shop is threatened by a new chain store moving to town. And Jackie may just be developing feelings for Fez.

    Finally, some direction!
    This season has been floundering, but now as we approach the finale, the writers are starting to point everyone towards a conclusion, and that means this episode contains three big events.
    First, Hyde and Samantha: since it looks like Hyde and Jackie are not getting back together, I wouldn't have minded if these two were able to reconcile their differences. But I didn't really expect them to do so. Anyway, the resolution fit well with Hyde's personality.
    Second, Red: this was the high point of the episode. Red decides to retire. We get some great funny Red moments and a really warm moment between Kitty and Red after he sells his business to the chain store for big bucks ("You fought in two wars, you've been working hard your whole life, you deserve this.")
    Third, Fez and Jackie: I'm not sure what I think of this. This would be the third main character Jackie would date in the series, so I'm not sure if I like that. I also don't know if I like when two characters are put together just for the finale (because there isn't time for the show to convince us that these two can really work). One the other hand, they would be an all right couple and I do want the characters to have a happy ending. At least this is more interesting than Donna & Randy.
    Since, this episode ran as part of an hour-long block, I'd like to give away some of what happens in the next episode.
    The Jackie-Fez plot was made to feel very contrived. First, Fez's girlfriend leaves him with no forshadowing whatsoever (it really made no since, and felt like the writers didn't even try). Also, when Jackie is about to share her feelings with Fez, he announces he's going to quit looking for a meaningful relationship and just play the field. Why does he want to do that? Why, to make sure he and Jackie don't get together until the end of course! I'm still interested, but I just hate this sort of "will they, won't they?" crap, because it's all been done a thousand times before.
    Oh, and finally, both of these episodes were pretty funny, and had alot of good chuckles if nothing else. They both were above average for this season (although still not as good as the first 5 seasons).
  • Very Good Episode

    This episode was very well written. Red retires from the Muffler shop when a larger autoparts store comes into town and threatens to shut him down.They give him lots of money to retire and Hyde finds out he has a husband in law and he says goodbye to Sam.Jackie makes a list of qualities she would like in a man and discovers the man she wants is Fez! Very good episode.
  • Great episode!

    This episode was really cool because Hyde finally finds out that his "wife" is married to another man that is actually a total old and loser man that is shut up by Samantha every time that she wants to, which causes Hyde to doubt about Sam if she really loves him or it was just another trick from him in order for her to have more fun. When Hyde tries to make it out from luck it doesn't turns out, so he makes a really tough decision and in the end both of them become good friends. Also, Red gets in trouble after Muffler I don't remember what installs themselves on the street and Red tries to make it through in order to win them, but in the end the Muffler helps him in order to finally get retired and with that finally quit from work after two wars. While, Jackie makes out a list of the perfect man and coincidentially it turns out to be Fez, when she tries to deny it, she discovers that every single of her perfect man list Fez has them and she, at the end of the episode, finally discovers that she is in love with Fez, but he is currently with another woman. This episode was really, really cool!
  • A wife and two husbands!!!

    Hide learns that his wife was already married to someone before they got married and does not know what to do. After doping some deep thinking he realizes that it would be best if Sam and himself go there separate ways. Red finds out that there is a new Muffler Master opening up in Point Place, so he figures that his business is dead, but Kitty insists that they have a huge sale. After a day of disappointment, and anger Red goes to the Muffler Master head office and gives them a piece of his mind. Surprisingly they give him lots of money for his store and so red takes the money and decides to retire. Finally, Jackie leans that her ideal man is Fez and can’t come to terms with this discovery.
  • finally some heart.

    I wasn't particularly into the Hyde and Samantha break up- afterall, she was a bit of a filler character and I don't think anyone thought she'd be a permanent fixture- it would have been more surprising if it worked out.

    Now, the aspect of this episode that thrilled me was Red's retirement. "That 70's Show" has been a mish-mosh of senseless plot twists recently but this one actually belonged and was really affective. You kind of felt his desperation when he found out he'd be run out of business by the autoparts chain. I remembered his struggle to get the job at 'pricemart' and then finally the muffler store and that he was just making ends meet. Him getting the money and being able to retire and the warm scenes it created between him and Kitty and Hyde... it really put the meaning back in the show. After a significant run, and getting to know and love the Formans, no one wants to worry about their wellbeing. It was terrific seeing that as the era ends, Red and Kitty will be living the rest of their lives happy and easy.

    (It's sad getting a bit attached to fictional characters but they remind me of my parents)
  • Not only does Hyde find out that his wife is already married to another older man but Jackie finds out that her dream man is no one other than Fez.

    The moment when Hyde's stripper's first husband (whom she is still married to although she is also married to Hyde) was a hint at how good this episode was going to be. Not only is she already married but according to Hyde to a Grandpa.

    Than the moment I've personally been waiting for a very long time; Jackie admits she has a thing for Fez. At first she was sure she only liked him because he was taken (when his girlfriend takes off to become a nun). After Fez is free Jackie still isn't sure how to tell him that she likes him.