That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 23

My Wife

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 16, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman kitchen, Hyde comes in and tells Eric that they've planned a bachelor party for him tonight and they're going to a strip club. Eric says that he doesn't want to do that, but then Donna tells him that it's ok with her, so he changes his mind and excitedly agrees to go. Kitty comes in and asks Donna if she's having a bachelorette party; Donna says that no one has planned one for her, so Kitty offers to do it. [Scene change: Eric and Donna dancing.] (Black screen) Eric is blindfolded, and Donna tells him that she has a surprise for him. She removes the blindfold, and he sees a trailer-home. Donna tells him that they're going to live there; she's signed a lease already. She's very excited about this, but Eric doesn't seem quite so excited. The rest of the gang is with them, and Jackie tells Donna that the place is great, but then turns to Hyde and tells him that she'll dump him if he ever gets her a trailer. Hyde thinks this is good to know, in case he ever needs an exit strategy. The gang goes into the trailer, and it's very cramped with all of them in there. Eric, sounding confused, tells Donna that he thought she wanted to leave town; she tells him that that was before, and now she just wants to settle down. Eric tries to talk to her, but there's nowhere to go with everyone in the trailer; Fez complicates matters by announcing that he has to go to the bathroom. He pushes through the rest of the gang, and when he gets to the tiny bathroom and pulls the curtain across, it isn't big enough to cover the doorway. Then he announces that he can't go with all of them there, and they'll have to sing. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Donna on a swing.] At the trailer, Eric is shocked to find out that Donna doesn't want to leave town since it's all she's ever talked about, but Donna reiterates that she's changed. Hyde points out that if she ever does want to travel, all they have to do is get in their 'house' and drive away. The rest of the gang runs off when they hear the ice cream truck, leaving Eric and Donna alone at last. As they stand there, they see an angry husband pounding on the door of the trailer next to theirs, and then, as he goes into the trailer, Casey Kelso comes out through the window. Donna and Eric are surprised to see him; Donna tells him that she's engaged to Eric; Casey offers some advice to Eric: don't answer the phone when you're with a married lady. [Scene change: Eric and Hyde's faces in boxes as Kelso walks by.] In the Forman basement, Hyde and Kelso are duct taping a beer stein to Eric's hand so that he'll still have the ability to drink even after he's lost the ability to drink. Jackie comes downstairs and tells Hyde that she took all the one dollar bills out of his wallet so he won't be able to tip the strippers. Donna comes in and tells Eric that she got full-time work at the radio station; Eric asks how she'll manage college if she's working full-time and she says that she'll just quit since she's only going to college to get a job like the one that she's already got. Kelso tells them that it's time for them to leave for the strip bar. [Scene change: Jackie on a swing, Donna dancing.] In the Forman kitchen, Kitty, Donna and Jackie sit, tying up little bags of almonds in net bags. Jackie complains that this is a bad party, but Kitty asks if they don't make the almond bags, who will? In the Forman livingroom, Kitty comes out and tells Red that he and Bob will have to make the almond bags, because she, Donna and Jackie are going out. When he tries to object, she bullies him into doing it. On the way out the door, she tells Donna that now that she's getting married, she'll teach her how to do that. At the strip bar, the guys are drinking beer and toasting Eric, who isn't with them. Eric shows up, but the beer stein isn't taped to his hand any more. He's worried about Donna, thinking that without him, she'd be half-way around the world by now. He decides that he can't let her stay or else she'll miss out on all the great things she wants to do, and it will be all his fault. Hyde tells him not to analyse things, and Kelso points out that there are strippers on stage. At the strip bar, Kitty, Donna and Jackie walk in and take seats in front of the stage. They start cheering as the announcer introduces the first two strippers, and then comes out himself - it's Casey Kelso. Jackie and Donna are shocked, but Kitty is even more excited by this turn of events. [Scene change: Eric doing push-ups.] At the strip bar, Eric is still worried about Donna, and reiterating his worries to a stripper who is dancing in front of him. She tells him that she makes her living on tips, so he gives her some money. Hyde comes over and tells him to stop depressing all the strippers; Fez adds that Eric is ruining the romance. In the Forman kitchen, Bob and Red sit at the table, trying to tie up the net bags of almonds. Red says that this isn't man's work; Bob points out that Red talks a big game, now that Kitty is gone. Red tells Bob that when Kitty's angry with him, she gives him the silent treatment, and he has to look at the bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup at breakfast in order to see someone smile. At the strip bar, Donna is talking to Casey, telling him that he's not humiliating himself by being announcer, because it's not like he's taking his clothes off. Casey tells her that he's surprised that she's still in Point Place, but she tells him that this is what she wants now. A few drinks later, Donna is singing Born Free [Matt Munro, 1966], then begins talking about how small Point Place is. Casey tells her that it's not so bad. Donna asks him if he's happy here, and he tells her yes, and by the time that she has a few kids, he's sure that she'll have a bigger trailer. At the stage-side seats, Kitty is very drunk and having a great time, while Jackie hides her face in embarrassment. [Scene change: a shot from below as Hyde, Fez and Kelso walk across the screen.] In the Forman livingroom, Eric sits alone. Red comes in and asks why he's home so early. Eric tells him that Donna wants to stay in Point Place. Red tells him to go with Donna's instincts, because Eric is always wrong. Red then adds, "A man can only rise to the level of the woman that he's with." Just then, the front door opens and Kitty practically falls into the house; she's saved from doing so by Casey, who is holding her up; she's obviously very drunk. He tells Red that he drove Kitty home, and Kitty tells him that she saw a naked man's butt. [Scene change: Eric jumping.] In Eric's bedroom, he is in bed, dreaming: it's his and Donna's 5th wedding anniversary, and Eric walks into the trailer and gives Donna flowers, wishing her a Happy Anniversary. Donna tells him that she's leaving him because she's unhappy with her life. He tells her that he thought that this was what she wanted, but she tell shim that she has just been trying to please him, but she had forgotten about herself, and she can't do it any more. Eric wakes up with a start; Casey comes into his bedroom and tells Eric that Red told him to sleep in there, but Eric shouldn't worry because as soon as everyone's asleep, he'll head over to Laurie's room. [End credits: In the Forman kitchen, Red is eating breakfast and trying to make conversation with Kitty, but she's giving him the silent treatment. The bowl of almonds that Red didn't bag is still on the table; she takes them and slams them down on the counter. Red turns the bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup towards himself and smiles.]