That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 20

No Quarter (a.k.a. Jackie Moves In)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2003 on FOX
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No Quarter (a.k.a. Jackie Moves In)
The Pinciottis learn very quickly that living with Jackie is going to be difficult. Kelso swipes Jackie's panties to taunt Hyde, who has his revenge when Kelso gets a job at the hotel kitchen where Hyde works. Eric receives notice that he must return Donna's engagement ring if he can't make a payment by Friday. His visits to the jewelry store reveal that there's bad blood between Fez and Fenton, the jewelry guy.moreless

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    GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT episode! It was really funny. Jackie moves in with Donna, Bob, and Joanne, but she proves to be a giant handful. Jackie can not fall asleep without listening to music, loud music. She likes it when the bed shakes because of the loud stereo. The Mamma Mia! Song was played as loud as possible and Jackie refused to turn it down or turn it off. She says Donna will just have to deal with it, no matter how much she hates the loud, loud music. Then, Eric tells Donna he can't afford her engagement ring, and it has to be returned. So, Jackie, in order to repay Donna for letting her stay in her room, uses her money to buy the ring for Donna.

    Eric discovers that Fez and Fenton have met before, and they aren't exactly friends.

  • Possibly one of the best episodes of the season!

    Well since my favorite character is Jackie on the show & she gets a main plot, I love this episode! And I like how Eric fits in to everything. Jackie does something nice for a change. My favorite part is when Jackie & Donna are about to go to sleep, then Jackie turns on ABBA, Mama Mia! Then Donna's like what the hell. That was so random & funny. I like how Jackie did something nice after putting quotes in Donna's diary lol. But it just doesn't seem like Jackie, so that's why I labeled "out of character" Also I also like the part when Donna needs to give her wedding ring back & pretends to give it to him. An amazing episode.moreless
  • Jackie does something nice!!!

    Hyde and Kelso competing in a job/panty burning (insult not fire) argument is a hilarious plot as is Jackie living with Donna and changing everything aswell as reading a diary here and there.

    Jackie actually reaching out to another human beings (albeit with a cheque rather than from her heart) was a pretty good ending to the episode, which had quite a few funny moments such as the tension between Fenton and Fez and Donna refusing to give up her engagement ring. Once again, 70s Show pulls off a successful and entertaining episode with laughs from all the plots and characters.moreless
  • Amusing and Fluffy...exactly what it should be

    Nothing overly dramatic here. Jackie's paying for Donna's engagement ring was really sweet. Eric's response that when people want to be nice they should just be nice everyday seems a bit antagonistic since she just made Donna very happy. The "Jackie's panties" gag was funny at first but at the end it was insane for Kelso to have yet another pair.

    I totally love that when Kelso says something about Jackie to bother Hyde, Hyde punches him but then they move on without resentment on either side.

    This is a great examply of the show being fun and getting through drama by making it laughable.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • (from under Donna's bed, Fez meows)
      Donna: Fez, the cat's outside.

      The Pinciottis have a cat; they have replaced Mr. Bonkers, whom Eric killed in the season 2 episode Kiss of Death.

    • When Donna and Jackie go to bed, Jackie turns on the music extremely loud and tells Donna it helps her sleep, and Donna seems surprised by this. However, in the episode Your Time Is Gonna Come, Donna and Jackie have a sleepover, so Donna should already know this.

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Mamma Mia (1975) by ABBA;
      Danny's Song (1975) by Anne Murray.

    • Kelso: Yeah, if I'm going to be a cop, I've got to quit modeling. I mean, I can't have the perps looking at pictures of me half-naked.

      Kelso began his modeling career in the season 4 episode Leo Loves Kitty, and his first assignment was modeling underwear.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Kelso: How's it going with that hotel chick that was all over you asking for butter?
      Roy: I had this idea to surprise her with flowers, but when I did, she started screaming and hitting me. I guess the lesson is, don't hide in someone's shower.
      Kelso: I don't know what's wrong with chicks, man. If I came home and some strange girl was in my shower, that would be the greatest day of my life!

    • Fez: I'm too much of a man to say. But it involved a half-off sale, a crowded parking lot, and a pair of pants that made my ass look like an oil painting.

    • (after learning that Jackie has paid for the ring)
      Kitty: Well, gosh, Jackie, how very sweet and... uncharacteristic of you.

    • Red: You want to borrow our shower?
      Donna: Jackie used up all our hot water bathing her dolls.
      Joanne: Normally, I'd rather hose off in the driveway then ask [Red] for a favor, but I'm afraid Bob will want to act out some car wash fantasy.
      Bob: You got me there!

    • Eric: It occurs to me that possession is 9/10ths of the law.
      Red: Keep up with the smart mouth, and my foot'll be 9/10ths of the way up your ass.

    • Red (to Eric): Why do you have money? What did you do - mug a girl scout? (laughs)

    • Jackie: Look... Donna, I read in your diary that you think I'm kinda hard to live with.

    • Donna: Jackie read my diary, Mrs. Forman! And she even wrote little comments inside! Yeah, like, "Oh, this could never happen," and "Donna, that guy was whistling at me not you."

    • Fez: I love being around jewelry. I'm like a kid in a candy store. Except when I'm in a candy store, then I'm like a bull in a china shop. Which is why I can never go into a china shop. Unless they also sell candy.

    • Roy: Oh, Steven, meet our new kitchen assistant.
      Hyde: You hired Kelso? Do you know how many fires he's started?
      Kelso: Three electrical, two chemical and one that even surprised me.

    • Hyde: So, Roy, how was your weekend?
      Roy: Pretty good. I think I might have met a woman. And not like the last time, where I just picked a name out of the phone book.

    • Hyde: You know, Forman, one day you should write a book: "Things My Father Threatened to Put in My Ass." "Chapter One: His Foot." I'd buy that.

    • Bob: Here you go. One general issue military cot, slightly used from my days in the National Guard.
      Red: Well, it's good to know the National Guard was getting a good night's sleep while I was in the Pacific dodging bullets and wiping my ass with coral.
      Bob: I wouldn't say it was a good night's sleep. These things aren't that comfortable.

    • Kitty: Donna, you're so sweet for letting Jackie live here with you while her mom is... you know...
      Donna: Whoring around Mexico?
      Kitty: Donna, that is not fair. I think she left Mexico.

  • NOTES (1)