That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 23

Nobody's Fault But Mine (2) (a.k.a. Hyde Loves Jackie)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman kitchen, Kitty comes in, Red asks how she is and she complains about menopause and Eric leaving. He tells her that he's come up with a plan to fix the "Eric situation"; he's going to make Eric and Donna get married next week at their graduation. Kitty doesn't see the point; Red tells her that making them get married so soon will make them see that they're not ready and don't want to get married; he then adds that no one wants to get married, then hastily adds, "Except me to you, I'd do that all over again!" Jackie comes in looking for Hyde, and tells them that he thinks she cheated on him. She's upset and hugs Red, who looks over at Kitty and asks "When did this happen?" adding that the kids used to be afraid of him. Jackie leaves; Kitty is still upset about Eric and says that even if he and Donna get married, he'll be leaving anyway, and her nest will be empty. Just then, Laurie walks in the back door and announces that she's come home; Red turns to Kitty and tells her that they have to start locking the back door. At the hotel, Kelso walks down the hallway and stops to eat some room service food that's in the hall outside a room; the room of the door opens up and Kelso hides around the corner but watches as Hyde comes out of the room, kisses the sexy nurse and leaves. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Donna jumps towards the camera, Kelso jumps in the air.] In Donna's bedroom, Kelso comes in and asks Donna for advice, saying that someone he knows cheated on someone else he knows; she thinks he means Eric and gets upset, so Kelso tells her that it's Hyde who cheated on Jackie. Donna is shocked; Kelso wants to tell Jackie and then console her, which he hopes will then turn into topless making out. Donna tells him that the right thing to do is to tell Hyde that he knows and give Hyde a chance to tell Jackie himself; Kelso is upset that the right thing and the topless thing are never the same thing. [Scene change: Eric slides across the screen, Donna boogies across behind him.] In the Forman kitchen, Red and Kitty come in and ask Eric how the wedding plans are coming along, and tell them that since they're already throwing a graduation party for them, they want it to be the wedding too. Donna points out that that's in one week. Red asks if the lovebirds have chickened out, telling them that then they'd just be love chickens; he and Kitty laugh. Eric tells them that he and Donna want to get married, and Donna agrees. Kitty says that Donna can wear her old wedding dress; she and Red leave. Laurie offers to help, but Eric says no because the last time she "helped" him, he ended up in the dryer with a pillowcase full of bees. She admits she's been cruel, but now wants to correct her past mistakes. At the DMV, Mitch is in line for a new license, but Fez tells him that he'll get nothing. Mitch apologizes for sitting on Fez's spice rack in wood shop class; Fez doesn't accept the apology and says his kitchen is a mess, with spices everywhere. Mitch tells Fez that he's getting hysterical like a woman; Fez tells Mitch to leave. Mitch offers to make it worth Fez's while if he gives him the license, saying he's the editor of the school paper and he'll print a headline saying "Foreign Kid Actually Cool." Fez tears up Mitch's form, closes his window and walks away. [Scene change: Hyde jumps towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, Kelso comes in and tells Hyde that he saw him kissing a nurse in the hotel; Hyde doesn't deny it. Hyde explains that he cheated on Jackie because she cheated on him with Kelso, then adds that he should kick Kelso's butt for that. Kelso repeats the story about Fez's erotic dream, but Hyde still doesn't believe him. Kelso offers to prove it by having Fez confirm the story; the two of them go out to find Fez. [Scene change: Kelso jumps up towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, Eric tells Donna that he thinks Red is trying to scare them out of getting married and have them call the wedding off, so they should get married just to spite Red and teach him a lesson. Donna sarcastically tells him that getting married out of spite is every little girl's dream. She tells Eric that if he's having second thoughts or isn't ready, he should tell her now. He tells her that he's not ready, and Donna is relieved; she admits that she's not ready to get married either. They both agree that they're not ready... and each says that the other is so hot right now... they start making out. [Scene change: Donna dances towards the camera, Eric walks across the screen.] At The Hub, Mitch comes in; Fez tells him that he'll never get a license. Mitch makes fun of the way that Fez speaks, telling him he sounds like Mushmouth from Fat Albert. Kelso and Hyde come in; Kelso wants Fez to tell Hyde about the sexy dream that he had, but Fez pretends that he doesn't know what Kelso is talking about, pointing out to him that Mitch is there. Kelso doesn't care and insists that Fez tell Hyde, threatening to give him a purple nurple if he doesn't, so Fez tells Hyde about the dream as Mitch listens. Kelso then tells Hyde that he was freaked out by the dream and that he and Jackie were just talking. Hyde realizes that he cheated on Jackie for nothing; Kelso leaves. Jackie comes in and starts to tell Hyde that nothing happened between her and Kelso and that everything's fine. Hyde tells her that they need to talk; they go outside. Mitch tells Fez that he'd love to stay, but he has to go too, to tell everyone at school about Fez's dream. In Hyde's car, Jackie is still explaining that nothing happened between her and Kelso; Hyde stops her and admits that he was really mad last night, and there was this nurse at the hotel... He tells Jackie that he's really sorry and promises that it will never happen again. She's extremely upset, and points out that that's exactly what Kelso used to say all the time. Jackie tells Hyde that it's over and leaves. [Scene change: Eric falls away from the camera, Donna jumps towards the camera.] In the Forman kitchen, Kitty shows Donna her wedding dress while Red, Bob and Eric watch; she holds it up to Donna, but it's much too short for her. Red, Bob and Kitty leave; Laurie tells Eric that she's been trying to think of ways to help, but Eric still doesn't want her help. She explains that being jobless and friendless in Chicago really changed her and she's realized that she was taking the people who love her for granted. She tells Eric and Donna that if they really love each other and Red is making them miserable, they should just leave town. Eric admits that it sounds like a good idea; Donna asks if Laurie's crying, and Eric checks to see if it's a real tear. It is, and he hugs Laurie, saying "I have a sister!" [Scene change: Eric and Laurie jump up towards the camera.] In the Forman basement, Eric comes in with Mitch; Mitch tells Fez that he wants to end the feud, or else he could spread Fez's dream around the school. Fez says he's so macho, no one would believe that he had that kind of dream; Kelso jumps up and suggests that Fez accept the truce, so Fez does. Mitch gives him a newspaper as a peace offering, then calls him a moron and runs out. Fez looks at the paper; it's tomorrow's school paper and has a front-page picture of Fez kissing Kelso by the lake. Eric asks why he was doing that, and Fez explains that they had caught a fish, and he was happy, adding that he kissed the fish too, but they didn't have a picture of that. In Donna's bedroom, Donna holds the phone out and tells Jackie that it's Hyde, for her. Jackie won't talk to him and just hangs up the phone. Donna tries to talk to Jackie, saying that it was all just a misunderstanding; Jackie agrees, but says that after Kelso, she promised herself that she'd never put up with that again. Donna points out that Hyde is good for Jackie; Jackie agrees again, and says that she still loves him. She hugs Donna and cries. In the Forman basement, Kelso smirks at Hyde and says that Jackie's single now; he tells Hyde that he knows Hyde only thought that Kelso wanted Jackie because she was with him, but now she's not with him and Kelso still wants her, and he's going to go after her. Hyde says, "Whatever," and Kelso says that's what he's depending on, that while he's going after Jackie, Hyde will just be saying 'whatever.' In the Forman kitchen, Eric and Donna tell Red and Kitty that they're not ready to get married; Red and Kitty fake being surprised until Eric tells them that he and Donna are going to move to Madison right after graduation. Kitty is shocked, but Eric says that they'll all be happier that way. Kitty sarcastically tells Red that his plan was just great and now her baby's leaving. Laurie points out that she's still there, and Kitty flatly says, "Yeah, well, that's nice." In Donna's bedroom, Hyde comes in to apologize to Jackie again but she's still not willing to forgive him; she tells him that she's heard it all before and that he should just leave. Hyde says, "Whatever," and stands to leave, but then tells her that he loves her. Jackie says that she doesn't love him and leaves. [End credits: At the DMV, Fez gives Mitch his driver's license, motorcycle license, boat and forklift licenses and a free DMV pen. Mitch gives Fez the negatives of him and Kelso grabbing each other's butts, makes fun of Fez's speaking and then leaves.]