That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 23

Nobody's Fault But Mine (2) (a.k.a. Hyde Loves Jackie)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This episode features the only scene transition in the whole series with Laurie in it.

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (1975) by B.J. Thomas;
      Afternoon Delight (1976) by Starland Vocal Band;
      War (1970) by Edwin Starr.

    • (to Kelso, about Jackie)
      Hyde: You backed off? You constantly hit on her, you bought her presents all the time, you shot me with a BB gun...

      Kelso bought Jackie a birthday present (a pink fuzzy sweater) in Whole Lotta Love, and shot Hyde with a BB gun in Black Dog.

  • Quotes

    • (Kelso saw Hyde kissing a nurse)
      Kelso: I want to do the right thing, right? So I'm thinking that I'll just tell Jackie, and then she'll feel really bad, and I'll console her and presto! We'll be making out, topless!
      Donna: No, Kelso! The thing to do is tell Hyde that you know, and then give him a chance to tell Jackie.
      Kelso: I knew you'd say that! You know, just once, I want the right thing and the topless thing to be the same thing!

    • Laurie: Eric, if you need any help dealing with Mom and Dad, I'm here for you
      Eric: Yeah, no thanks. Last time I trusted you, I wound up in the dryer with a pillowcase full of bees.
      Laurie: I know, and I am so sorry, I have been cruel to you, Eric. You too, Donna, but it wasn't as obvious, 'cause I mostly said stuff behind your back.
      Donna: Right back at you.

    • Red: Well, how are you this morning?
      Kitty: Well, my baby boy is still engaged, my hot flashes are back so I feel like I'm standing in a pool of burning lava. They don't make a pill for menopause, so I took a Flintstone vitamin. And when you take a pill shaped like Barney Rubble, it's pretty obvious the frickin' thing ain't gonna work!

    • Red: (to Kitty) I mean, hell, nobody wants to be married. (she gives him a look) Except me to you, I'd do that all over again!

    • Fez: Ah, this is tomorrow's school paper. Oh my god, on the front page, there's a picture of me kissing Kelso by the lake.
      Eric: Fez, why are you kissing Kelso by the lake?
      Fez: We caught a fish, I was excited. I kissed the fish too, but, of course, they don't show you that.

    • Fez: You wouldn't.
      Mitch: Blue Bludent? What? Move your lips, Mush-mouth!

    • Kelso: Fine, Shotgun!
      Hyde: There's only 2 of us, you moron!
      Kelso: Fine!

    • Hyde: Jackie, I love you.
      Jackie: Yeah, well I don't love you.

    • Hyde: I'm really sorry, OK? I promise it'll never happen again.
      (Jackie looks at him with tears in her eyes)
      Jackie: You know, that's exactly what Michael use to say.
      Hyde: Come on, Jackie.
      Jackie: No. You know what, Steven? I'm sorry. It's over!

  • Notes

    • Lisa Robin Kelly (Laurie Forman) is credited as "Special Appearance".

    • In this episode, it is stated that graduation is in one week, meaning that this episode, "The Immigrant Song", and "Celebration Day" all take place in the same week. This might possibly include "You Shook Me" which takes place not long before this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Mitch (to Fez): You sound like Mushmouth from Fat Albert.

      Fat Albert was a cartoon of the 70's with a lesson always to be learned. Mushmouth was a character who couldn't speak clearly.