That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 6

Over the Hills and Far Away

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2002 on FOX

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  • The gang except for Donna and Jackie go on a weekend college visit to the University of Wisconsin


    I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "That 70s Show". Oh my gosh, this episode definitely had non-stop hilarity. Even if you're not a fan of this show, it will still make you laugh very hard. To me, it was impossible to not laugh at this episode. Kitty going through menopause and being a complete nut bag in this episode such as yelling "shut up" and everything else was just pure hilarity. I also had to LOL when Kitty was trying to tell the guys a story about how menopause works and then she goes crazy by throwing Kelso's football arcade game out of the window and yelling at Kelso "What is a matter with you? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?" and then Kelso shouts and tells Kitty that he was dropped on the head as a baby and more stuff... oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at that part that tears were coming out of my eyes. That's how funny that scene was. OMG, Fez was also just non-stop hilarious in this episode. Everything that Fez said in this episode was just like beyond hilarious with genius and wacky humor. The Donna/Jackie plot in this episode was also good enough their plot was short. Red dealing with Kitty being a nut bag is also funny. Kelso's note from his parents at the very end of the episode about how Red owes 30 dollars for Kitty throwing out Kelso's football video game. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10

  • 506

    An early appearance by Reid Scott as the RA. He would go on to star in My Boys and appear regularly on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but this was an early role and it worked. He brought life to the small part and was very relatable to many RAs you currently see on campuses.

    But that is not what made this episode good. It featured some great Kelso antics, and some great Kitty menopausal moments. The only down points were the scenes where Jackie and Donna are by themselves. Why 70's continually gave the two of them these exclusive female scenes I have no idea.
  • HA!

    This episode was so funny. Kitty going through menopause is one of the best things that haooebed to That '70s Show. Her moodswings gave the show so many laughs (from me, I don't know about any other people, but I thought it was friggin' hilarious) throughout season 5. Kelso was hilarious in the episode. And Eric and Donna (while they were kind of annoying in this episode) were kind of cute. Jackie and Hyde were adorable in this episode, Jackie worrying about Hyde cheating on her was good to see, then Hyde worrying about Jackie cheating on him was even better to see!

  • On a way to a college expiration, a bunch of crazy happens, from menopause, to Good To Know.

    What happens is, the Formans had volenteer to take the boys to Winsconsain U, while Donna and Jackie go to Mark-Ed. But, trouble happens all the time here!

    Winconsain U; Kitty is suffering from menopause, and Red is upset that WU is actually a HIPPY PLACE!! The boys don't mind, but still... Hyde thinks about Jackie, and Eric thinks about what WILL happen to him and Donna when they split. Little funny details, but Kelso reveals that he was dropped in the head, while Fex is sorry for wiping his face in Kitty's "ovaries"

    Mark-Ed; Donna has second thoughts about going, while Jackie, still a bad complainer, wants Hyde to say she loves him, in a neverending quest.

    Forman Resistance; Eric is upset, as he dosen't wanna leave Donna, because their life will be a complete hole. Jackie and Hyde swich personalities for the end. Nothin' for Fez, but Kelso wants his game back "sign, my parents". Well, at least he made Kitty (and me) happy and laughing.

    Overalle, it was a good eppy.
  • Kitty goes through menopause...

    The gang goes college hunting! Without Donna & Jackie. This was a perfect plot for the season & I love how Kitty & Red go with them, because Kitty goes through the life change, & is a nut bag! She steals the show in this episode, yelling, saying shut up, waving her hands frantically. I love how Red reacts to her mood swings. I also like how it shows some heart in Hyde, he didn't cheat even if he wanted to, he couldn't. Then when he told Jackie, she pretended she didn't care like he didn't care in the beginning of the episode. I also like how Donna sacrificed something else for Eric. Over all, a great episode.
  • Ah, the college trials...

    All the moments in this are perfectly planned such as Kelso pinning explanations to his jacket, role reversal between Hyde and Jackie and Donna liking a college but choosing Eric instead. Kitty explaining menopause with hilarious consequences was brilliant as was Kelso’s football game and misinterpretation of CPR.

    Season 5 is shaping up to be a pretty good season, though not quite as entertaining as the last three. All the characters provide some laughs, especially Kelso, and Red’s advice on women is a priceless moment in history. Hyde and Jackie getting more serious is alright but the two aren’t as great, comedic or otherwise as Kelso’s idiotic chase, but are still entertaining, much like this episode.
  • Great episode, absolutely hilarious. Eric and the gang are going off to UW, while Donnas dad forces her to go to Marquette. Kittys menopause continues to drive Red Insane.

    As Eric and the gang are going off to visit UW, Donnas dad makes her visit Marquette. Jackie promises Hyde she will not be kissing any other boys while tagging along with Donna at Marquette. Hyde acts like he doesen't care and tells her " that's good to know ". Once the gang gets to UW, Red sees that this dorm is a coed dorm and insists they find an all male campus. Later that night at the coed party, Hyde has a chance to make out with a college chick and rejects it. Kitty throws Kelsos' electronical football game out the window. Eric talks to a college girl with a boyfriend and he gets upset because she is making out with someone else, so that makes him think that Donne will do the same thing. He then calls Donna and he's upset because she loves it there. Red then tells Eric that it doesen't matter because Donna's going to get menopause and then a few years later he will die. Once everyone is back from their visit, Donna tells Eric that she can't stand to be away from him and she tells her dad that she wants t go to UW with Eric. Hyde tells Jackie that he didn't kiss anyone at UW. Jackie, taking some advice from Donna, acts like she doesen't care, kinda like Hyde did to her.
  • Greatness

    When the gang goes to visit colleges, hilarity is sure to ensue. Kitty's in the middle of her menopause, and Red's driving them, Eric, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez to UW.

    I loved the episode a lot, especially when Kitty threw Kelso's hand held football game (which he bought with the money his parents were going to give Red for taking him with them to UW) and screamed at him.

    Another good line is when Red told Eric that "State schools are cheap. That's where YOU'RE going".
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