That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 19

Parents Find Out

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2000 on FOX

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  • Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge finally find out that Eric and Donna have been having sex and Kelso hooks up a CB radio in his van.

    The police catch Eric and Donna having sex in the back of the Vista Cruiser. When the couple arrives at the Forman house with the cops, Red is pissed, and Kitty is sent into a deep depression, thinking that her son doesn't need her anymore; that is he growing too old for his mother. This only an episode after Eric blew his mother away on a dinner and movie together. As Red tries to get Kitty out of bed, Eric helps Donna tell her parents that they finally had sex. Bob doesn't kill Eric, yet, but is very upset. Based on what you've seen from Bob from previously in the show, this guy would of looked like a completely different person. He really gets pissed, and this starts a stretch of quite a few episodes that Bob is completely appalled by the Formans. While the Formans and Pinciottis are all talking about this, Kelso hooks in a new CB radio for his van, and him, Hyde, and Fez try to use the radio to pick up some ladies. They get three sexy-sounding girls, but does that mean they are actually sexy? They show up at a meeting place they agreed on and three ugly, large women hide the true beauties: three very sexy girls, including one under the fake name of "Nice and Easy". Kelso and Hyde don't get to see these ladies, and drop Fez off who refuses to be that shallow. But then the other girls show up and Fez has them all to himself! What a great day for the foreign kid!
  • UH-OH

    Donna and Eric are having sex in a car when the police bust them, and it is revealed to Mr. (Red) and Mrs. (Kitty) Forman that they have been having sex. Eric and Donna feel like they have to tell Mr. (Bob) and Mrs. (Midge) Pinciotti what was going on. When Eric says it, Bob is furious. Midge asks how it was.... While Eric and Donna are disturbed, they're convinced they've done the right thing. Upon hearing of Eric and Donna having sex, Kitty is completely shocked, and sinks in to depression. She goes to bed all day and everyone tries to get her out.

  • Eric & Donna get busted!

    This episode was another high point episode & it happens to everyone, at some point your parent finds out you are having sex, It seems absurd but true, the police catch them now their parents find out & Kitty's reaction was the best, she had a nervous breakdown! That fantasy that she had was hilarious, "I want to have sex with Donna" was the only thing he said, then Kitty said SLUT! That was hilarious. The B plot was laughable, Fez, Kelso & Hyde look for ladies on a CB radio but when they see that it's 3 old ladies they leave but actually it wasn't the old ladies, an amazing episode.
  • What an embarassing moment!

    Donna and Eric getting caught was a hilarious plot as was the other plot with the guys chatting up girls on the CB radio.

    There are some classic lines in each of the plots and both endings are fantastic, Bob storming out and Midge asking Donna and Eric how it was and the three old girls that seemed to be Hot to Trot, Nice and Easy and Foxy Lady, though it was lucky for Fez, who stuck around, that they weren't.

    Kitty in bed wasn't as funny as the other two plots but did provide some entertainment.

    Overall, this episode was a very good one and you can definitely see why you wouldn't want the cops to catch you.
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