That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 3

Pinciotti vs. Forman

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, the gang sits around watching tv. Donna comes in to give Eric back some of his albums; Jackie tells her that she looks different, then adds that she knows what it is: Donna's lost 80 pounds of ugly fat. Eric says that he weighs more than that, at least 130....140 pounds. Kelso tells them to shut up, because Don Krirshner is starting. Donna, commenting that Paul McCartney and Wings are on tonight, sits down to watch with the gang. Eric tells her that he's uncomfortable with this and asks her to leave. Donna is shocked, and leaves. Jackie angrily tells Eric that if he's kicking Donna out then he's kicking her out too. Eric tells her to leave too. [Opening credits.] At the Pinciotti's, Donna is complaining to Jackie about Eric kicking her out, saying that it's only because she was there that everyone else hung out there, adding that the Forman's basement smells of socks. Jackie tells Donna that she should fight for her rights, and that when a couple breaks up, the woman is entitled to her fair share of things, which is everything. In the Forman basement, in the circle, Eric is reliving kicking Donna out, but he's changed it so that he sounds a lot better than he did in reality. Hyde tells him that they were all there, and that's not how it happened. In the Forman livingroom, Kitty answers the front door; Pastor Dave is there to see Red, wanting to goof off with him. Kitty is happy that Red has a visitor. In the Forman driveway, the guys get out of Hyde's car. Donna comes over, and quietly asks them what they're doing tonight? Fez tells her that they're just hanging out in the basement. She tells them that she has cable at her house, and cable means the possibility of nudity on tv. Jackie tells her that she's going to win the break up. Fez says that they can't abandon Eric, but the rest of the gang leaves for Donna's place. In the Forman basement, Eric and Fez are watching tv. Eric asks where the rest of the gang is and Fez claims that he has no idea. Kelso comes in looking for some popsicles, as Donna's out of them. He then tells Eric about watching Barbarella over at Donna's and how he not only saw boobs, he saw space boobs. Eric calls Donna a sneaky wench; Kelso adds that Donna also has corn dogs at her place and leaves. Eric tells Fez that he can go too, and he does. [Scene change: Eric jumps up and does karate moves.] In the Forman kitchen, Kitty reads a note from Red saying that he'll be back later. She imagines Red Pastor Dave having a meaningful discussion about their feelings and Red's relationship with Kitty while they paint and do chores, and she's happy. Red comes in and tells her what he and Pastor Dave did this afternoon - they sat around, silently watching tv, eating chips and grunting. Kitty is disappointed, and tells him that friends don't grunt at each other. In the Pinciotti livingroom, the gang is watching tv. Kelso tells Jackie that he feels bad about leaving Eric, because Eric was right to kick Donna out. Jackie tells him that he's wrong, and that he has to agree with her, but he won't, so she gives him the silent treatment. Eric comes in with a pair of Donna's socks to give back to her, then sits down to watch tv with the gang. Donna tells him that it's uncomfortable, and that he has to leave. He gets up to leave; Hyde tells Eric that he'd go with him, but Donna has cable. [Scene change: Red walks across the screen, while Kitty dances.] In the Forman kitchen, Red is on the phone, saying very little other than "yeah... right... uh-huh...." Kitty tells him again that he shouldn't grunt at friends. Eric comes in and tells them that he was outside and heard laughing coming from the Pinciotti's backyard, and that he knows that it was Donna and the gang laughing at him. He says that he has to come up with a plan to get the gang back, then thinks of Bob. At the Pinciotti's, Eric tells Bob that the gang really likes his jokes, and there were many times when he and the gang would laugh for days at things that Bob had said. In the Pinciotti's livingroom, Bob tells the gang jokes and doing magic while they sit there looking bored, except Fez, who's enjoying it. He then starts singing What's New, Pussycat?, trying to get them to sing along. In the Forman basement, the gang comes back, and Eric welcomes them. Jackie tells Kelso that she doesn't feel good about leaving Donna's place, but he points out that the alternative is to be singing Cha Cha Mi Amore with Bob. Donna comes in and starts arguing with Eric, saying that he tricked them. Eric tells her that he'd love to talk, but he was just about to treat the gang to a movie. She counters with taking the gang bowling on Saturday. Hyde tells them that they can't buy the gang with field trips; they have to buy stuff that the gang can take home. Donna and Eric sit down to make a schedule for when each of them gets the gang. In the Forman kitchen, Kitty asks Red what he's doing with Pastor Dave today; Red says they're watching the fights on tv. When Pastor Dave arrives, Kitty makes a big deal of the fact that Red has a friend and how happy she is that he has someone to share his feelings with; Red tells her that they're not sharing feelings, they're just watching tv. Kitty goes into the kitchen, and Pastor Dave starts to tell Red about his feelings, then says that he's just joking. In the Forman driveway, the gang gets out of Hyde's car; Hyde tells Eric that he's disappointed because Eric didn't deliver all that he'd promised. Donna is waiting for them, and angrily tells Eric that he's 20 minutes late, and travel time has to come out of his time, not hers. Eric tells her that it's Fez's fault; Donna notices the ice cream on Fez's face and yells at Eric because now Fez won't be hungry for dinner. They continue to argue until Fez tells them to stop it. Kelso agrees, saying that their fighting is making him and Jackie fight too, and that as long as they're fighting, he and Jackie aren't going to hang out with them. They leave, and Hyde takes Fez off to clean him up. Eric and Donna continue to argue; Donna tells Eric that it's his fault for starting things by kicking her out of the basement. Eric explains that he was upset because she was acting like she didn't care and that the break up didn't mean anything to her. She says that she's miserable about everything, and she was just faking it when she was in front of the gang. Eric's glad to hear that she's miserable, because he feels the same way. They decide that they should both pretend that things are okay, for the sake of their friends. But Eric tells her that she has to stop trying to be so hot when she comes over to his place. [End credits: In the Forman basement, Eric is telling everyone what the new seating arrangement is. Bob comes in and tells them that he's finally remembered the punch line to a joke that he was trying to tell them before. They all make hasty excuses and run out of the basement, except Fez, who turns to Bob and says, "Wow, tough room!"]
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