That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 3

Pinciotti vs. Forman

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2001 on FOX

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  • Since Eric and Donna broke up, they fight over their friends

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "That 70s Show". It could've been a little better but it was a little better than "Eric's Depression". The plot was very interesting when Eric and Donna are fighting over their friends after Eric kicks Donna out of the basement since they're broken up. Eric and Donna try to fight for their friends to come to each other's house like Donna got their friends to go to her house because her cable had porn and the friends come back to Eric's basement when Eric told Bob to tell his jokes to everyone. The subplot was very funny when Kitty got excited over Red having a friend when all they just do is watch television. Red and Dave just sitting watching television was very funny. Kitty's fantasy about Red talking to Dave about his problems and all that was funny. It was absolutely when Bob was telling his jokes and the only person who liked his jokes was Fez while the rest of the gang were bored and tortured. The ending was absolutely hilarious as well. The only thing I didn't like was how Eric and Donna are trying to fight for their friends. Overall, a superb episode of "That 70s Show". 9/10
  • 403

    A superb episode of That 70s Show. One of the reasons that season 4 was one of the best seasons of That 70s Show is because 1.) They weren't on the bubble for cancellation which allowed them to jump out of their comfort zone and start doing other things and 2.) We have a really intriguing season arc, which is Eric & Donna's breakup. Watching them deal with the breakup and waiting to see if they were going to get back together again was what made this season so intriguing. Things were no different here now that we have an episode focused on some of the repercussions of their breakup. Who gets custody of the friends? Them bickering like a divorced couple was absolutely hysterical.

    Red having a friend was also pretty funny, him bonding with Pastor Dave is unusual though. Kitty fantasizing about Red & Pastor Dave having in depth conversations was hilarious, Red & Kitty's dynamic is on of the best things about this show. Everything the cast did was amazingly hilarious. This had become on of my favorite season four episodes, but then after a while, I realized all the episodes of this season are equally perfect in their own way. Not a disappointing episode of That 70s Show, will remain one of my favorites.
  • This episode Rocks.

    This episode was so funny and almost the best episode in the season and it was a good compitition this was a really good episode and one of the best and exactly y i watch this series and it was really sad when eric kicked out donna out of the basement.
  • When Eric kicks Donna out of the basement, it becomes a fight to hang out with their friends.

    Eric kicks Donna out of the basement because he thinks its weird for her hanging out there. Then Jackie tells her that she has to win the breakup and get their friends to hang out at Donnas. So Donna gets cable and the gang goes there to hang out instead of the basement. Except for Fez lol. Then Eric gets Bob to tell the gang his horrible jokes so that the gang would leave Donnas and go to Erics. Since everyone hated the jokes (except for Fez lol) they went to the basement. Donna finds out and says they should make a schedule. So they do and when Eric takes the gang out and they come back 20 mins late Donna gets mad. They upset Fez (my favorite partt!! lol) and then they decide to fake it for their friends.

    i loved this episode soo much! hehe. I love when Fez says..

    (Fez) Hyde, im sticky.

    (Hyde) C'mon lets get you cleaned up.

    (Fez) And Hyde, im sleepy.

    (Hyde) Yeah, you had a big day!!

    i suggest you watch this episodee! lol
  • Who gets custody of Fez?

    This episode is very entertaining and shows the first real conflict between Donna and Eric since the break-up and it involves the custody of their friends - a very funny plot, particularly scenes such as referring to Fez as if he was the child victim of the "divorce" and the basement scenes aswell as bribing their friends with various things such as cable.

    Bob's lame jokes and Eric stating that everyone loved them was a very humerous contribution to the episode and really makes the episode the best so far in season 4.

    All in all, this is one show that really makes season 4 a good after-breakup season for Donna and Eric.
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