That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 21

Prank Day

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, Kelso grins at the guys when they walk in, tells them that it's gift day and that he got them all gifts. Eric is happy with his Aerosmith album, Hyde likes his Rolling Stone magazine and Fez his cookies. But there's peanut butter in Eric's headphones, the cookies are filled with toothpaste and Hyde sat on a whoopee cushion. The guys are all angry at Kelso, who tells them that it's "Prank Day". Hyde asks "A whoopee cushion...what are you? Two?" [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Kelso sits and boogies to music.] In the Forman basement, Eric tells Kelso that he has something in his ear, then gives Kelso a peanut butter wet willie. Kelso claims that Prank Day is over, and when Eric takes a popsicle out of the freezer, his hand gets stuck to the handle, and Fez's hand is stuck to the tv knob. Kelso laughs at them and tells them that he super glued them. Hyde stands up to hit Kelso, and there's a cushion stuck to his butt; Kelso admits that he super glued it there. [Scene change: Donna jumps in the air.] At The Hub, Jackie tells Donna that she wishes she could be a princess in Monaco because she wants to wear a crown with a bikini; then yells at Donna for not listening. Donna tells Jackie that she's sad because it's her parents' anniversary today, but her mom is gone and Bob's off with Joanne, so she's alone. Jackie says that Donna needs some Jackie magic, and promises to spend the whole day with her. In the Forman kitchen, the guys make a bug bucket of oatmeal which they plan to dump on Kelso's head. Kitty comes in and asks who the oatmeal's for; they tell her that they're making it for charity, for the homeless. Kitty tastes it and says it's awful and that she'll help them make it. In Donna's bedroom, Jackie arrives for a slumber party; Donna thought that Jackie didn't really mean it when she promised to spend a day with her. But Jackie has brought tons of things to do - make-up, the Mystery Date board game, and her stuffed animals, so they can perform a unicorn rendition of Grease. In the Forman basement, Eric balances the oatmeal over the back door, Fez comes downstairs and says that Kelso's on his way; Kelso comes down the stairs. Eric tells him that he was supposed to come in through the door. Just then, Red calls Eric from outside, and comes in through the door, spilling the bucket of oatmeal on his head. The guys all look shocked, and Kelso laughingly tells them that they're so dead. [Scene change: Hyde Fez, and Kelso strut across the screen.] In the Forman basement, Red wants to know what's going on; Hyde tells him that Eric did it because he hates Red. Eric tries to explain that it was a prank gone wrong, but Red doesn't care. Kitty comes down and wants to know what's going on, telling Red that the oatmeal was for the hobos, then, when she finds out that it was a prank, tells Eric not to poke the bear. Red is so angry that he can't even think of a punishment big enough for this, but suggests that it will be something along the lines of what Truman did to end the war. In Donna's bedroom, Jackie is preparing to do a make-over on Donna, who says that she's glad that her mom is gone because it means more food for her. Donna doesn't want to do the make over, then picks up the phone and dials... In Donna's bedroom, in the circle, Jackie and Donna have mud packs on their faces, and talk about how they're cleansing while relaxing; Leo is there as well, and the fourth "person" is a stuffed unicorn. In the Forman driveway, Eric asks Kitty if Red's still going to kill him; she says she put him in his car, turned on a hockey game and gave him a beer. Red asks Eric what the story is, and Eric explains everything. Red can't believe that the guys didn't even manage to get back at Kelso and they were bested; Eric didn't realize that the honour of their family was at stake. Red says it's always at stake. Then he says he's going to show Eric how to do the prank thing right instead of punishing him. He tells Eric to get the three stooges over for dinner and he's going to get them good and scared. Eric says that Hyde and Fez are on his team and he doesn't want to get them back, but Red just tells him, "Your team lost, so everyone cries." In the Forman dining room, Kitty tells the guys that dinner is lasagna, and Red will be there in a minute. The guys can't believe that Red's going to be there; they thought he was working. Red comes out and tells them that he's going to get them, and it will hurt, and they'll cry, and he'll laugh. He serves them dinner and tells them to enjoy it, as he seasoned it himself. Kelso suspects that there's something wrong with the lasagna. Red tells him that he wouldn't do that, just like he wouldn't do anything to their sneakers by the kitchen door. Kitty comes out and asks why they're not eating; she demands that they eat and that there be no more pranks. Eric takes a bite of his food, and compliments Red on it, saying that the seasoning is delicious. The other guys start to eat as well. Red tells Kitty that he cleaned all the dead moths out of the gutters, and now he can't remember what he did with them. [Scene change: Donna jumps in the air.] In Donna's bedroom, Donna, Jackie and Leo are playing Mystery Date. Donna admits that she's having a good time. Kelso comes in and tells them that he's freaked out because of having dinner with Red. He wants to spend time with Jackie, but she says no, she's spending time with Donna. He tells her that he was going to take her to the mall and tell everyone that she's a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader; Jackie changes her mind and goes to the mall with him. In the Forman kitchen, Kitty is upset that no one ate the lasagna, and snaps at Red for making her dinner part of his prank. Red tells her that they have different jobs as parents, and his job is to make Eric a man. She leaves; Eric comments that they really freaked the guys out. Red says it's time to go after Kelso, the head dummy, and have the junior dummies help out. Eric tells Red that this is just like Batman, where he, Eric is Batman.... and then realizes that he's not, and quickly tells Red that he is Batman. [Scene change: Red looms towards the camera.] In Donna's bedroom, Jackie comes in asks where Leo is. Donna tells her that Leo left; Jackie says he's a bad friend. Donna points out that Jackie left too. Jackie tells Donna that when she saw a little girl crying at the mall it reminded her of Donna and she felt bad, so she came back. Jackie tells her that since she doesn't have a mom around, Donna needs a girl, and Jackie's going to fill that position. In the Forman kitchen, Hyde goes over the plan - they've iced down the driveway, and put a nudie magazine on the ground, which Kelso will try to pick up, and then he'll fall and slide into a pile of mud. Fez says he heard footsteps; they all look out the kitchen door. Kelso comes in from the livingroom and asks what they're looking at. Kitty screams from outside and they run out to see if she's okay. In the Forman driveway, Kitty is on the ground, holding her leg. She tells them that she thinks she broke it; Red grounds Eric for a week, and then makes it two when Eric points out that it was Red's idea. The guys all leave; Red helps Kitty up and admits that it was all just a prank and he's really sorry. He promises that he won't do any more pranks, ever. Kitty jumps up and walks towards the house without even a limp, saying that she's glad to hear it's all over. Red is shocked that she's not hurt, and exclaims, "you were faking it!" Kitty tells him that she fakes things all the time. [End credits: In the Forman livingroom, Eric is surprised that Kitty out-pranked Red. She says it wasn't a prank, it was a lesson. He says, "so you're the best Forman... you're Batman!" Kitty just tells him, "Now you know!"]
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