That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 19

Prom Night

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 1999 on FOX

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  • The first major Jackie/Hyde moment

    I'm really for Jackie and Hyde but blow,she got back together with Kelso in the end. For me the major couples in this show are Jackie and Hyde and Kitty and Red. The whole thing with Kelso is just a phase.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show its prom night and there all getting ready erik gets a motel and thinks tonight is the night him and donna have sex for the first time and donna is thinking the same thing and turns out kelso is not going with jakie he invited pam macy instead and jakie has no one to go with and jackie goes with hyde to the prom and fez is there but he thinks a teacher likes him alot and then kelso and jackie dance togeather at the end and the teacher goes with fez and donna and erki dont do it becasue the moment was ruined by people next store. this was a good ep
  • Eric and Donna plan a special evening on the night of the school prom. Jackie's confides in Hyde when she lies to Kelso (who is going with Pam Macy) that she is going to the prom with somebody. Fez wants to take his English teacher to the prom.

    So the Point Place High School has a prom. Hyde convinces Eric to book a motel room for Donna. It tooks like Hyde is getting over Donna a bit as he is giving Eric good advice here. Both Eric and Donna think this could be THE night for them. So this is great. They leave the prom early to go to the motel room, but somehow, some obnoxious high school guys find them, and lead chants of "Forman!" as soon as the leader announces that "Forman and Donna are gonna do it!" Eric and Donna can't get comfortable in the surrounded motel room, and decide to wait for later. Dang it! Meanwhile, Kelso announces he is going to the prom with the very attractive Pam Macy. And we finally get to see her! She is pretty hot - hotter than Jackie. Good choice, Kelso! Too bad he doesn't get to keep her in the end, as seeing Jackie with Hyde at the prom upsets Kelso, and he breaks his dance with Pam up to be with Jackie, as Hyde happily takes care of Pam. With Fez, he's trying to get a dance. With his English teacher. She originally says no, but at the end, we see him dancing with her. Then he begs for Eric's motel room keys, but she says no to that, too. Fez brings up a good point in saying that she said she wasn't going to dance with him, either. Interesting. Wonder what happened.
  • Donna & Eric have great expectations for prom.

    I think this is a very special episode because prom night was big in the 70's. Also I love how Jackie & Kelso bring other people for their dates. I love how Jackie takes Hyde. I am a total Jackie/Hyde shipper so that's another special moment. It would even be more special if Donna & Eric actually did it but they weren' ready. Also the big singing session at the end. I love that song. I also love Fez's dancing. Also the C plot with Midge talking about her future was of course hilarious. A very special episode & a very good one.
  • Not my favourite episode, but it has some classic scenes.

    Not my favourite episode. The storyline wasn't that strong, but a few solid and funny scenes made in worth watching.

    How about the 'I Will Survive' scene? Boy can that Fez disco! :)

    And the scene where Kitty starts laughing after Midge tells them she wants to sell greeting cards is just a true classic! What a great actress Debra Jo Rupp is.

    But overall this episode wasn't that great. I've seen much better from That '70s Show! But because of the strong acting and nice dialogues the episode manages to be interesting enough. But we know That '70s show can do better!
  • True love never dies

    It's prom night for Eric and the gang, but it seems like most people are with the wrong person. I thought it was very adventurous how Eric struggles to plan his night with Donna. It's a very true situation for teens who are moving on to the next level. It was hilarious how the whole thing was ruined though.

    Kelso and Jackie get back together, thank God for that, but it was a nice idea to see how much they'd miss each other. Especially Hyde and Jackie. What's that about? Fez is an excellent dancer. He sure showed his moves with that music teacher.

    Overall a great episode.
  • Ahhh... the prom.

    I love the prom episode if only for the clothes. It's so funny to see what people wore (and thought was cool) in the 70's. Between Hyde and the purple ruffle shirt, Kelso and the Black trimmed white tux and Fez in the blue leisure suit, you can't help but laugh.

    I also love the moments between Jackie and Hyde and, after watching the other seasons, see their relationship start to bloom. He was very sweet in taking her to the prom, but also very nice to let her and Kelso get back together.

    And I loved Donna's dress, which one could wear to the prom even now. And How she and Eric figured it wasn't the right moment and said there would be plenty others. It was very cute.

    And I loved the pictures at the end, especially with Fez and Hyde being Charlie's angels. So cute!
  • Thanks to the order of episodes shown, Kelso and Jackie are only broken up for one episode!

    Career day is the only episode after The Pill in which Jackie and Kelso aren't together because they get back together in this episode, Prom Night, though a few episodes later they don't seem to be dating in Punk Chick.

    Despite the mixup which also has Water Tower screening before Punk Chick (Punk Chick being the episode where it is revealed that they were going to put a pot leaf on the water tower!) the episode was entertaining and had some very memorable moments such as Eric's plan failing and Fez trying to get his English teacher to dance with him.

    Overall, there were a few dull parts but hardly any when you consider the quality of the episode.
  • This episode was okay. It had its moments. Eric's plans for him and Donna's prom night was hilarious! Typical Eric humor. Most of the episodes it deals with "How are Donna and I going to do this and that?" and it's very funny. I have to say it was hilario

    This episode had its moments but it was kind of boring. Kelso and Jackie were cute in this episode. This episode has the first signs of Hyde and Jackie being together. Eric and Donna are the ones that shine in this episode. It makes me laugh whenever Fez dances. Hilarious!