That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 22

Punk Chick

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 21, 1999 on FOX

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  • After all the talk of Hyde leaving, he doesn't which is good since without Hyde, the show definitely wouldn't be as good.

    This episode was quite funny though not as good as some of the other terrific episodes in season 1.

    Red and Kelso building smaller paddles was very entertaining and shows that both characters don't really have a life and a great scene is where Kelso beats Eric without even looking at the screen since he was too busy reading a magazine.

    Hyde and the punk had some great moments aswell such as Hyde knowing he's found the perfect girl, especially when he realises "this is great - you're easy too?"

    Overall the plots were good but not brilliant though they did have great jokes.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s hide meets a girl that has the same points and views of him and he is ecited about her and she asks him to go to new york with her and everyone is saddened by that until he decides to stay instead of leave kelso changes the pong magchine with red and there happy about it and donna and erik have been spening time togeather late nigths in his car making out and they have issues but they get setteled out this was a good ep i thought and it was very exciting .
  • For the first time in his life, Hyde has met a girl he really likes: She hates the government and she's easy! But she also's planning to go to New York and asks Hyde to go with her.

    It was late at night at The Hub in Point Place, Wisconsin. Hyde and Fez were alone at a table when, she came. "Punk chick", Chrissy walks inside, and asks if there's a motel in this 'pukehole', referring to Point Place. Hyde says yes, and then Chrissy introduces herself and offers Hyde to come along with her in her motorcycle to ride around, and they have a blast - going around the same places over and over again. That is until they arrive at the motel, and Chrissy encourages Hyde to "mount a protest", which is Chrissy/Hyde talk for, "have sex". But then, Chrissy invites Hyde to go to New York City with her; and Hyde is excited at first, but gets some talks from all of the gang, and even Red and Kitty, and though he resists at first, "disappoints" Chrissy when he arrives at her motel room without any bags. So as predicted, Hyde doesn't take off to New York. All in all, this was an okay episode. Chrissy seems like the perfect girl for Hyde, but like magnets, some times two positives don't attract. Well, for magnets, positives NEVER attract, but you get what I'm saying.
  • Pie.

    This episode had a lot of developing plots, first it was Hyde meeting Chrissy & him leaving to New York, and gets a whole lot of grief from a whole lot of people. Eric can't get Donna's bra off, which is hilarious, my favorite plot of the episode, Jackie tries to make a pie. We get to see Kitty's dark side.I like the fantasy when Eric was trying to get the lock off, I seriously could not start laughing. Hyde loses his virginity, which was nice Hyde having a girl after the Donna disaster, an amazing episode, with great key points.
  • Let me just say, this episode has no point, but nonetheless entertaining in a silly way. Let's just call it a funny filler episode.

    I wanted to write down the lines that the punk chick said. She said tons of cool stuff about industrialists and anti-establishment or something. It was pretty cool, although I understand why some people might find that boring. I don't know a lot about the 70's culture or social movements at that time, but I bet that was she was referring to. I think it was funny because now that we live in 2006, everything is so different. The definition of "being an easy prey" for sex has had a totally different take-on in present day. Back in the days, perhaps being easy was a cool thing to have. I'd say we have more strongly negative opinions of skanks nowadays, although acts of being easy are often considered "normal". My favourite part was the part when Kelso was making the smaller paddles and called the whole thing a computer. Wow, that just reminded me of how lucky we are now. If video games were as crappy now as they were before, I'd never play anything and all kids' childhood would be ruined.
  • Probably my least favorite episode of the season. It was just kind of boring. The storyline was kind of dumb. Not a lot of jokes in this one. Hyde's punk girlfriend in this episode is just stupid and annoying. At least, Eric's storyline saved this episode

    This episode disappointed me in a way. It just didn't have the energy as in all of the other episodes. The thing that made this episode good is Eric's storyline about his trouble with Donna's bra. The way he acts is just hilarious. Of course, Eric has "Donna" problems throughout the first two seasons, which makes it hilarious.